Sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria is one of the smallest countries in the whole of Europe. With a population of just 35,000 people, Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world and I had the pleasure of visiting this tiny country in its Autumn bloom.

If you're travelling solo to Liechtenstein, I recommend bringing a good book as it's not really the type of country where you can meet many others. Similar to the Faroe Islands for nature, it's a country for the outdoors and one where you need to be comfortable with your own company.

Most visitors either visit during the summer months from June to October for hiking or from December through to April for skiing in the winter. Liechtenstein is very expensive (more than Switzerland) so accommodation, food and drink is not for those on a budget. A good alternative is to stay in Switzerland or Austria instead then just travel across by bus for the day.


So what is there to do in Liechtenstein?

1. Visit the Gothic Castle in Balzers.

2. See the traditional village of Planken with wooden houses and floral baskets.

3. Visit the museums in Vaduz.

4. Take a guided tour of the Liectenstein Garden and City Palace.

5. Take the walking path to Kanzeli for a panoramic view.


6. Look at the outside of Vaduz Castle (you’re not allowed in).

7. Eat in one of the several gourmet restaurants.

8. Hike one of the 400km of hiking trails.

9. Ski in Steg or Malbun.

10. Meet the Prince of Liechtenstein who is known to sit by his statue and talk to tourists.



 Have you been to Liechtenstein?


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