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Moldova in Europe is definitely for the cultural or adventurous solo that's why I've given it 3 out of 5 stars. Travelling to Moldova is safe but if you decide to go completely solo, you’ll need a few phrases of Romanian to get by.

It’s not uncommon to see gypsies begging outside of monasteries but as hard as it may seem, resist giving them any money. When entering Orthodox churches women have to have their heads covered so wear a hood or take a scarf with you.

Is Moldova safe? Yes. There is a police presence in Moldova and you can get fined for jaywalking or stopped and asked to show your passport. Taxi drivers can be a challenge so be prepared to navigate and don't expect them to be able to find the address. If you can’t speak the language and prefer your trip to be more comfortable I definitely recommend taking a tour around the country for ease.

Below is our Moldova travel guide, including where to go in Moldova, where to stay, which tour company to use and how to get around. Find out how to get from the airport and things to do in Moldova. 

All companies included have been recommended by solo female travellers and come with our Solo Female Friendly endorsement. Just choose the relevant section or read the full article. Traveling to Moldova is possible if you are solo but if you prefer company for your Moldova trip, it's worth looking into a group tour. 

* Before you travel, check what paperwork or visas are required for Moldova. 

N.b. By booking through this page you are helping to improve the lives of vulnerable girls about the globe. Thanks for helping.

Solo travel in Moldova


Solo travel in Moldova

Places To Visit in Moldova

Situated in Eastern Europe, Moldova is a land-locked country which sits between Romania and Ukraine. Formerly part of the USSR, the country declared independence in 1991. Moldova has a charm about it, and a history of traditions making it perfect for the cultural traveller.  


Located on the River Bîc, Chișinău is the country’s capital which was rebuilt in a Soviet style after it suffered an earthquake in 1940. As capital cities go, it may not be the prettiest but it does offer lots of history. One of the Chisinau sights is a war memorial (in Soviet style), and eternal flame which sit as reminders of the war between 1941 to 1945, as well as a Jewish cemetery and old synagogue.

Places To Visit in Chisinau – For Chisinau sightseeing, walk around this Moldova city to see old Orthodox churches, the Triumphal arch, and Stefan Cel Mare Central Park before stopping for a coffee in Tucano Coffee, the country’s very own coffee shop brand, before delving into the country’s past to discover more at the National History Museum. The Chisinau Town Hall is worth a look with its Italian Gothic style architecture, or see the Nativity Cathedral, the main cathedral of the Moldovan Orthodox Church is all its white glory.

For a true Moldovan experience, meander around the Central Market, an open air market that is the biggest in the country. This is where you can mingle with the sellers and buy fresh produce from farmers that come here to sell from all around the country.

Other things to do in Chisinau is shop. Chișinău is surprisingly good for shopping with a giant shopping centre called MallDova to lose yourself in (with a clever spin on the country’s name). But don’t expect prices to be low here as the shops are relatively expensive compared to the cost of the rest of the country.

Even though Moldova is one of the poorest Eastern European countries, Moldova nightlife is surprising with bars, nightclubs and even karaoke bars. Famous Club, and Flamingo Night Club are two of the most popular clubs here. Flamingo is only open in the summer and has a large terrace to mingle with the other revellers. If going to a club solo isn’t for you, spend an evening at a restaurant in Moldova, sampling the local cuisine instead.

North of the capital is the Holy Trinity Monastery of Saharna, one of the centres for religious pilgrimages in Moldova. The country has several other monasteries too. 

Solo travel in Moldova

Curchi Monastery

Wineries in Moldova

Mostly known for its wine, you’ll find the country’s vineyards in the south of the country and its finest wineries near its capital. When you visit Chisinau, Cricova Winery is one of one of the places to go in Moldova if you love wine, and one of the popular Chisinau attractions. It is the largest underground wine city in the world, with each underground street named after a different wine.

Originally a limestone mine, Cricova has 60 years experience in producing some of the finest wines in Moldova and hold a marathon WINE Run every year in January. It is one of the reasons to visit Moldova and the place to go for wine tasting. 

Then there’s Milestii Mici, which holds the Guinness World Record as the largest wine cellar in the world. You’ll find nearly two million bottles within its wine cellar located 18km from Chișinău.

One of the country’s biggest charms is its traditions including its carpet weaving tradition. Just one hour from Chișinău is the Rustic Art Craft Centre where you can learn more about the processes and watch the ladies work their magic or even participate in a carpet weaving masterclass. They organise a festival in July dedicated to the traditional Moldovan costume called “IA MANIA.”

Solo travel in Moldova

Old Orhei

Old Orhei

Just outside of the capital (about 60kms) is one of the country’s most beautiful landscapes. Old Orhei (Orheiul Vechi) is one of the oldest cities in Moldova and one of the oldest settlements in Europe. It is considered an “open air museum.”

This quaint village is home to traditional Moldavian-style houses and feels like a step back in time. Because of its natural landscape this area is fast-becoming known for its opera with an open-air opera called DescOPERA held here on the 1st weekend of June. It’s also perfect for the outdoors or culinary solo with opportunities to hike, bike, camp and take part in cooking masterclasses.

One of the highlights of Old Orhei is the cave monastery, a Moldova tourist attraction. This monastery is 500 years old and the views from outside the small door are simply breathtaking. Step inside its cave walls with a candle to light your way and if you’re lucky you may even see the monk going about his monastery duties during your visit. Outside of Chișinău you will also find one of Moldova’s wooden churches dating back 200 years.

Nearby is Curchi Monastery, which is thought to be one of the beautiful. Founded in 1773, the monastery sits in the Vatic valley alongside the river. Curchi Monastery still has both of its monasteries – the small one for winter and the larger one for summer. Around one hundred monks Iive within the peaceful grounds.

Solo travel in Moldova

Soroca Fortress


Head north to Soroca, the famous gypsy capital, to spot sight of the gypsy king. This is one of the Moldova cities that is home to the Moldovan Roma who have created their own gypsy kingdom high on a hilltop. If you’ve ever wanted to see replicas of the U.S. Capital Building or St Peter’s Basilica, they are all here, as homes for the gypsy community. It’s definitely a unique area to visit.

Soroca also has a fortress, one of the landmarks in Moldova. The Soroca Fortress is also one of the historic sites and most historical places in Moldova. Although it is quite small in size, this fortress still has the wow factor. As one of the four fortresses along the Nistru River, this round fortress helped to protect the country’s borders. Visit the fortress in the summer for the outdoor market and to buy locally-made souvenirs.

Located on a hill on the outskirts of Soroca, the Candle of Gratitude (or the Thanksgiving Candle) is one of the most significant monuments in Moldova’s modern-day history. Climb the 600 or so steps to look inside the small chapel and admire the views of the river and countryside below.

Solo travel in Moldova

Candle of Gratitude


The south of Moldova is where you’ll find the vineyards and Gagauzia – an autonomous region of Moldova which declared its independence in 1991. Technically this is still part of Moldova and is home to the Gagauz people who descended from the Turks.

This is the poorest region in the country and where locals produce their own wine. If you do get as far south as this region, visit the Gagauz National Museum of History and Ethnography to learn more about its interesting past.

Moldova's Nature

Taul Park is Moldova’s largest park. Although it isn’t close to the capital you can take public transportation there if you’re up for the 200km distance. The park is known for its flora and paths and trails that you can lose yourself in.

Another beautiful place for nature in the country is the Padurea Domneasca Nature Reserve, one of the oldest forests that is spread over 6,000 hectares. The park has a big heron population and the oldest tree in Moldova. See red deer and bison and the “one Hundred mounds,” a field that some believe to be the burial site of soldiers. Or explore the caves and grottoes within the cliffs where the remains of an ancient culture was found. It is easier to do a tour to visit the reserve.

Solo travel in Moldova



Another area of Moldova which has proclaimed independence is Transnistria, a piece of land between the river Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine. Transnistria is an unrecognized country and describes itself as an open-air Soviet museum with its Soviet character fully intact.

There’s evidence of Russia everywhere from a giant bust of Lenin which sits outside a disused cultural centre in Kitscani to the soviet tank proudly on display at Main Parade Square. Interesting and incredibly unique, it’s definitely recommended to cross the ‘border’ and visit Transnistria for a day or two. The capital, Tiraspol is the second largest city in Moldova. When you're here, don’t forget to visit the Kyint Brandy Factory or the Noul Neamt Monastery where monks brew their own wine.

Moldova is definitely an adventure. And as tourism in Moldova isn't yet for the masses, whenever you choose to visit, as they say in the country “You come as a guest and leave as a family member”.

Accommodation in Moldova

Accommodation in Moldova offers hotels and apartments and includes dorm rooms in hostels if you're travelling on a budget. Moldova does have hostels but don’t expect them to be the same standard as those in Western Europe but they do have heating and helpful staff. 

Plus there’s Airbnb Moldova, which connects you to unique travel experiences and isn’t just limited to staying in a local’s spare room. You can save $20 off your first stay with this Airbnb link. 

If you are looking for hostels or cheap hotels in Moldova, all of the accommodation below have been recommended by solo female travellers from our Girls about the Globe community and come with our Solo Female Friendly endorsement. For all other Moldova hotels and accommodation, click on the link below. 

Retro Moldova, Chisinau

Chișinău – Retro Moldova

Although this Chisinau hostel can be hard to find (it’s in a residential building which can be dark at night), it is in a good location just a few streets from an ATM and shops. The staff are really friendly and helpful which helps when you are travelling solo.

The hostel was really warm and they give you plastic slippers to wear. It is a small hostel and only has one bathroom (similar to others in Chișinău), but it’s fine for the price and worth taking a private room for your own space. Choose from a 4 or 6 bed mixed dorm or a private room.

  • Prices start from £4 for a bed in a 6-bed dorm
  • To book, check prices or availability for Retro Moldova

Chisinau Hotel, Moldova

Chișinău – Chisinau Hotel

If you enjoy staying in historical places, this old Soviet-style grand hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Moldova Chisinau. It was built in the 1950’s and is located in the city centre, just 10 minutes from the train station.

Although certain fixtures are now just for decoration (such as the fridge), and you have to wait a long time for hot water, it is definitely an experience. Choose from a standard or comfort single room, a double room or suite.

  • Prices start from £20 for a standard single room per night
  • To book, check prices or availability for Chisinau Hotel

Vila Roz, Moldova

Old Orhei – Vila Roz

This lovely guest house is in Trebujeni village near Old Orhei. If you are looking for a true local experience instead of a Moldova hotel, this family-run guest house offers master cooking lessons and true Moldovan hospitality so you can eat like Moldovans. Immerse yourself in Moldova nature in the beautiful grounds, take one of the bikes and explore the area or visit the nearby ruins of a former Turkish bath.

Choose from a dormitory-style room or your own private room with a traditional breakfast included. Bathrooms are shared and there is also a BBQ.

  • Prices start from £20 for a single room including breakfast
  • To book, check prices or availability for Vila Roz 

Transnistria – Tiraspol Hostel

If you ever wondered what spending a night in an old Soviet apartment block is like, try Tiraspol Hostel. Tim’s place is a great experience but you do need to have a sense of adventure to stay here. It’s not a hostel as such and is in a residential part of the capital.

  • Prices start from £15 for a dorm bed per night.
  • To book or check availability for Tiraspol Hostel 

Moldova Tours

Moldova Tours

Intrepid Moldova Intrepid Travel are a responsible tour company which are popular with solo travellers. They offer a comfortable style of accommodation sharing with someone of the same gender (or you can pay extra for your room).

Instead of offering Moldova as a separate destination, they combine the country on tours to Ukraine and Moldova, and Romania on an overland trip for a 13 day adventure from $2,530. If you have 22 days to spare, the Eastern Europe in Depth tour includes Hungary on your itinerary for $4,100 for the 3 weeks. Read our Intrepid Travel Reviews

* Click here for the full itineraries, prices and start dates 

Go Adventure Moldova – This company is just great! I personally used them during my stay in Moldova and they were really informative and friendly and felt more like friends by the end of each tour. Specialising in adventure and culture travel you can have any type of experience from kayaking and biking to visiting an art centre and taking part in a traditional workshop. Plus you get someone to enjoy your meals with whilst learning more about the local Moldova culture on a guided tour and day trip.

Winerist – Is a trusted international platform which offer tours to Moldova’s best wineries. You can’t come all the way here and not sample the Moldovan wine. 

Tiraspol Hostel – Tim at Tiraspol Hostel shows you the best of Transnistria on his guided tours. Anything you want to do here he’ll help you to arrange it. From a city tour to hidden Soviet villages and abandoned Soviet factories to tours of the autonomous republic of Gagauzia. 

Travelling Around Moldova

Travelling Around Moldova

When you solo travel Moldova, the most common way to get around the country is by bus. You can hire a car but some of the roads aren’t that great and you can get stopped by police and fined for no reason. The capital is the main hub for the buses but don’t expect it to look like a bus station you may be used to. If the bus has a yellow sign it is a public bus.

If you are heading to Transnistria there are buses which leave regularly. You may find yourself sharing a car to go across the ‘border’ between Moldova and Transnistria instead of a bus if you go with a man calling “Transnistria.” There is also a tram within the capital called a trolleybus where you pay onboard. 

When you travel in Moldova, taxi drivers aren’t the best and may not know where the address is so be prepared if you take a taxi. Use Rome2Rio to find your way around. 

Moldova Itinerary

A week is a good amount of time to see Moldova. The following is a week Moldova travel itinerary of where to stay to see the best Moldova tourist attractions. Alternatively you can choose to base yourself in the capital and take full day trips from here instead.

Chișinău – 3 nights, Old Orhei – 1 night, Soroca – 1 night, Tiraspol – 2 nights.

Best time to go to Thailand

Best Time To Go To Moldova

There isn’t a particular season to visit Moldova although you may feel more comfortable visiting in the spring or the autumn. The winter is still a great time to sightsee although some of the outdoor activities may be limited. It can get warm in the summer months so the most ideal months and best time to visit Moldova is April and May. 

This chart shows the average maximum day temperatures for Chișinău (from January to December).

Moldova weather

From Chisinau Airport

There are taxis at the airport but sometimes the taxi drivers can’t locate your address and they will try and rip you off. Expect to pay at least €15. Pre-book a transfer with your accommodation if you can or through Go Adventure Moldova. Their airport transfers cost €20 and will take you to your accommodation in Chișinău.

Border Crossings – (check visas before you travel)

If you are travelling south through Moldova to Transnistria you go through a border crossing. Write down the name and address of the place you are staying at. The bus takes 1 hour 20 minutes and departs every 30 minutes from Chișinău. The bus costs 25 Leu or you can ask for a shared car at the bus station for 50 Leu which takes you to the train station in Tiraspol. 

Moldova to Ukraine

If you visit Chișinău there is an overnight train to Kiev which takes nearly 12 hours and appears to run daily. Check here for timetables.

From Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria you can travel to Odessa by old Soviet train. Trains cost £6.00 and leave at 09.44 arriving in Odessa at 12.27. 

Moldova to Romania

To travel to Romania there is a nice train to Bucharest. You can’t book your train online so buy direct to the station. Check for timetables. 

Where can I go from here?

  • Russia (Moscow) – 1 hour 40 mins
  • Greece (Athens) – 2 hours
  • Italy (Rome) – 2.5 hours


  • Can I drink the water? Yes?
  • Is tipping expected? No it isn’t required but being a poor country is good practice to leave 10%
  • Fixed price or barter? Fixed price
  • Any ATMs? Yes in the towns.
  • Which side of the road do they drive? Right-hand side.
  • Good for vegetarians? The capital does have some vegetarian restaurants. The traditional food does include maize and cheese so the local villages may not great for vegans.
  • Any Seven Wonders of the World? No, none of the Moldova attractions are.

Map of Moldova

Plan a Trip to Moldova

If you are looking to travel to Moldova, here are some useful links to help you plan your Moldova trips, including airlines which fly there, where you can volunteer and eco accommodation.

Moldova Travel Costs – £20 a day (more if you decide to do tours)


Moldova Capital City –  Chișinău

Moldova Population – 3.552 million

Language spoken – Romanian

Local Currency – Moldovan leu 

Do I need a visa? Not on a British visa

Vaccinations Required 

Useful Info

Airlines to Moldova 

The Best Time For Visiting Moldova – July 

Which Plug Do I Need? 

UNESCO Sites in Moldova – Struve Geodetic Arc is the country's World Heritage Site.

Events and Festivals in Moldova

Local Cost Guide

Local Customs & Etiquette 

Did you know? Moldova is the poorest country in Europe

Stay Eco

Eco-Resort Butuceni is a really unique property. The beds are called “lejanca” and have clay walls which are heated with fire inside. There’s also a swimming pool and sauna for when you want to unwind, as well as homemade wine and pie. All rooms come with breakfast included. Choose from a single or double room. Prices start from £25 per night. 


Teach English in a Moldovan school or help at a health care provider in the country. Find projects through GO Overseas. 

Cultural Experiences

Learn traditional carpet weaving skills at the Rustic Art Centre and other cultural experiences through Go Adventure Moldova.

Local Projects

La Strada is an organisation in Moldova which works for the prevention of human trafficking and the prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Click here to learn more. 

Mind Body & Soul

They don’t seem to have meditation or yoga retreats in Moldova but you can treat yourself at one of the spas. Lotus Spa Health & Beauty Centre offers massages, and plenty more body treatments to help you unwind on your trip. 

Issues in the Country

Moldova is a source country for human trafficking. As one of the poorest countries in Europe, women are trafficked to countries such as those in the Middle East, and Turkey and Russia. Children living in rural areas are mostly at risk. Read more here…  

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