Solo Travel in Europe

Whether you are searching for mountains, ancient civilisations, icy climates, chic cities or islands to sail around, you will find a country for you in Europe. With nearly fifty countries to visit there is a diversity of languages, cultures and places to suit every girl's budget.

Lose yourself in the romance of the Mediterranean, the solitude of the Alps, the stunning coastline of the Rivieras and the icy glaciers of the Nordics. Solo travel in Europe couldn't be easier with many open borders to travel through.

If you love cities Western Europe has plenty to choose from, all with their own unique style. Take your pick from Paris, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen to as far east as Istanbul, the gateway to Asia. From the modern to the more historical, visit Greece or Italy for ancient civilisations, Germany for its Nazi political past and England for its timeless monarchy.

Relax on the French or Italian Rivieras, hike in Malta, sunbathe in Cyprus, sip port in Portugal, take part in a Spanish festival or try the chocolate delicacies of Belgium. Ski in the Alps, sing on Austrian hills and explore the highest point of Europe in Switzerland. Whether you enjoy history, culture or art, Western Europe has a country for all.

From west to east; Eastern Europe is synonymous with World War II and may not be your usual holiday hotspot but the countries of HungaryPoland and the Czech Republic have untouched mountains, rivers and lakes, and are much cheaper to visit (although slightly more challenging with the lingo). Russia is also a beautiful country with stunning palaces and the famous Kremlin.

Just north lies the Baltic Sea and although tucked away in the northern corner of Europe: LatviaLithuania and Estonia in The Baltics have a lot to offer with glacier lakes and Slavic and Scandinavian influences. Visit the romantic city of Tallin, the Baltic coast in Latvia for seaside towns and Vilnius for its UNESCO World Heritage.

They may be known for being pricey but Scandinavia and the Nordics are great countries to visit for winter activities. Take a cruise around the fjords in Norway, go snowmobiling or dog sledging in Finland or visit Santa Claus in Lapland.

Iceland is in a league of its own with geothermal activity is a funky capital. Choose Greenland for its remoteness. Visit in the winter for the Northern Lights or the summer for the midnight sun.

The Balkans are some of the most interesting countries in Europe. Known as the former states of Yugoslavia: Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia have an interesting and moving past. Visit Mostar for its Old Bridge, Slovenia for Lake Bled, Montenegro for its coastline, Macedonia for its Turkish bazaar or just sail around the Croatian islands.

The Black Sea is known for touristy towns but Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Ukraine have so much more to offer and you'll find old towns and mountain regions within these surprising countries.

We can’t forget the smaller countries either: LiechtensteinMonacoLuxembourg, Vatican City, Andorra, Gibraltar and Moldova all play their part in making Europe an intriguing and interesting continent to travel to alone.

Solo travel in Europe is made so easy with many open border crossings. Choose Western Europe for company of others and East Europe if you are on a budget.

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