Solo Travel in Turks and Caicos

Are Turks and Caicos safe for solo travellers? Turks and Caicos are amongst the safest islands in the Caribbean and have one of the lowest crime rates in the entire region. The majority of issues occur in Providentiales, the largest town, and very little crime takes place on the other islands.

Here, as with destinations around the world, travellers should not leave valuables unattended in hotel rooms, vehicles, or on beaches. Make use of room safes instead and follow our general safety tips for travelling solo. Beaches are generally safe, but can be secluded because of the low number of visitors to the islands each year. They should be avoided from dusk and avoid the temptation to sunbathe nude as it’s illegal. 

If you prefer your own company consider exploring one of the less developed islands. For company, choose a resort and take part in activities. You’ll only be alone in Turks and Caicos if you choose to be.

If you are planning a holiday to Turks and Caicos, below is our guide to planning a solo trip to Turks and Caicos, including the best things to do in Turks and Caicos islands, where to stay, how long to stay in Turks and Caicos, and how to get around. Either read the whole article or the relevant section for your trip. 

* Before you travel, check what paperwork or visas are required for Turks and Caicos. 

N.b. By booking through this page for your trips to Turks and Caicos you are helping to improve the lives of vulnerable girls about the globe. Thanks for helping.


Solo Travel in Turks and Caicos

Beautiful beach at Caribbean Providenciales island in Turks and Caicos

About Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos are very special islands with a distinct culture to their neighbours, which include the likes of Saint Lucia and Aruba. A British Overseas Territory, English is readily spoken. There are more than 40 islands and cays and the 8 inhabited islands have avoided the mass development of their neighbours and retain much of the glamour of the golden age of travel, offering wonderful villa stays and waters studded with yachts.

If it’s white sand beaches you’re after, Turks and Caicos have some of the region’s finest and quietest. The islands also receive more sunny days per year on average than pretty much anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Their relative seclusion also makes Turks and Caicos a haven for wildlife, both above and below the waves. One of the best places on the planet for whale watching, the waters also welcome turtles and dolphins. Keep an eye out for local celebrity Jojo the dolphin, before delving underwater to delightful coral reefs.

When it comes to culture, Turks and Caicos also have this in bucketloads. The tiny capital of Cockburn on Grand Turk is awash with colonial-era splendour.

Solo Travel in Turks and Caicos

Aerial from Eagle beach on Aruba in the Caribbean

Top Things To Do in Turks and Caicos

Explore Cockburn

The oldest permanent settlement on the islands, Cockburn was first settled in 1681. Filled with character, the town is centred around Queen and Front streets. In addition to attractive ‘Bermuda-style’ buildings with wooden verandas, sights include the old prison and the national museum. This has artefacts spanning the entire history of the islands, from the time of the indigenous Taino natives to the modern day.

If you prefer company to see Cockburn, you can explore the island on an E-bike tour. As well as cycling around Cockburn you get to see the Grand Turk Lighthouse, Governor's Beach, the old prison and the Salt Ponds.Check prices & availability: Ebike Tour

Go Diving

There are a huge number of opportunities for scuba diving in the warm, clear waters around Turks and Caicos. If you have time for just one dive, make sure it’s at West Caicos Marine National Park, which protects a barrier reef and wall diving sites. And if you don’t scuba, head to Grand Bay, where you can snuba dive instead!

Solo Travel in Turks and Caicos

mother and calf humpback whales

Swim with whales

Humpbacks, known for their whale song, gather off Salt Cay Island. Not only can you enjoy the spectacle of these majestic creatures breaching the warm waters without the crowds, but various operators also run ethical boat trips out so you can swim with them from a respectful distance.

Relax on the beach

One of the main attractions of Turks and Caicos are its pristine beaches. Even Cockburn has an excellent stretch of sand, while Grace Bay on Providenciales seems to run forever beside waters so blue they could have been dyed. For an extra special experience, there are also plenty of tours to the uninhabited islands, guaranteeing it will be just you, the sun, sea, and sand.

Solo Travel in Turks and Caicos

Where To Stay in Turks and Caicos

There are plenty of places to stay on Turks and Caicos as a solo traveller. The most popular areas to stay are at Providenciales, Grand Turk, and Grace Bay. You can find some excellent villa stays, many with unparalleled sea views. They offer everything from private pools to washers and dryers. You can even find 1-bed room villas, perfect for solo travelling. Or if you prefer everything in one place with all your meals included, choose an all inclusive option instead.

There's also Airbnb which offers rooms in Turks & Caicos with a local and rental accommodation on a short-term basis. You can stay in a private room in a local's house or rent their whole apartment. 

All of the accommodation below have been recommended by solo female travellers and come with our Solo Female Friendly endorsement. For all accommodation check rates and availability for all accommodation in Turks & Caicos here

Villa del Mar – $$

Located in Grace Bay, Villa del Mar offers studios and one to two-bedroom apartments with easy access to the beach. There’s air-conditioning in your room as well as a patio or a balcony, and a kitchenette to prepare your own meals or you can walk to the bars and restaurants just 15 minutes away. All the beach staff are really friendly including the beach staff and they can also arrange tours and car hire. Choose from a deluxe studio or a one-bedroom suite. Check rates and availability for Villa del Mar

Zenza Hotel – $$$

This stylish 3-star hotel is just fabulous. Not only is it surrounded by everything you need including Grace Bay, it is also a gorgeous place to stay that overlooks the marina. You can hire one of the hotel’s bikes or take a golf cart to the beach. Each room has a sea view and a tea/coffee maker, as well as a streaming service, to watch in the evenings. Choose from a deluxe double room with a balcony and sea view or a deluxe suite with a sea view.* Check rates and availability for Zenza Hotel

The Oasis at Grace Bay – $$$

The Oasis is another great 3-star property. Cosy and modern, it’s just a short stroll to the beach (or you can take a golf cart instead). There’s a swimming pool in the grounds, a garden and a sun terrace, as well as a choice of bars and restaurants nearby. The apartments come with a private kitchen and a washing machine, and the front desk is open 24 hours for anything that you need. It’s called The Oasis because it feels like one. Choose from a double room with a pool view, a king studio or an apartment.Check rates and availability for The Oasis at Grace Bay

Solo Travel in Turks and Caicos

The historic first cathedral in Turks & Caicos situated on Grand Turk island.

Tours in Turks and Caicos

Expedia – If you prefer to book everything together, Expedia offers Turks and Caicos holiday packages that include your accommodation, flights, car rental and activities and excursions in Turks and Caicos. Their accommodation packages range from 3 star to 5 star including stays in villas, and resorts and spas. * Check all Turks and Caicos holiday packages

Day Tours – Viator helps you to find top-rated activities and the best Turks and Caicos tours in worldwide destinations including Stavanger. Choose from a catamaran sail and snorkel tour, a parasailing adventure from Providenciales, or snorkelling at the Grand Turk Wall. There are several to choose from including a morning half day cruise with a beach picnic with others, and it’s really simple to use. Just check the reviews, price and availability then book online. * Check rates and availability for Turks and Caicos Tours

How Long To Stay For

Consensus says that a week is the minimum time you should think of spending on Turks and Caicos. This will give you enough time to destress and enjoy the natural beauty of the islands, as well as take in the main Turks and Caicos attractions and a couple of dive sessions. If you’re thinking of heading out to more than one or two of the islands, 10-14 days is a better bet.

Best Time To Go To Turks and Caicos

Peak season lasts from the start of the Christmas festivities until April, and it's during these months that Turks and Caicos experience the best climate but are also at their busiest. A great alternative is the shoulder period from May to July, when temperatures top out in the low 30s Celsius. August until November sits within the official hurricane season, although the last storm to hit the islands was more than a decade ago. Below is the annual weather chart from January to December to help you decide the best time to travel to Turks and Caicos. 

solo travel in Turks and Caicos

Getting Around Turks and Caicos

Travel to Turks and Caicos and you won't find much public transport service on any of the islands. Privately-run, and technically illegal, buses run on a leave-when-full basis. Driving can be erratic, and tourists have been overcharged, so they are best avoided.

Cycling is a popular mode of transport for getting around the furthest points in individual towns. Taxis are readily available for trips out of town. If you’re planning to move around a fair amount, it might be more cost effective to rent a car instead. Frequent scheduled flights and ferry crossings connect all the inhabited islands.

From Providenciales Turks and Caicos Airport

There are three international airports in Turks and Caicos. The one you’re most likely to fly into is in Providenciales. The others are on Grand Turk (for Cockburn) and South Caicos. Some accommodation options will arrange a shuttle to pick you up from the airport. If this isn’t the case, you can make use of any of the taxis that await arriving flights.

* Feel more confident with someone waiting for you at the airport when you pre-book a transfer with Hoppa, a reliable and safe service for solo females.


  • Can I drink the water? Yes, especially in most of the accommodation. You may prefer to take a water filter with you if you prefer filtered water.
  • Is tipping expected? Yes, expect to tip about 10-15% on your bill.
  • Fixed price or barter? Fixed price.
  • Any ATMs? Yes, on the main island of Providenciales and some of the large resorts have an ATM.
  • Which side of the road do they drive? The left-hand side.
  • Good for vegetarians? Restaurants have improved their vegetarian and vegan options so you can find dishes.
  • Any Seven Wonders of the World? No.

Map of Turks and Caicos

Plan a Holiday To Turks and Caicos

If you are planning a vacation to Turks and Caicos, below are useful websites such as plugs required, currency needed and local customs to help you plan your Turks and Caicos trips. 

Budget – £150 a day ($265)

Capital –  Cockburn Town

Population – 37,665

What language do they speak in Turks and Caicos – English

Local Currency – US dollar 

Do I need a visa? 

Vaccinations Required

Did you know? Turks and Caicos are actually located in the Atlantic Ocean and not the Caribbean.

Lingo – They speak English!

Useful Info

Airlines to Turks and Caicos 

Best Time to visit Turks and Caicos islands – February and March 

Which Plug Do I Need?

Events and Festivals in Turks and Caicos 

Local Cost Guide 

Local Customs & Etiquette 

Solo travel in Turks and Caicos