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About Girl about the Globe

Girl about the Globe is a travel resource website for solo female travellers, promoting responsible, ethical and safe travel for women. The brand is fast becoming known as one of the top solo female websites from the UK, and covers a range of information from destination guides to responsible travel companies, recommended products and exclusive special offers. Girl about the Globe is a beacon to a sustainable path for the modern-day conscious traveller.

Girl about the Globe Ethos

Passionate about partnerships which benefit the solo female traveller, Girl about the Globe seeks out sponsorships from companies that reflect the same values:

  • Companies which act sustainably, responsibly and give something back to local communities.
  • Companies which keep business in the hands of local merchants.
  • Companies whose products make it easier for women to travel safely and adventurously.
  • Companies which will enrich the lives of solo females and enhance their travelling experience.


Examples of ways to appear on the Girl about the Globe site:

  • Brand ambassadorship – Each brand ambassadorship is custom-tailored depending on the needs of the brand.
  • Appear on a destination guide as part of a country’s directory.
  • As a hotel or tour review under the GatG Reviews section.
  • Within the newsletter to Girl about the Globe subscribers.
  • Sponsored social media tweets / Facebook / Pinterest posts.
  • Review of your travel app / product or book.
  • Suggest a special offer or contest to promote your product.
  • As an interview for inspiring people or as a country expert.

Statistics (as 1st July 2023)

Primarily from the United States and United Kingdom, Girl about the Globe’s readers are predominantly females aged 18 to 34. Girl about the Globe attracts those researching solo travel, historical sights and tourist destinations.

Female ages
• Age 18 to 24 = 27%
• Age 25 – 34 = 34%
• Age 35 – 44 = 15%
• Age 45 – 54 = 12%

Geographic Breakdown
• United Kingdom 48.59%
• United States 20.70%,
• Canada 6.42%
• Australia 5.03%
• Other followings in Singapore, India, Malaysia and Europe.

Traffic Statistics 
• Monthly visits 85,181
• Monthly unique visitors: 88,670
• Monthly page views: 99,011

Social Media Statistics
• Twitter Followers: 5135
• Facebook Fans: 3403
• Klout Score: 53

Web Rankings
• Alexa Rank: 592,504
• Alexa Rank, UK: 98,990
• Google Page Rank: 2

Media Kit

Email Lisa at for an updated media kit.

Partnerships / As Seen In

Girl about the Globe partners with the following organisations;, The, and Tourism Concern, to promote ethical tourism, protect children from sex tourism, and help sustainable projects across the world. As one of the Travel Aware partners with the UK Foreign Office we can provide the most current advice on staying safe abroad. Girl about the Globe has featured within several websites and magazines.

Reader Testimonials

“I have been frequenting your website and have found it extremely helpful. It is now my number one go-to for any and all questions that come up for the trip I am planning for myself this coming year. I am going to be planning a trip to visit as many countries as I can, and have charted my trip accordingly with plenty of help through your website and blog.” – Annalisa Ard

“Hi! I found your website a few days ago and I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love it! It is so helpful and reliable! I'm fairly young (19) and I have a huge desire to travel. Your site has helped me to see that my dream to travel is actually realistic and I want to thank you for that. I have been to only Mexico and the Philippines so far, but I am planning to visit many more places. All the info is so accessible and simple, yet it is extremely helpful. Thanks so much! I love your site!” – Karina Armendariz

“I am loving your website and blog – lots of my friends back home have been reading it and booking trips.” – Joanna Quinn

“I love it! What a great concept, especially in these times which are hard for everyone but women especially. Today I’m going to take a bit of inspiration I think, thank you!” – Caryl Eyers

“I loved your blog about your permaculture experience in Medellin.  Thanks so much for writing that.” – David Lupica

“Love love love your website! It's super girly and very informative. I especially enjoy the travel inspiration tab!” – Alyssa Jame


Girl about the Globe has a history of collaboration with tourist boards, tour companies, attractions, hostels, hotels, eco properties, retreats and spas across the world. In the past we have worked with:

  • St. Lucia Tourist Board
  • Grenada Tourist Board
  • EDEN Destinations Europe
  • Safestay Hostels – London
  • Director of Lech Tourism – Austria
  • Discover Walks, Paris
  • Montebrisa Boutique B&B, Nicaragua
  • Belize Travel Services
  • International House Medellin – Colombia
  • MedSailors – Croatia
  • Chi Kung Retreat with Il Respiro Della Vita
  • Hotel Goldener Berg, Austria
  • Easter Island Travel
  • Visit.Org

Media Appearances & Interviews

Lisa has been solo travelling on and off for seventeen years and has visited 107 countries and over 70 of these solo. Her experience of working and living overseas has given her the knowledge of many topics including: life as an expat, volunteering abroad, teaching English, working in a ski resort, on a cruise ship and in numerous hotels.

With a background in the travel industry and a journalism degree, she is also a member of the International Travel Writers Alliance as a freelance travel writer.

Lisa’s mission is to empower and inspire other women of any age to travel solo. She has been previously interviewed as an Inspiring International on Traveler’s Mindset, Daily Travel Podcast, Hotels Combined, Sofia Tours discussing solo travel in Bulgaria, Webjet for her solo travel advice, and more currently with Igloo as part of a panel of female travellers discussing sexual harassment.

She has recently put her expertise into a book called A Female Guide to Solo Travel, which is the most comprehensive travel guide for women travelling alone. Lisa is available for interviews discussing solo female travel. Please contact her at the email below for more details.

Contact Girl about the Globe

If you feel that Girl about the Globe would be a good fit for you and you would like an opportunity to be part of this exciting brand, please fill in the contact form below or contact Lisa directly at Thanks.