Slow Travel in Montenegro

Something very strange is happening to me –

Am I finally learning the art of slow travel?

Usually one to fling myself head-first at a new country, exploring every nook and cranny in the least time possible before I hop on a local bus to pastures new, I am developing a taste for slowing down and realise the importance of staying in one place for longer than 3 nights.

I actually don’t want to go anywhere at the moment and the thought of throwing on my backpack with additional weight from the shot glasses I have been collecting on my way round is too much to even think about.

The Bay of Kotor -

I now have my own little routine:

  • Wake up early,
  • Jog every other day,
  • Meditate,
  • Go downstairs for the weird breakfast,
  • Do some work in my room until I can no longer breathe from the heat and lack of ventilation then find a restaurant for lunch,
  • Get on Wifi for three hours and do more work,
Kotor -

My favourite restaurant


  • Go back to the hostel when the power runs out and recharge the laptop whilst writing some more,
  • Then back out in the evening for another restaurant to catch up online
  • Before getting onto my bed (too hot for a sheet) and marvelling at the sparkly lights across the bay from my window before I go to sleep.
Kotor -

The view from my room

When will I be leaving this gorgeous place? For the first time in my life – I actually have no idea!

With views like this would you really want to leave..?

Kotor -

My jogging route

Kotor -


Kotor -

The Bay of Kotor from above

Kotor -

Kotor Old Town

Kotor -

Stunning Dobrota

I stayed in Dobrota which is 2km outside of the Bay of Kotor. It is more of a residential area with access to the stunning bay just a 5 minute walk away. There are lots of restaurants lining the bay with gorgeous views and appartments for rent. 


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