Solo Travel in Georgia

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If you are planning on visiting Georgia in Europe, below is my Georgia travel guide on how to travel solo in Georgia including things to do in Georgia, the best places to stay in Georgia for solos, which tour company to use and how to get around. Find out how to get from the airports, the best places to visit in Georgia solo, and a Georgia one week itinerary.

All companies included have been recommended by myself and other solo female travellers and come with our Solo Female Friendly endorsement. Just choose the relevant section or read the full article for solo female travel Georgia. 

N.b. For every booking made through this article, I donate money to projects helping vulnerable girls about the globe. Thank you for helping to make a difference to their lives. 

 Tip – If you prefer company for your Georgia trip, I recommend this G Adventures Best of Georgia & Armenia tour. You get to see two countries with like-minded others and they are perfect for solo travellers of all ages. 

Solo Travel in Georgia


Solo Travel in Georgia

Solo Travel in Georgia

Is Georgia safe for solo female travellers?

Yes but being one of the poorest countries in Europe means that there is poverty here. You’ll often see elderly women sitting on the streets begging which pulls at your heart strings. Georgia is so concerned by men looking at women that they are introducing a fine for it. Don’t let this put you off Georgia solo travel, as I travelled through the country and felt completely comfortable.

If you are travelling off the beaten path when visiting places in Georgia, you do need some Georgian or Russian phrases to get by. Tour companies and hotels and hostels tend to speak English making it easier to travel around solo. Do be careful with your belongings in hostels in Tbilisi and make sure that your valuables are always locked away in case of thieves. 

If you want to feel more comfortable base yourself in Tbilsi, Kutaisi and Batumi and do day trips from Tbilisi or the other cities instead of navigating the lesser-known towns and villages by yourself.

There are also areas of Georgia that are controversial. Not dissimilar to Transnistria in Moldova, the breakaway region of Abkhazia declared independence in 1999. This area on the eastern coast of the Black Sea is under conflict with Georgia and Russia and it’s not advised to travel there. South Ossetia is another disputed region which is recognised by Russia as an independent state but not by Georgia.

Overall, Is it safe to travel to Georgia alone? Yes and independent travel in Georgia is relatively easy but if you are unsure of places to go in Georgia and what to do in Georgia solo, you may feel more comfortable on one of the group Georgia tours

Solo travel in Georgia

Places To Visit in Georgia

Georgia is such an understated country. Its location is debatable with many believing it is situated in Asia and not Europe. Because the Caucasus Mountains form the border between Europe and Asia it is easy to see the confusion. This adds to Georgia’s uniqueness which offers a blend of the East and West.

As an emerging destination Georgia seems to be growing in popularity. Its draw is not only its wine and cuisine but also its history and nature. As a budget destination it’s easy to travel and stay in comfortable accommodation for a fraction of the price.

The country is steeped in nature and more than 75% of Georgia is mountains. Shkhara is Georgia’s highest peak. There are so many places to visit here, from the Black sea coastal resort of Batumi to the winelands of Kakheti. The country is definitely one for the intrepid explorer.

* Before you travel, check what paperwork or visas are required for Georgia. 

Solo Travel in Georgia



When you visit Georgia solo, Tbilisi will probably be your first port of call. The capital was founded in the 5th century by King Vakhtang Gorgasali, and a statue of him on a horse sits above the river, opposite the hot springs which inspired him to built a city here. The city is a blend of old and new with futuristic-looking structures weaved within its landscape.

Tbilisi is the best place to visit in Georgia for health and wellness. The city is known for its sulphur baths with their healing mineral qualities. The Abanotubani district is where you’ll find all of the egg-smelling baths ranging from budget to the more luxurious spa experience.

Your Tbilisi itinerary should definitely include a walking tour to get your bearings in the city then spend some time exploring the Tbilisi historic district. If you are there on the hour, watch the clock tower which was created by a famous local puppeteer. Every hour a puppet show acts out the circle of life to onlookers; amusement 

Opposite the river is the city’s cable car which takes you up to the giant statue of Mother Georgia which looks over the city. The walk back down takes you past the castle and the zip line (great for the adventurous GatG). * Read: Things To Do in Tbilisi

Solo travel in Georgia

Mother Georgia overlooking Tbilisi

The Peace Bridge is the newest bridge in the city and was opened in 2010. Its wavy design joins both sides of the river and connects with Rike Park, a nature spot to relax and watch the world go by. The Narikala Fortress is another great spot to enjoy some nature. You can take the trail along this 4th century ancient fortress which runs near the Mother Georgia statue down (a tourist attraction in Georgia) to the old town. Or take a stroll around Turtle Lake instead.

If you only see one church here make it the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. This magnificent church is the third largest Orthodox Cathedral in the world, and the tallest church in Tbilisi. It symbolises “New Georgia” and has a golden dome which you can see from nearly everywhere in the city. It is a bit of a climb to get there but the walk is definitely worth it. For the best view of the city head to Mtatsminda Park.

From Tbisili you can take day trips to Borjomi, a quaint little village and the source of the country’s most healing mineral water. The garden area surrounding the springs are so calming. Take your own bottle to try both the warm and cold mineral water straight from the ground.

Solo Travel in Georgia


David Gareja Monastery

David Gareja cave monastery complex (also known as ‘Davit Gareja') is close to the border with Azerbaijan (which you can see from the complex). The monastery was founded by a monk in the 6th century which has since been expanded to include hundreds of cells and churches all within the rock face. Within the semi-desert landscape you can wander around the 13 monasteries and monks living quarters all carved out of rock. David Gareja Monastery is one of the Georgia tourist attractions and is reachable via Udabno, the nearest village. The climb to get here can be steep.

Solo travel in Georgia



When you explore Georgia, another impressive complex of rock architecture is Vardzia. This cave city site isn’t as old as David Gareja but it is just as majestic and one of the most beautiful places in Georgia. Vardzia dates back to the 12th century and sits on the bank of the Mtkvari River. Construction of the underground cave fortress was ordered by Queen Tamar and it is thought that there were once 13 levels.

You can spend hours exploring the cave system and the little chapels. You can see everything including an old pharmacy and even an old wine cellar as you imagine what life was like back then. Inside the church is one of the only 12 paintings of Queen Tamara.

Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe is another complex to see. Originally built by Turks, the castle was invaded and taken back by Georgia with the help of the Russians. Inside the castle grounds are an influence of different cultures and architecture. You’ll find a mosque, synagogue and a church within the 13th century complex.



Kutaisi is in the west of Georgia and is the country’s legislative capital. Is Kutaisi worth visiting? Yes! It is home to three picturesque monasteries and is less developed than Tbilisi. It’s actually one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities and is Georgia’s third largest city.

It’s a great base from which to see Prometheus Cave, one of the countrys' natural wonders and a must see in Georgia. It is the biggest cave in Georgia and you can take a boat trip to explore its underground rivers and lakes. It’s only 20km away from Kutaisi and although it is one of the most touristy spots the fact that it is 60-70 million year old makes it worth seeing. 

If you are a nature GatG then Okatse Canyon and Kinchkha Waterfall are some of natures’ best. The falls are nearly 70 metres high and there is a pathway which you can take around the canyon. If you have time add Lomina Lake to your itinerary. It’s a bit of a walk but well worth it.

Solo travel in Georgia

Bagrati Monastery

Both the Bagrati Monastery and Gelati Monastery are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Bagrati Monastery is the green domed 11th century monastery which can be seen on a hillside from anywhere in Kutaisi. It is one of things to do in Georgia for free and is walkable from the city with great views of a giant cross and the river below. Afterwards, stop in the nearby botanical gardens.

The Gelati Monastery is a bit further out and reachable by bus or taxi. This medieval monastic complex was founded in the early 12th century and is a complex consisting of three churches. It is free to go inside and see the mosaics and frescoes. Is Kutaisi safe? Yes and it is easily walkable so stroll around the city, stopping at the State History Museum as you go.

As one of the oldest wine regions in the world Georgia produces great quality wine which has an amazing taste. Most of the wine in Georgia comes from the grapes grown in Kakheti. Each village has their own type of Georgia wine named after the places they were produced. Enjoy wine tasting at one of the wineries, one of which has more than 50,000 bottles – a wine GatG’s dream and one of the fun things to do in Georgia. 

Solo travel in Georgia


If you are ready for some Black Sea action, Batumi is where it is at. This coastal resort attracts the partygoers during the summer months so it is touristy but it can be a refreshing change from the rest of Georgia. It does have more than casinos and clubs to entertain you. Just walking around this city will show you random things on each corner from peacocks to dancing fountains.

Spend an evening at the top of the Alphabet Tower, one of the tourist attractions in Georgia and a 135 metre structure which looks like a DNA molecule. For another view take the ‘Argo” cable car for a gorgeous panorama of the sea and the mountains. It’s a striking city to walk around with an astronomical clock, a summer theatre (in an Asian style), and the Sea Station – one of the architectural symbols of the Old Batumi.

There are a mix of religious buildings such as a mosque, synagogue and Armenian church. They even have a replica of Bologna’s fountain in Italy called Fountain “Neptune.” * Read: Things To Do in Batumi

Solo travel in Georgia

Walk along the promenade at dusk where you can stop in the restaurants for some Georgian cuisine with a sea view. Or watch the old men fishing or playing chess. There are so many quirky statues here, many of which depict love.

‘My First Love' is a cute architectural piece but the best and most photographs has to be Ali & Nino – an 8-metre moving sculpture symbolising eternal love and understanding amongst nationalities. Yes it’s tacky but Batumi is so much fun. From here you can do day trips to the Gonio-Apsaros Fortress and the Petra Fortress, as well as national parks.

If love is still on your mind, then you should definitely pay a trip to Sighnaghi, the city of love. It’s one of the prettiest towns and has lovely views over the Alazani valley.

If you are a winter sports GatG don some skis and head to one of the ski villages which make up more than 80 kms of slopes. Gudauri is the largest ski resort and sits at 1283 metres. Other popular resorts are Bakuriani, and Mestia. Skiing here is open from December until April and is said to be cheaper than the Alps.

Solo travel in Georgia

Other Places To See in Georgia

Svaneti is a region in the northwest of Georgia. It is known for its watchtowers and attracts hikers and climbers. If you like history and culture and want to learn more about the Svan people and their traditions it’s worth taking the marshrutka from Kutaisi to this region. A popular route to hike is from here to Mestia and Ushguli (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), staying in local guesthouses on the way.

Other best places in Georgia are Mtskheta – the religious capital with three of the country’s most important churches. Chiatura – an old-mining town, and Uplistsikhe – an abandoned rock town which was once an inhabited cave city up until the 13th century. If you love hammocks head to Hauschi which is famous for them. Apparently when the factory closed down the locals started making their own.

Whether you like to ski, explore cave cities or just drink wine, solo travel Georgia before the secret gets out…

Solo travel in Georgia

Where To Stay in Georgia

If you stay in the capital there really are plenty of hostels to choose from. The standard of hostels here are great with some even offering female-only dorms. In Kutaisi guesthouses are more the norm but with the country being so economical you can easily afford to book a private room with a bathroom. Some guesthouses include their own Georgian breakfast.

Plus there’s Airbnb which connects you to unique travel experiences and isn’t just limited to staying in a local’s spare room. All of the budget Georgia accommodation below have been recommended by solo female travellers from our Girls about the Globe community and come with our Solo Female Friendly endorsement.

For all other Georgia accommodation, check rates and availability for all accommodation in Georgia here 

Boutique Hotel Medusa

Batumi – Boutique Hotel Medusa – $

Nowhere is Batumi is far but this hotel which feels more like a boutique hostel is walkable to nearly everywhere in Batumi. The well-equipped stylish kitchens are ideal if you prefer to cook your own meals, and there are huge sofas to relax on. You can even wash your own clothes and hang them on the clothes horse outside.

The rooms are clean and they have a female-only dorm room (which is pink). There is a 24 hour front desk and they provide a free breakfast to set you up for the day. Choose from a double room with a sea view or a bed in a 6-bed dorm room. Check rates and availability for Boutique Hotel Medusa

Batumi – Orbi City Sea View – $$

This 4-star accommodation is just across from the beach. The apartments are clean and modern with a view of the city or the sea. There’s everything you need onsite such as a restaurant and a bar, a gym, pool and even a sauna. Plus you can pay extra for breakfast too. Reception is open 24 hours, and the host is really accommodating and can arrange an airport transfer for you. Choose from a one-bedroom apartment or an apartment with a sea view. * Check rates and availability for Orbi City Sea View

Kutaisi – Guesthouse Medea on Pushkini 4 – $

Situated in Kutaisi, this friendly guest house is centrally located. The hosts are really welcoming and will make you feel at home and offer you homemade food and wine and teach you about their culture. They can arrange tours for you and it’s easy to meet others in the shared lounge so even if you turn up solo, you won’t feel alone here. All deluxe double rooms come with a balcony. * Check rates and availability for Guesthouse Medea 

Kiev Kutaisi Hotel

Kutaisi – Kiev Kutaisi Hotel – $$

This hotel is in the historic centre. It’s walkable to the Bagrati Cathedral and is an easy stroll from the picturesque river. The rooms are big and come with their own private bathroom. There is complimentary tea, coffee, wine and even brandy! They provide an airport transfer which is ideal with many flights arriving in the early hours of the mornings. Check rates and availability for Kiev Kutaisi Hotel 

Hostel “Your Home”, Tbilisi

Tbilisi – Hostel “Your Home” – $

I love this hostel. It’s called Hostel “Your Home” because it literally feels like a home away from home. The manager is so friendly and helpful and will help you with tours or transfers. There is a communal lounge where you can hang out and watch TV with the other guests on the comfy sofas. They often share meals too.

The hostel is near a metro station meaning that it’s easy to get around the city and is close to many restaurants with different types of cuisine. The female-only dorm is really spacious with a large drawer under the beds to lock away all of your things. They provide towels for an extra charge and have a female-only bathroom too. * Check rates and availability for Hostel “Your Home”

Fabrika, Tbilisi

Tbilisi – Fabrika – $

This hostel is seriously huge. Located inside an old sewing factory that was used during the Soviet times, the hostel has several cafes and bars inside, a courtyard, and even a coworking space. It resembles more of a mini village than a hostel which is perfect for those days when you don't want to leave the hostel. It’s easy to meet people in the bar area and a bar crawl runs from here too.

The beds are comfortable and come with a light and your own power socket. You’ll find hairdryers in the bathrooms too. Do take your earplugs though if you decide to stay on a weekend. Choose from a bed in a 3, 4, 6 or 10-bed mixed dormitory room, or a 6-bed female-only dorm. They also have twin and double rooms with your own private bathroom. * Check rates and availability for Fabrika Tbilisi

Tbilisi – Wine Symphony Boutique Hotel $$

Located on the outskirts of Tbilisi, this peaceful hotel is close to a metro making it easy to venture into the city (or you can take a cheap taxi). There’s an outdoor swimming pool, a garden and a communal lounge to meet others and the owner is a fantastic host. All rooms have air-conditioning, a fridge and kettle and a satellite TV. Choose from a standard double room or a double room with a balcony. * Check rates and availability for Wine Symphony Boutique Hotel

Solo travel in Georgia

Tours in Georgia

G Adventures Georgia

If you feel more comfortable in a group for either part of your trip or the whole duration, G Adventures is a responsible tour company that mainly caters for budget travellers. Most tours have an average of 10 people and there is no upper age limit. Once you book your trip you pay extra for any excursions you want to do when you’re there.

They offer an 8 day adventure combining Georgia with Armenia. The tour starts at Yerevan and ends in Tbilisi. I  have personally used G Adventures and recommend them as a solo female friendly company. Check rates and availability for G Adventures tours

Intrepid Travel Georgia

Intrepid Travel is similar to G Adventures with an average of 12 people on each small group tour. Over half the people who book their trips are solo travellers. They tend to use hotels instead of hostels and have a more comfortable style of accommodation hence the trips can appear a bit more than G Adventures. Their tours range from 10 days to an epic 80 days and also include Azerbaijan on your Georgian itinerary. Read our Intrepid Travel Reviews

With both tour companies you share a room with someone of the same gender or you can pay extra for your own room. * Click here for the full itinerary, prices, and start dates

Tbilisi Hack Pub Crawl – This Georgia tour company is great if you want to experience the nightlife of Georgia’s capital with some company. I took this Georgia local tour as a solo and had the best time. You also get to learn about Georgian wines with the tour guide, and try khachapuri (their flatbread with cheese). It’s a great evening tour. 

World Sightseeing Tour – This company offers everything you can possibly do in Georgia. From city sightseeing bus tours to boat trips at night, they offer all kinds of Georgia guided tours. I took several day trips from Tbilisi with them to Vardzia, Rabati and Borjomi which was easier than organising it independently. Their Georgia sightseeing tours are really cheap and depart frequently but if you travel low season you may need to pre-book as a minimum amount of people are needed.

Get Your Guide – Get Your Guide helps you to find top-rated activities and one day tours in Georgia. Choose from a Kazbegi Mountains cultural tour, a Vardzia cave tour with a guide, or a full-day wine tour in the Kakheti wine region. There are several to choose from including Tbilisi tours and it’s really simple to use. Just check the reviews, price and availability then book online. * Check rates and availability for all day tours

Solo travel in Georgia

How to Travel in Georgia

If you choose to travel around Georgia by train, the trains are a mix of modern and old Soviet-style trains. Travel from Kutaisi to Tbilisi and expect to pay just £4 for the 5.5 hour journey. are the best website to check for train schedules and book online tickets. You can then show your barcode to the guard as you board. Reservations may be required for all trains so pre-book. 

Some of the roads are in poor condition so be prepared if you do decide to hire a car, and fill your petrol tank up in the cities if you can. Vanilla Sky flies from Mestia to Tbilisi and Kutaisi. They use small planes and sometimes cancel so plan for any cancellations.

The public transport in the capital city is good as Tbilisi has a good metro system. The trains are really deep underground so expect to be be on an escalator for a while. They also have a bus system where you pay onboard. For a more authentic experience take a mashrutka – a yellow minibus which runs around the city. You may need to write down your destination and ask when to get off.

Kutaisi is walkable but instead of taking buses to places outside of the city you may prefer to take a tour instead. 

Georgia Itinerary

There are so many places in Georgia that one week in Georgia just isn’t enough. Don’t limit yourself to a one week Georgia itinerary. To get from place to place can take a few hours so plan your itinerary wisely to see all the must sees in Georgia and save time.

You can base yourself in Kutaisi to take a day trip to see canyons, and Vardzia. Or choose to stay longer in Tbilisi instead and base yourself there to also see Vardzia, David Gareja, and Sighnaghi. Below are some ideas for a Georgia travel itinerary to help you plan your Georgia trip. * You can also follow my Georgia itinerary here

7 Days Itinerary in Georgia = Kutaisi – 3 days, train to Tbilisi, Tbilisi 4 days.

Georgia Itinerary 10 days = Tbilisi – 4 days, Kutaisi – 3 days, day trip to Vardzia, mini-bus or train to Batumi – 3 days.

Georgia Itinerary 2 weeks = Tbilisi – 5 days, Borjomi – 1 night, Kutaisi – 4 days, mini-bus or train to Batumi – 4 days, day trip to Petra Fortress, and Machakhela National Park.

When To Go To Georgia

Georgia gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Depending on whether you are wanting to ski and snowboard, sunbathe on the Black Sea, or sightsee through which areas of the country will determine when is the best time for you to go. The mountains are cooler, whilst the lowlands may be hotter than you’re used to. West Georgia gets humid whilst East Georgia has a drier climate.

May to July are the best times to visit the capital city. If you prefer to sightsee when it’s a more pleasant temperature choose Spring (April and May) instead.

This chart shows the average maximum day temperatures for Tbilisi (from January to December) to help you plan your solo travel in Georgia.

Solo travel in Georgia

Airports in Georgia

Georgia has three main international airports. Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi.

Tbilisi – Line number 37 operates from Tbilisi Airport into Tbilisi. The bus takes 30 minutes and only costs £1. There is a train from the airport into Tbilisi Central Railway Station where you can then take a taxi or a bus.

The train takes 35 minutes and costs approximately £3. There is also the option of taxis which cost £11 and take approx 20 minutes depending where in the city you are travelling to.

Kutaisi  Low cost airlines such as Wizz fly into Kutaisi International Airport, generally arriving in the early hours of the morning. You can either arrange a transfer with your accommodation or there are minibuses waiting outside of the airport to connect with the flights.

The minibuses also operate to and from Tbilisi and Batumi to Kutaisi. Taxis cost approx £8 and take 25 minutes into Kutaisi. To book a shuttle (minibus) to and from Kutaisi Airport book through Georgian Bus which times the transport for the flights. 

Batumi – From Batumi airport there are taxis to take you the short distance to Batumi (only 5 minutes away). Taxis cost £2 and are the easier and quickest option. The Line 10 bus also runs from there to Ardagani Lake and takes 17 minutes. If you feel like walking, the walk is only an hour.

Check Rome2Rio for planning your journeys

* Feel more confident with someone waiting for you at the airport when you pre-book a transfer with Hoppa, a reliable and safe service for solo females.

Border Crossings

Travel onwards (check visas before you travel)

Georgia to Azerbaijan – When you are touring Georgia, there are minibuses which will take you across the Georgian border into Azerbaijan. The overnight train is the best option if you want to head straight to Baku. It departs from Tbilisi Central Railway Station daily at 20.35 and arrives at approximately 09.00 in the morning. The cost differs depending on what class you book and whether you request a lower bunk bed or an upper one.

Tickets cost from £10 to £33. Carriages fit 4 people and you have to make your own bed with the sheets and pillows provided. Buy your ticket from the train station before you travel to ensure you have a seat/bed. Take your passport and cash with you to book the ticket. * Read: Georgia to Azerbaijan: My Story 

Georgia to Armenia – How to travel to Armenia. Overnight trains run from Tbilisi in Georgia to Yerevan in Armenia. Buy your ticket at Tbilisi Central Railway Station and check which evenings the train departs. They should depart daily. They take 9 hours and cost approx £12 – £23 depending on your carriage. A second class ticket costs 65 Lari.

You can also take minibuses from outside Tbilisi Central Station. They leave every 2 hours from 9am and take approximately 6 hours with the van stopping for the border crossing. The minibuses are slightly cheaper than the train.

Georgia to Turkey – From Sarp in Georgia you can cross into Hopa. If you are not hiring a car you can take a bus from Batumi to the border. The border from Cildir to Arktas-Kartsakhi is another border crossing but you may need to take a taxi to the border. There are minibuses from the border to Cildir.

Georgia to Russia – The border between Kazbegi and Vladikavkav is open to cross but you usually have to take a taxi from Tbilisi. 

Where can I go from here?

  • Azerbaijan – 1 hour 10 mins
  • Armenia – 30 mins
  • Turkey – 2.5 hours


  • Can I drink the water? Yes but you may want to drink their bottled mineral water called Borjomi instead.
  • Is tipping expected? No but a tip of 10-15% can be given if you received good service.
  • Fixed price or barter? Fixed price.
  • Any ATMs? In the cities yes. Some restaurants accept credit cards.
  • Which side of the road do they drive? The right-hand side.
  • Good for vegetarians? Georgian cuisine is delicious. They do have vegetarian options such as eggplant rolls, Lobio, risottos and beetroot salads.
  • Any seven wonders of the world? No.
  • Is Georgia safe for solo female travellers? Yes, but you do need to be careful with pickpockets and check your Foreign Office advice on which regions of the country to avoid.

Map of Georgia

Plan a Trip to Georgia

If you are ready to plan a trip to Georgia here are some useful links to help you plan your trip including airlines which fly there, vaccinations required and events and festivals. 

Budget – £15 a day


Capital – Tbilisi

Population – 3.7 million

Language spoken – Georgian, Russian

Local Currency – Georgian Lari 

Do I need a visa? You can stay for up to a year, visa free on a British passport

Vaccinations Required

Did you know? Georgia is one of the oldest wine producing regions of the world. Georgia is the birthplace of wine.

Useful Georgian phrases

Useful Info

Airlines to Georgia

The Best Time to Go – July

Which Plug Do I Need? 

UNESCO Sites in Georgia

Events and Festivals in Georgia

Local Cost Guide

Local Customs & Etiquette 

Stay Eco

Valodia's Cottage Guest House is a charming eco guesthouse by the river. Located 2km from Vardzia, the guesthouse is near the Vardzia gorge and Vardzia Monastery. The rooms are simple and made out of stone or wood. If you are looking for an eco stay with homemade organic food, this guest house is a great option. 


Volunteer in Georgia with agencies listed on Go Overseas.

Cultural Experiences

Join a Borjomi farm tour to help develop organic farming in the region. Learn how to reintroduce ancient indigenous crops, and bake bread with local wheat, all whilst tasting famous Georgian cheese.Local Projects

Mind Body & Soul

Georgia is known for its sulphur baths with their rich, healing properties. If you visit Tbilisi, there are several sulphur baths within the Abanotubani district to choose from. The bathhouses are located underground and you can choose from different packages including a massage too. Find out more here

Issues in the Country

Street kids of Georgia. Although Georgia has initiated reforms of its child protection system, many children can still be found living or working on the streets.

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