Sarah Morlock is originally from The States and lived in Taiwan for 2 years and gives us an insight into travel to Taiwan as a solo traveller. Press play on the video above to listen to the interview in full.

Taiwan is ranked as the second safest country in the world behind Japan. In Taipei you’ll find some people speaking English. The Taiwanese are so accommodating and will even make a u-turn in the street to help you if you look lost and escort you where you are supposed to go.

The cost of living in Taiwan is low so there are a lot of women there teaching English. It’s also vegetarian friendly with amazing vegetarian cuisine. 

Expert Interview - Taiwan with Sarah

Things to do in Taiwan 

Taiwan has museums, monuments, water parks, hot springs, and also smaller islands with gorgeous beaches and great scuba diving. There is also a Buddhist monastery which hosts retreats for foreigners to teach them more about Buddhism. Taiwan has great outdoor adventure and is good for hiking. 

Expert Interview - Taiwan with Sarah

Getting around Taiwan

It’s easy to get around the country except the interior part where you either need a car or a scooter. Sarah suggests getting your scooter licence before going, or if you feel more comfortable to take the train or buses. 

Expert Interview - Taiwan with Sarah

Sarah also covers:

  • How to get around the country
  • The hidden gems of Taiwan
  • Why every woman should visit Taiwan
  • How you can live in a Taiwanese monastery
  • An in-depth itinerary if you only have 2 weeks in the country
  • How to teach English in Taiwan
  • Her advice for others thinking about travelling after a break-up.

Sarah’s three words to describe Taiwan are: safe, adventurous, ‘un-Chinalike'.

Watch the interview to find out more about Taiwan!

Find out more about Sarah and her adventures in Taiwan at her blog, Every Mile Blog or email her for advice at

Expert Interview - Taiwan with Sarah

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