Solo Travel in Montenegro

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Known as the pearl of the Mediterranean, This European country is rich in culture and tradition and has some beautiful and natural landscapes from fast rivers, mountains and crystal-clear lakes. If you are planning to visit this interesting country, below is our solo travel in Montenegro guide, including the best place to visit in Montenegro, tours to Montenegro and how to get around. Just click on the relevant link or read the whole article.

* Before you travel, check what paperwork or visas are required for Montenegro. 

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Solo travel in Montenegro


Solo travel in Montenegro


Solo Travel in Montenegro

Montenegro is a safe country for solo female travellers but travelling here is more for the intrepid traveller; that’s why we’ve given it 3 out of 5 stars. Finding and taking a bus can be more of an adventure than in other Balkan countries where the infrastructure is better. If you do get lost, some of the locals do speak a bit of English to come to your aid.

The country isn’t as popular as Croatia and you may find more males travelling solo here so to meet others, head to Budva. This is the beach and party capital that attracts many Russian tourists and other travellers.

Solo travel in Montenegro

Njegos Mausoleum at Jezerski peak

Montenegro: Places To Visit Solo

Montenegro once formed part of former Yugoslavia. The country only became independent in 2006 and is one of the youngest members of the NATO Alliance. Known as Black Mountain country, Montenegro lies in the southeastern part of Europe with Podgorica as its capital city. Montenegro is a developed country with beaches, a stunning bay, old towns and islands.

This Balkan country has even starred in a movie. James Bond has helped put Montenegro on the map with the beautiful country acting as the setting for much of Casino Royale. The Montenegro Casino features heavily in the 007 movie and is a great tourist attraction.

Solo travel in Montenegro

Podgorica, the capital city.


You may be surprised by the capital city. After most of the city was destroyed in WWII, Podgorica is now fairly modern with buildings, bridges and parks. One of the original parts that remains is the clock at Sahat Kula, the city’s clock tower that marks the border between the new and the old part of town. There are also several theatres in the capital which are perfect for an evening performance.

Other things to do are: see the Centre of Contemporary Art which used to a winter palace, and admire the monuments such as the Vladimir Vysotsky monument, and St. Petar of Centinje, and shop in the old town (Start Varos), or the more modern Capital Plaza.

Just 3 kms away are the Duklja Ruins, an archaeological site of Roman ruins that you can walk freely around. Also, outside of the capital towards the coastal town of Bar is the Dajbabe Monastery, or see the waterfalls on the Cijevna River.

Wildlife GatGs can horse ride in the Komani Highlands (only a short drive from the capital), or see pigs and deer at the Montenegro animal sanctuary. You can also sample the country’s at Plantaze Winery, and ride the train through the vineyard.

Solo travel in Montenegro

Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery

For the spiritual GatG, the country has beautiful churches and monasteries such as the Ostrog Monastery or Cetinje Monastery. From afar, the Ostrog Monastery looks as though it is hanging in the air. It is set in the middle of an extremely steep cliff and the road that leads here is narrow is long.

It is said that under the arch of its small chapels lie some of the most valuable Christian sanctities in the world including the hand of John the Baptist and a section of the Holy cross to name a few.

Solo travel in Montenegro

The historical city of Cetinje


Cetinje is the former royal capital of Montenegro. This sleepy city is also the historic capital of Montenegro and home to the highest mausoleum in the world. Njegos Mausoleum is located at Jezerski peak and the views are spectacular.

The Cetinje Monastery is one of the most important buildings in Cetinje. Destroyed by the Turks, it now stands as a representation of the people who rebuilt it. This city is also home to the Art Museum of Montenegro, and the National Museum of Montenegro.

Solo travel in Montenegro

Kotor Bay

While in Montenegro, make sure that you don't miss Kotor with its majestic bay and peaceful ambience (also known as Boka Kotorska). Kotor Bay is among the 20 most beautiful bays in the world as well as a UNESCO protected natural and cultural world heritage site. Kotor is a place for the history GatG with plenty of cultural history, dating back to pre-Roman time.

Visit the Old Town Kotor where you can hike to St John Fortress for views of the bay. Other places to see here are Illyrian Fort, and Kampana Tower and Citadel. If you have time, visit Risan in the Bay of Kotor for old Roman mosaics.

Solo travel in Montenegro

The Durmitor Mountains

Mt. Durmitor

Two hours by car from Kotor is Mt. Durmitor. This mountain is one of Montenegro’s biggest attraction because you can visit all year round. In the springtime the high rocky peaks are covered with snow and the meadows are colourful with wild flowers.

If you are a winter sport GatG you may prefer to visit in the winter when there is a lot of snow and the skiing is more affordable than in the other European destinations. Mt. Durmitor is easily reachable by car from Kotor Bay (approx a two hour drive). You can rent a cabin and enjoy the amazing local food.

Budva -

Time for the beach in Budva


If it’s partying that you’re after, Budva has to be on your list. This coastal city is a Russian playground and a far cry from the quiet bay of Kotor. Its endless bars and beachside clubs are a mecca for the party GatG but be prepared for the beach to get overcrowded here. For a night out make sure you don’t miss Top Hill Club, which is exactly what it says it is; a club on a hill.

Don’t expect sand beaches here as they are mostly shingle beaches; you may prefer one of the smaller beaches along the coast as you head south from Budva. There is a nice coastal walk here past the bronze dancing girl statue. * Read: Things To Do in Budva

Solo travel in Montenegro

Sveti Nikola, Montenegro's most exclusive island

Sveti Nikola

Just a ten minute boat ride from the main beach in Budva is the small island of Hawaii (Sveti Nikola), an unusual shaped island with giant rocks and a pine forest, named after a nightclub that was once on the island. Avoid the rocky part of the island and walk to the other side for better beaches.

Just a 6km bus journey away from Budva is Sveti Stefan, the most exclusive island in Montenegro. Although you may not be granted access to the island (you have dine in the Aman Resort for that), you can stay on the mainland and admire it from across the waters edge or take a walk along the coastal path to Milocer (called King’s Beach) for more secluded beaches.

Solo travel in Montengero

The cliffs at Petrovac


For a small coastal resort that is less crowded, head to Petrovac, a beach resort on the Budva Riviera with red pebble beaches, and pine trees hanging over the cliffs. One of the must-sees here is the old Rezevici monastery, famous for its mosaics. Even the way to get there is an attraction in itself passing caves and viewpoints of the islands.

Solo travel in Montenegro

The Tara River

Tara Canyon

If it’s adventure that you’re after, head to Tara Canyon. Tara Canyon is the second largest canyon in Europe, and its beautiful turquoise waters are perfect for white water rafting. Getting there is an adventure but well worth it to see this beautiful wild region.

Solo travel in Montenegro

Lake Skadar

Skadar Lake National Park

Head to Lake Skadar (Southern Europe’s largest lake), on the border of Montenegro and Albania for even more nature and a spot of birdwatching. As one of Europe’s largest bird reserves it has more than 250 species including herons, falcons, storks and pelicans who’s breeding grounds you can visit on a traditional boat trip.

Just along the coast is the Ulcinjska Salinas, a saltpan turned Natural Park that is home to hundreds of flamingos.

Montenegro is the place to enjoy a coastal stroll in the morning as you breath in the fresh Adriatic air, spend the day exploring the Montenegrin mountains, and dine on the banks of Skadar Lake at night.

Solo travel in Montenegro

Montenegro Tours

G Adventures

If you feel more comfortable in a group for either part of your trip or the whole duration, G Adventures is a responsible tour company which mainly caters towards budget travellers. Most tours have an average of 12 people and there is no upper age limit. Once you book your trip you pay extra for any excursions you want to do when you’re there.

If you are planning on visiting other countries as well as Montenegro, G Adventures has trips starting from an 8 day Montenegro sailing adventure starting and finishing in Dubrovnik, to a 12 day Discover The Balkans trip discovering Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes, Split, Mostar, Sarajevo, and the Bay of Kotor. If you have longer, join their epic 28 day trip through Eastern Europe, Croatia & the Balkans. I have personally used G Adventures and recommend them as a solo female friendly company. Check rates and availability for G Adventures tours

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel is similar to G Adventures with an average of 12 people on each tour. They tend to use hotels instead of hostels and have a more comfortable style of accommodation hence the trips can appear a bit more costly than G Adventures.

Their trips are carbon offset and their Intrepid Montenegro trips range from an 8 day Cruising the Adriatic Coast: from Dubrovnik to Athens, to an epic 29 day trip travelling from Budapest to Bled incorporating Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, and Montenegro. With both tour companies you share a room with someone of the same gender or you can pay extra for your own room. Read our Intrepid Travel Reviews

Click here for the full itineraries, prices, and start dates 

Montenegro Day Tours – Get Your Guide helps you to find top-rated activities and day tours in worldwide destinations including tours in Montenegro. Choose from a boat tour in Kotor to the Lady of the Rocks, Mamula and the Blue Cave, to a day trip to Durmitor, Tara and Ostrog Monastery. There are several to choose from and it’s really simple to use. Just check the reviews, price and availability then book online. * Check rates and availability for Montenegro day tours

Montenegro accommodation

Montenegro Accommodation

You’ll find all types of star hotels here, as well as apartment rooms for those who prefer their own space and hostels for the more budget conscious. Wherever you stay, your accommodation provider is obliged to register your stay within 24 hours as of your reception and provide you with a certified registration of stay. They will also charge you a tourist tax per night.

In Kotor, a good place to stay is in the old town so that you are close to bars and restaurants. If you prefer somewhere quieter, I stayed in Dobrota which is 2km outside of the Bay of Kotor. It is more of a residential area with access to the stunning bay just a 5 minute walk away.

Montenegro has hostels and hotels from 3 star to the luxurious 5 star hotels. Guest houses are a sociable way of staying in family homes, or choose a private room in hostels if you want to meet others but still have your own privacy.

Plus there’s Airbnb where you can stay in a local's spare room and gain local's tips for your trip, or rent an entire apartment if you prefer your own space. Check rates and availability for all accommodation in Montenegro

Getting around Montenegro

Getting Around Montenegro

The best way to get around Montenegro is by bus. The buses aren’t as modern as you may be used to and don’t have air conditioning so they can be a bit hot. But they are a cheap option to get around as they connect most of the cities. You may find yourself paying an additional fare to take your luggage on the bus. You’ll find timetables on some of the bus stops.

There are trains from the capital which travel from the south to north but they can be old and infrequent. To travel outside of the main tourist areas, renting a car is a good option. It gives you the freedom to navigate your way around but bear in mind that the roads aren’t of a great standard and locals tend to drive fast. * Click here for prices and availability for car hire

Map of Montenegro

Plan Your Montenegro Holiday

If you are ready to plan a trip to Montenegro here are some useful links to help you plan your Montenegro holiday including airlines which fly there, vaccinations required and events and festivals in Montenegro.

Budget – £50 a day

Capital – Podgorica

Population – 631,219

Language spoken – Montenegrin

Local Currency – Euro 

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Did you know? Montenegro has the oldest olive tree in the world in the town of Bar in the south.

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