Travel Resources For Solo Travel

You've researched your trip, decided where to go and are ready to book. With so many booking sites out there, it can be overwhelming knowing which ones to use. This page is a list of all travel resources for solo travel and the sites which I use to book my solo trips. From booking flights, hotels, hostels and airport lounges to the more mundane such as insurance and currency, here are my recommended travel resources for solo travel.

N.b. This page does contain affiliate links which is of no extra cost to you. N.b. By booking through this page you are helping to improve the lives of vulnerable girls about the globe. Thanks for helping! Lisa x

Girl about the Globe Products

If you need inspiration, advice on how to travel solo and more confidence to do it, I've created a range of digital products to help you to travel solo. Purchase the Girl about the Globe Guidebook, Solo Girl’s Survival Kit, or Solo Travel Starter Kit and l donate 10% of each one to the International Rescue Committee, a relief and development organisation responding to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helping people to survive and rebuild their lives.

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I always use this for my flights. Skyscanner is the first site I check because it not only gives me one of the best rates but it also allows me to search for flights with multiple airlines throughout the whole month. There’s even a function to search ‘everywhere’ for the cheapest deals to anywhere (which is brill if I'm somewhere and looking for the next cheapest destination). Once I've decided on the date that I want to fly, I can add a special alert to get notified when a flight price goes down, so I can book it at the right time and save some cash!

* Click here for routes, prices, and dates: Skyscanner 

One Way Fly

If you need a flight or accommodation to obtain a visa, One Way Fly is a way of obtaining a real airline flight reservation to any destination or country. I've used this several times when I haven't known how long I want to stay in a country and I've needed an onward flight ticket to enter the country or obtain a visa. Just choose the route you need and you'll receive your confirmation order the same day. The ticket is valid for 14 days.

* Click here to find out more: One Way Fly


Book your accommodation through one of our links and we’ll donate 10% of our net profit to Street Child, a charity supporting some of the world’s poorest children; taking children off the streets and giving them a home and education.


If you want to save money on accommodation consider Couchsurfing. I used this in Costa Rica, Paris and Switzerland and had good experiences. Look for reviews from other girls travelling solo if you're apprehensive about staying with strangers. It's a good way to meet a local, save money and have a ready-made friend when you arrive in a country for the first time. You do have to be sociable though so if you like your own company then maybe check into Airbnb or a hotel instead.

* Find hosts in each country: Couchsurfing is so easy to use and I love this site. They have over 700,000 accommodation so you’re guaranteed to find a bed wherever you want to go. Each hotel is rated with reviews so you can read other’s opinions on location, facilities and check how good the Wifi is (an essential if you're a digital nomad). The ‘best value for your money’ option helps to narrow down your search, and you don’t pay anything until you check into your hotel. You can get some really good deals on this site, plus you can now find hostel beds on here too. This is my favourite site.

* Check availability, prices, and dates:


Airbnb connects travellers to unique travel experiences and it isn’t just restricted to spare rooms in local’s houses. You can now stay in villas, castles and even find penthouses within your budget. Plus you get the chance to stay away from the tourist areas with a local who can give you inside tips for their city or town, and in some cities, it works out cheaper than a hotel room for one. This was my preferred site when I was travelling in the Caribbean as hotels were quite costly. Being solo I tend to stay away from the accommodation with no reviews and book the ones which have glowing reviews from other women.

* Check availability, prices, and dates: Airbnb

Trusted Housesitters

If you miss pets, how about looking after a cat or dog when travelling? Trusted Housesitters is a great platform that I have personally used to cat-sit in a city. You pay an annual fee to join then you can apply for housesits around the world. It’s a great way of having some furry company when you’re travelling alone and saving money on your accommodation. 

* Check housesits around the world 

Tour Companies

If you don’t feel comfortable solo travelling for all or part of your trip, book a group tour through a tour company such as G Adventures, MacBackpackers, Stray Travel, and others, and we donate 10% of our profit to War Child, a non-governmental organisation that impacts the lives of children in conflict zones.

G Adventures

If you are feeling apprehensive about travelling solo, sometimes taking a tour for part or all of your trips can give you the confidence you need before going it alone. I travelled to Peru, Chile and Bolivia with G Adventures and recommend them as a solo female friendly company. Trips range from active to cultural and cater for all types of solos with a maximum of 16 people (the average is approx 12). They have tours for all ages but specialise in 18-30 adventures. 

As a sustainable travel company, they also have their own non-profit organisation ensuring the communities touched by tourism benefit from the opportunities it provides. Find out why I and other Girls about the Globe recommend them in this review. 

* Check full itineraries, prices, and start dates: G Adventures


TruTravels know that not everyone travels the same so they’ve created four different travelling styles and trips for all kinds of travellers. Their Classic trips are for backpackers with authentic experiences in beach huts, homestays and hostels. The Flashpacker is a bit more upmarket with comfort and style. FitVentures are for the fitness solo wanting sunrise yoga and beach boot camps. Then there are SailVentures for flotilla parties and sailing to deserted beaches. Their tours are for any age and they give back to projects around the world and plant a tree for each booking. 

* Check full itineraries, prices and start dates: TruTravels 

See all our recommended solo female friendly tour companies under the solo female friendly section. 

Day Tours

Book your day tours through Get Your Guide or Viator, and we’ll donate 10% of our net profit to the Invisible Girls Project, a non-profit organisation that seeks to end the atrocity of gendercide in India.

Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide helps you to find top-rated activities and day tours in worldwide destinations. Choose from whale-watching cruises, snorkel trips, ATV adventures and so many more. If you're planning on visiting a worldwide city, Get Your Guide also offers city passes and skip-the-line tickets for museums. There are many to choose from and it’s really simple to use. Just check the reviews, price and availability then book online.

* Check all tours, prices and availability worldwide: Get Your Guide


If you are looking to book a day tour, Viator has plenty to choose from. As a TripAdvisor company, each tour is handpicked and pre-vetted to make such you get the best experience. From tours to museums and bus passes you’ll find every kind of activity and tour possible whether you prefer sightseeing, water sports, or just tasting the local cuisine.

What I also love about Viator is that many of their deals can’t be found anywhere else. Plus they also have 24-hour global support before and during your trip.

* Check all tours, prices and availability worldwide: Viator


Book Yoga Retreats

I love this platform. I booked my last yoga retreat in Portugal through them and found it really easy to use. They list yoga and meditation retreats all around the world so you can find the perfect duration for you whether you're searching for a 2-day weekend retreat in Portugal, a week retreat in Indonesia or two weeks in Costa Rica. Search by days, destination, price or most popular. A retreat is a great way to escape the stresses of life and meet like-minded solos too. 

* Check all worldwide yoga retreats

Volunteering & Working Abroad

Global Work & Travel

If you’ve ever dreamed of working abroad, maybe as an au pair, volunteering with sea turtles in Costa Rica, the Big 5 in Africa, or teaching English to children in Thailand, Global Work & Travel are the company to do it with. They have 1,200 partners around the globe so you can travel to Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand plus more. Trips last from 2 weeks to 6 months and they offer a range of lifetime experiences with glowing reviews and 24/7 support. 

* Check working and volunteering opportunities worldwide

Travel Insurance

Buy your insurance through World Nomads or True Traveller and we’ll donate 10% of our net profit to the Malala Fund, a non-profit helping girls go back to school and reach their potential.

True Traveller

True Traveller is my favourite insurance and one which is perfect for those who don’t know how long they will be on the road. You can create a tailored insurance policy with extras such as baggage, cancellations and all types of activities, or just opt for medical insurance. They also allow you to buy a ticket when you are already on the road or extend it if you decide to stay longer (which I've definitely made use of). Find out how to choose the right insurance for you.

* Click here for policies, cover, and prices: True Traveller

World Nomads

I have also used World Nomads and found their service really easy to use. World Nomads is also for independent travellers and available in over 150 countries. Their insurance also allows you to purchase insurance once you’ve left home. What I also love about this company is that they have The Footprints Network, a community that helps you give back to projects and make a positive difference in the world.

* Click here for policies, cover, and prices: World Nomads



If you need a visa for a country, iVisa takes away the stress of applying for a visa. They offer letters of invitation and help process your visa applications to various countries around the world. They offer more eVisas than anyone else and have thousands of good reviews on I have personally used them for a visa and found their process really quick and effective. They offer visas for various nationalities and it’s really easy to check if you need a visa on their website.

* Save 10% off their visa services through this link

Travel Cash


I always recommend taking at least two cards with you when you travel. One of the cards that I always pack is a travel cash card. Revolut allows me to charge up my card on my phone app. Within minutes I can transfer money from my bank to my card and then change the currency to the country that I'm in. I can also pay on my phone if I don't have my card too. The app sends me a text first to confirm the transaction when I upload money but I wouldn't be without it!

* Click here to find out more: Revolut


Discover Cars

Sometimes you just don't want to take a tour and may prefer to hire a car instead. Discover Cars are a platform where you can search, compare and save money on hiring a car. They work with 500+ partners in more than 145 countries. I used Discover Cars when I hired a car in Crete and received quick and efficient service. They speak several languages and you can search in all currencies too. You do need a driving licence and credit card to be able to hire a car and there may be a minimum age too.

* Check locations, dates and car hire prices

Airport Resources

No 1 Traveller

Four years ago I booked my first airport lounge. Always thinking that they were more for business people I was so impressed with all the pre-flight treatments (not to mention all you can eat brownies). If you need some pampering before you fly you can get a pedicure, manicure or a massage to relieve the travelling stress. Awarded a four-star bubble rating by the Good Spa Guide, and using specialist skincare products they can eliminate all your pre-flight nerves and get you boarding the plane feeling like a princess. N.b. At the moment the travel spas are only in some UK airports. (They also arrange limousine transfers too!)

* Click here for airport lounges, and prices: No 1 Traveller


You know the feeling, you arrive in a new country after a long flight with people shouting “taxi, taxi.” You’re told not to get into an illegal cab but you’re tired and don’t know what to do. That’s where pre-booking your airport transfer come in. Hoppa makes your experience so much easier and although it’s more expensive than a local bus, it will give you peace of mind especially if you're due to arrive after dark.

* Click here for destinations, routes, and prices: Hoppa

Travel Products & Travel Books

Buy any travel product such as high-performance clothing from Patagonia or a comfortable travel bra for your valuables, and we donate 10% of our profit to Just a Drop, an organisation providing sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects to communities.

Whether you are going away for a week or planning a trip for a year, choosing the right travel products can be essential for your trip. They can help you pack lighter, make your trip easier and once you’ve bought them, you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without them. From backpacks, head torch, travelling towels, money belts, fleeces, packing cubes, sleep masks, and sleeping bags, here are my pick of the best travel products that have been tried and tested during my solo trips around the globe.

* Discover all recommended travel products here