Situated on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean, which it shares with Haiti, the Dominican Republic is the second-largest country. Boasting clear blue waters along the Caribbean Sea, it is famous for its stunning beaches, rich culture, and diverse natural landscapes.

If you're planning on visiting the Dominican Republic, our solo female travel Dominican Republic guide covers essential aspects such as transportation, popular Dominican Republic things to do, must-see places, and recommended accommodation for solos. 

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Solo Travel Dominican Republic

Solo Female Travel Dominican Republic

Is Dominican Republic safe for a single woman? 

The locals are welcoming and helpful and countless solo female travellers have explored the Dominican Republic without a hitch, but you do need to be aware of your surroundings here and take some precautions. 

Stick to well-trodden tourist areas but be careful of your belongings and avoid openly displaying valuable items such as nice jewellery. There are poor areas on the island so some resorts have security if you're feeling apprehensive. There are many women who live here solo as expats so join an expat Facebook group to meet others. 

Solo Travel Dominican Republic

Places To See in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo

Three Eyes National Park

Discover the natural wonders of Santo Domingo at the Three Eyes National Park, locally known as Los Tres Ojos. This nature reserve features an open-air limestone cave system showcasing a series of crystal-clear lakes. Just a ten-minute drive from the renowned Ciudad Colonial, the park offers a serene escape from the bustling city. 

Lake Enriquillo

Escape the ordinary and venture off the beaten path with a visit to the largest lake near Santo Domingo. While reaching this gem involves navigating the challenging Cordillera Central, the journey is well worth it. 

This prime destination holds the title of the biggest lake in the Caribbean and the lower area in the country. It's a haven for bird-watching enthusiasts and even has inhabitants such as salt crocs and pink flamingoes!

Ciudad Colonial (Zona Colonial)

Santo Domingo boasts a packed treasure trove of colonial architecture in its historic neighbourhood, Colonial Zone. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is recognised as one of the oldest inhabited cities in the Americas.

Ciudad Colonial is decorated with significant landmarks, including the Catedral Primada de America, America's oldest cathedral. Another attraction is the Alcazar de Colon, a castle and museum that once served as the residence of Diego Columbus (the son of Christopher Columbus). The Fortaleza Ozama, a 16th-century fortress, adds to the charm of this historic area and has been restored for public exploration.

As you wander through the streets of La Zona Colonial, you'll encounter the rich history of the New World, with the Monasterio de San Francisco and other colonial treasures contributing to this culturally rich district.

Solo Travel Dominican Republic

San Pedro de Macoris

Puerto Plata

Playa Grande

Nestled on the North Coast, Playa Grande unfolds as a hidden gem with its stretch of honey-hued sand, about two hours drive east of Puerto Plata. This secret beach boasts stunning scenery, surrounded by untouched rainforest, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling world.

Playa Grande caters to surf lovers and those seeking relaxation, with foamy waves at one end and inviting shallows at the other. Enjoy the local tastes at the small fresh fish kiosks, where the day's catch is served alongside beans, rice, and plantains.

During the weekends, the beach comes alive with the energy of local families. On weekdays, you might enjoy the serene beauty of Playa Grande with the peaceful isolation that makes it a perfect retreat.

Pico Isabel de Torres

For exceptional coastal and city views, take a ride on the Puerto Plata Cable Car, locally referred to as the “teleferico,” offering a lofty journey to the summit of this flat-topped mountain. Climb to the top to encounter the botanical gardens and a statue of Christ the Redeemer—a replica of the renowned monument in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Fortaleza San Felipe 

The rich heritage of the 16th-century Spanish fortress, Fortaleza of San Felipe, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site strategically built to protect Puerto Plata from pirates and intruders. The breathtaking views from the fort on the coast create a stunning backdrop for visitors. Don't miss the sunset at the foot of Fortaleza San Felipe, beside La Puntilla Park—an attractive and popular activity.

Water Sports at the Cabarete Beaches

With its stunning beaches like Playa Cabarete, Playa Encuentro, Playa Preciosa, and Playa Kite Beach, Cabarete is a beach town in the Puerto Plata region renowned for its excellent water sports activities, including kite surfing and windsurfing. With some of the best conditions in the Caribbean, this small but lively destination attracts travellers seeking exciting experiences and fun activities by the sea.

Solo Travel Dominican Republic

Gorgeous beach in Sahona

Punta Cana

Bavaro Beach

Explore the charm of Punta Cana, a top tourist attraction in the Dominican Republic, renowned for its beautiful beaches. Among these, Bavaro Beach is a world-famous destination with its crystal-clear waters and dynamic coral reefs.

This 48-kilometre (30-mile) beach is one of the Caribbean's longest and most continuous white sandy beaches. Set in the most developed area of Punta Cana, this resort boasts beachfront accommodations, restaurants, and gift shops that decorate the shoreline.

Hoyo Azul

Experience the wonder of Hoyo Azul, the mesmerising blue hole in Punta Cana. Situated in Scape Park, a great destination in the Cap Cana area, this natural swimming pool, also known as a cenote or sinkhole, is formed at the base of a 75m cave. 

Visitors cross a bridge to reach this fantastic hole and embark on a short, scenic hike through the lush rainforest. Once you arrive at the Hoyo Azul, the irresistible appeal of its 14m-deep waters beckons you to jump in.

BlueMall Punta Cana

If you are passionate about shopping and entertainment, the BlueMall in Punta Cana is one of the most extensive in the Caribbean. This mall features shops from famous international fashion, beauty, and jewellery and various national and international restaurants.

The highlight of BlueMall Punta Cana is the magnificent outdoor amphitheatre, that can accommodate more than three thousand people, where a spectacular show unfolds with dancing waters, lights, and sound.

The terraces of Los Burros Geniales, Bachata Rosa, and Hard Rock Cafe provide the perfect points for a superb view of the fountain spectacle.

La Terrenas

Other Things to Do

Whale Watching

Samana Bay stands out as the best place in the country for an outstanding whale-watching experience. From December to March, humpback whales relocate to Samaná Bay for mating and birthing, making it a must-do activity.

Most whale-watching expeditions set off directly from Samaná, which, despite having limited attractions, serves as the perfect starting point for a half-day tour en route to Las Galeras or from Las Terrenas on the enchanting Northeast Coast.

Full-day tours are available for those seeking a comprehensive experience, some departing from popular destinations like Punta Cana.  

27 Waterfalls

Discover the natural wonders of Damajagua with the iconic 27 Waterfalls created by Mother Nature. This privately owned park is a destination that offers many natural attractions featuring beautiful waterfalls, natural pools, and slides. Accessible on a guided tour, you'll be with a professional guide to guarantee your safety with the equipment provided, including helmets and life jackets.

Visit Saona Island

Saona Island, locally known as Isla Saona, is a dream tropical escape located south of the mainland. This picturesque destination, part of the park of Cotubanamá, is famous for its picture-perfect beaches, attracting more visitors than the country's national parks combined. Isla Saona offers brilliant white sand and giant coconut trees seamlessly blending into turquoise waters.

Explore this tropical paradise with a day trip or a tour, choosing from options such as speedboats and catamarans. The swaying palm trees and breathtaking scenery of Saona will make every moment of your visit worthwhile.

If you love the outdoors, book one of the Dominican Republic's most popular tours to this pristine white sand island of Saona. On this catamaran boat excursion you can experience the perfect blend of turquoise waters with a buffet lunch included.

solo travel Dominican Republic

La Altagracia

Cotubanamá National Park

Locally known as Parque Nacional del Este. This adventure-packed park is among the most visited in the Dominican Republic. You can take a half-day guided hike trip to the summit of Anamuya Mountain for some incredible birdwatching. make sure to take some binoculars for the chance to spot 300 types of birds and local wildlife. 

Playa Bahia de Las Aguilas

Nestled in Jaragua National Park on the southwestern coast of the Dominican Republic, Playa Bahia de Las Aguilas is one of the country's most stunning and pristine beaches. Its charm is boosted by the lack of hotels and resorts, maintaining its natural beauty.

The closest town, Pedernales, is about an hour's drive away, ensuring a secluded and tranquil atmosphere. To explore this gem, there are guided tours departing from Barahona that provide a perfect opportunity to experience the spectacular beauty of this beachfront.

Watch a Baseball Game

If you're into sports, immerse yourself in the Dominican culture by attending a baseball game in the Dominican Republic, where the passion for baseball runs deep. Dominicans have a strong presence in the American major leagues, and watching a game offers a real taste of their spirit. Enjoy the excitement and energy of a thrilling baseball match in Santiago de los Caballeros, which takes place from mid-October to late January and features six teams in the league.

Playa Rincon

Playa Rincón is Dominican Republic's finest beach. Here you can relax beneath palm trees, swim in the crystal-clear, and savour freshly caught fish grilled at a picturesque waterside hut.

Playa Rincón is a natural beauty, unspoiled and surrounded by lush vegetation, featuring palm trees and tropical flowers. This paradise is also a haven for wildlife, hosting various birds and reptiles.

Solo Travel Dominican Republic

Spend some time in the jungle when you're on the island

Day Trips and Tours in Dominican Republic

Explore several attractions in the Dominican Republic with various tours and day trips. Whether you're into city tours, an island day trip and water caves or ATV adventures, buggies, beach hopping, coffee tasting, snorkelling, zip-lining, horse riding, or other outdoor activities, there's something for every type of solo in the Dominican Republic.

If your time is limited here, consider booking a day trip to make the most of your experience. That way you won't miss out on the must sees and the beauty and landscapes of this beautiful Caribbean island. * Check dates and availability for all Dominican Republic tours

Solo Travel Dominican Republic

Where To Stay in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, there are lots of choices for where to stay depending on your style and budget. If you're into beach vibes, you may prefer one of the all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana. For the city solo, Santo Domingo has hotels for every budget as well as boutique hotels for something a bit more swanky. If you like that cozy feel, look into guesthouses or B&Bs in other areas on the island. 

For more independence, Airbnb has some great places. For the eco-conscious, there are eco properties and simple cabins in nature-friendly spots like Samaná. Hostels are a great choice for solo travellers as you can meet new people. And there is a hostel on the island but you may prefer to stay somewhere more comfortable to have some peace and quiet. 

Whether you're into a chilled beach getaway, city exploration, or want to connect with nature, there's something on the island for you. If you're unsure where to stay, I've included recommended accommodation from our solo female traveller community below. For all other accommodation in the Dominican Republic click here and search for the reviews. 

$$ – Ecolodge Tubagua Puerto Plata. If you feel comfortable staying somewhere a bit rustic, this ecolodge offers rooms with a sea view. The staff are friendly and they serve up great cuisine but it does come with rustic toilets and some road noise. * Check rates and availability: Ecolodge Tubagua 

$$ – Hotel El Dorado. This 3-star hotel resort has a pool, restaurant and a hot tub for you to relax in. The staff are great hosts and will make you feel really comfortable especially if you are here alone. * Check rates and availability: Hotel El Dorado

$$ – El Valle Lodge. If you’re searching for somewhere off the beaten track, this lodge is a great hideaway. There’s an outdoor pool and they even provide vegan breakfasts. But you do need a car unless you’re just looking to relax in the lodge. Plus the beds are on the small side (which is fine if you’re not tall). * Check rates and availability: El Valle Lodge

Solo Travel Dominican Republic


How To Get Around in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic's public transportation system is modern and extensive. Taxis are widely available, with Uber operating in primary cities like Santo Domingo, Santiago, and Puerto Plata. Plus, there are bus services that connect towns and cities for either travelling locally or larger buses for travelling around the island. 

Public Transport

Santo Domingo Subway

The metro operates on two lines, offering convenient stops for residents and visitors. A roundtrip subway fare costs RD$15 for a rechargeable metro card plus RD$40-80 for a day pass.

Long distance travel

Interurban Coach Bus Services offer convenient, affordable travel to major regions with modern amenities like Wi-Fi and movies. Bus fares range between RD$200 and RD$500 one-way. Guaguas, are smaller than large coach buses and offer comfortable travel within cities and to small and large destinations. Look for guaguas labelled “Expreso” for non-stop trips.

In-City Transportation

Inner-city guaguas and white vans are the cheapest but slowest way to travel within city limits. Motorbike taxis or Motoconchos are popular for short distances but are risky as only some provide helmets. Shared Taxis or Conchos are more comfortable than guaguas, with fares ranging from RD$25-50.


Taxis are easily located in the main cities and there are 24-hour service companies such as Apolo Taxi and Aero Taxi for more convenience. Confirm the car colour, estimated wait time, and fare when calling a taxi. You may feel more confortable ordering Uber or Cabify as they provide safe ridesharing services with reduced fares in light traffic. These two taxi apps operate in Santo Domingo, Santiago, and Puerto Plata.


Major car rental companies offer services at international airports and in cities. If you do rent a car to explore the island make sure to choose a reputable brand. A four-wheel drive is suggested for added safety. Complete insurance coverage is recommended and you must be over 25 years old with a valid license. The Dominican Republic has well-maintained highways connecting major cities and tourist destinations. Familiarise yourself with Routes 1, 3, 5, and 7 for great scenic drives. * Check rates for car hire in Dominican Republic

From Dominican Airport 

There is more than one airport in the Dominican. If you are flying into Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ), you can take a taxi or a shuttle or collect a car if you're planning on driving around the island. From Punta Cana Airport (PUJ) there's also a bus that takes 25 minutes into Punta Cana or a shuttle or taxi takes less than 10 minutes. But you may feel more comfortable pre-ordering an airport transfer to pick you up.

Getting to Dominican Republic

By Air

Getting to the Dominican Republic by air is convenient, offering multiple airport options. Among the most popular choices are Punta Cana International Airport, Las Américas International Airport in Santo Domingo and Cibao International Airport in Puerto Plata. Explore the accessibility of these airports to discover options for your Dominican Republic trip. 


What is the Best Time To Visit Dominican Republic?

The best time to go to Dominican Republic is during the high season, from December to April. These months promise perfect weather with plenty of sunny days and minimal rainfall, so expect crowds and higher prices. If you prefer smaller crowds, April and May are the ideal months with decent weather.

What is the currency in Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic's currency is the Dominican peso, shortened to DOP or RD$. ATMs are widely available, providing convenient access to Dominican Pesos. Major credit cards are commonly accepted in many places, especially tourist areas.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

No. For your safety, avoid drinking local tap water unless it is sourced from a purified water source at your hotel or restaurant. Remain cautious when consuming ice cubes, fresh salads, and fresh fruit. Consider a water purifier filter bottle as an easy way to ensure access to pure water in the Dominican Republic.

Do I need a visa? 

Most visitors, including those from the European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico, many South American countries, Central America, Japan, Israel, etc., do not require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic.

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