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Katrinka Nadworny runs the blog Katrinka is originally from Boston and fell in love with travelling when she studied in Prague. She has been living and working in the travel industry in Turkey for the last 2.5 years and gives her insight into visiting Turkey as a solo female.

In this video interview, Katrinka tells us what drew her to Turkey in Europe, how she deals with Turkish men and what Turkey’s attraction is to women travelling solo. Press play on the above image to watch the interview.

Expert Interview - Turkey with Katie

Avoiding Attention

Katrinka says she finds the country very safe. Istanbul itself is very safe for a city of its size. The streets are busy at night so there are always people around. The Turkish people are very hospitable and like to help. Just be aware that the culture in Turkey may be very different to what you may be used to. A good tip is look at what the Turkish girls are wearing and if it’s okay for them to wear it, then you can wear it too.

You can get attention in Turkey especially if you are blonde. People tend to stare in some of the places in west Turkey where you’ll also find more tourists. Eye contact is a big thing in Turkey so you can look at a cab and they think that you want to get into the cab. Just avoid eye contact if you don’t want to attract attention.

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul - Turkey with Katrinka

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Transportation in Turkey

Turkey is the gateway to both Europe and Asia and has a good bus infrastructure.The main buses are air conditioned with free drinks and snacks but they can take 12 hours for example if you are travelling from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Domestic flights are quite cheap and can save you hours on a bus. Istanbul has a good metro system to get around the city and also plenty of city buses too. 

Cappadocia - Turkey with Katrinka

The fairytale landscape of Cappadocia

Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Katrinka says that Istanbul is very engaging and is a dream for photographers but she also recommends getting outside of the city and visiting other areas such as Cappadocia, Pamukkale, and one of the incredible beaches. The east of Turkey is a fascinating region. There are ruins throughout the country with Ephesus being one of the most popular.

More importantly, Katrinka’s advice to anyone wanting to travel to Turkey alone, is to not be nervous and don’t let the media put you off. Turkey is very normal with people living normal lives and you should come and see it for yourself.

Katrinka also tells us:

  • Her recommended two-week itinerary.
  • The hidden gems in the country
  • What there is to do in the evenings as a woman travelling.
  • Places she would avoid in the country.
  • Advice for someone who is looking to go to Turkey alone for the first time and feeling apprehensive about it.
  • Discover the highlights of the Lycian Way 

Plus she shares her tips on why Istanbul is perfect for photographers. Watch the interview for more advice!

Find out more about Katrinka at her blog: Katrinka Abroad.

Expert Interview - Turkey with Katie

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