Is Luxembourg Worth Visiting?

Are you planning a trip to Luxembourg and want to know is Luxembourg worth visiting? Yes it is! This small European country is definitely worth seeing and I cover why in this article.

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Is Luxembourg worth visiting?

Is Luxembourg Worth Visiting?

Yes! There are Christmas markets and then… there are Christmas markets. Elegant, sophisticated and very European, Luxembourg knows how to see in the festive season with the dulcet tones of live singers, chic cuisine, and warming mulled wine.

Bordered by Belgium, Germany and France. Luxembourg is a multicultural city in Western Europe. It’s small but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in elegance.

As I travelled from the airport, modern buildings passed by my window, each with a soft hue lighting the glass panes. This country was so clean and oozed an elegance that struck me as soon as we landed.

Fairy lights lit up branches of well-kept trees, and there was a quietness and calmness on the bus. I was travelling to Luxembourg on a mini break with a friend and was ready to see what this Western European country had to offer. 

Saying Bonjour to everyone I met on my morning run (they speak French and German) I was delighted by their warm response. It may have been cold but the people were definitely warm.

We stayed like locals, ate like locals, shopped like locals then partied like locals and then when our four days were up, we left the locals and flew back to our lives in Barcelona.

Is Luxembourg Worth Visiting?

You Can Meet Locals

Searching for meet up groups to meet some locals, we were surprised to find expat groups. From single professional meet ups to a Saturday dinner meet up, there seemed to be events on nearly every day of the week. Joining the Meditation group there was an event we could attend during our time there.

You Can Shop

Although the country is known for being expensive, it didn’t seem to be any more expensive than the shops in Barcelona. The shops are more boutique and were a warm welcome in the cold winter in terms of both customer service and heating. Having searched in numerous shoe shops in Spain for winter boots I found there was a greater choice here in terms of different styles for the same price.

Transport is Free!

When I visited Luxembourg, the buses were still really cheap but since then, all public transport is free! That includes trams, trains and buses and applies to tourists too. You can't get better than that from a country. Or for a sightseeing tour hop aboard a scenic train ride around the old town.

Is Luxembourg Worth Visiting?

There's a Good Cafe Culture

So a ‘cafe au lait’ will set you back approx €5.00 within the old town but the swanky environment and welcoming customer service definitely makes the price worth it. Luxembourg has a few independent coffee shops.

If you prefer a coffee with a view, Hotel Sofitel has some of the best views here. Admittedly it isn’t cheap but the view is definitely worth paying for.

They Know How To Party

For a small country, the nightlife surprised me. Clausen is where it is at. With neon flashing lights and large video screens advertising practically any themed bar under the sun, I honestly felt as though I was in Magaluf or Benidorm (except for the coat and gloves). If you love nightlife, then get yourself to this area.

Although I wasn’t solo for this trip, I would have been happy coming here alone. Star’s Bar is really sociable and if you go on a Latin night, you can take part in the group dancing or just sit there looking pretty until someone asks you to dance.

Is Luxembourg worth visiting?

There's Plenty of Sightseeing

Then there is the sightseeing and there is a lot to do. Strolling through the old town admiring the architecture is practically just going for a walk. The Adolphe Bridge is the famous arch bridge in the city and stands above beautifully landscaped gardens.

If you like museums then stay in Luxembourg City. Fort Thungen is one of the best museums here with the museum housed inside the fort. It is a picturesque walk from the Old Town to get here too. Or visit the Mudam Contemporary Art Museum to see hundreds of contemporary works from around the world. 

For a small country there are so many tours you can do when visiting Luxembourg. You can explore the city on a guided e-bike tour, take a walking tour of the capital city, see the romantic side of Luxembourg, take a a guided food tour where you get to taste the local cuisine or go wine tasting and enjoy a boat ride on a Moselle valley day trip.

You can even take a highlights self-guided scavenger hunt and tour too! Get Your Guide uses local tour companies and the platform is really simple to use. * Check prices & availability for all Luxembourg tours

Where To Stay in Luxemburg

We stayed in Airbnb which was in Kayl, a small town in the southwest of Luxembourg which was a 25 minute bus ride to the main station. Although we weren’t in the actual city. there was a forest area where I could run and the bus to get to the Old Town is free.

Luxembourg has a good choice of accommodation from 3 star to 5 star hostels. There’s accommodation near the airport too but the city isn’t far so I recommend staying in the city when you’re there.

If you’re on a budget there is a hostel called Youth Hostel Luxembourg City but you may want to pay extra to stay somewhere a bit more comfortable. Below I've listed all recommended accommodations in Luxemburg * Check rates for all Luxembourg accommodation 

$ – Hotel Perrin. Hotel Perrin is a 4-star hotel, just a short walk from the train, bus and taxi terminals. The rooms are comfortable and there are lots of restaurants in the area. Plus, the old centre is only 15 minutes away on foot. * Check rates & availability: Hotel Perrin

$$ – Melia Luxembourg. This luxurious and stylish hotel is close to the Luxembourg Philharmonic. There’s a restaurant serving Mediterranean food and a lounge where you can unwind with a cocktail at night, and a sauna for even more relaxing. * Check rates & availability: Melia Luxembourg 

$$ – INNSiDE by Melia Luxembourg. Part of the same hotel group, INNSiDE is also a 4-star hotel complete with a gym, restaurant, terrace and bar. The hotel is near a bus stop, the staff are friendly and there’s a free mini bar to entice you to stay! * Check rates & availability: INNSiDE 

Is Luxembourg Worth Visiting?

My Tips for Luxembourg

The main language here is French, but they also speak German. The buses are cheap and tickets last for 2 or 4 hours which you validate on the machine on the bus. They also have eco buses too.

If you are planning on seeing as much as you can whilst you're here, it may be worth purchasing the LuxembourgCard. This gives access to more than 80 museums and tourist attractions in the country. 

Is Luxembourg Worth Visiting?

My Verdict

Although I wasn’t solo for this trip, Luxembourg felt extremely safe and welcoming for women travelling alone. It’s a great place to visit for a long weekend.

Is Luxembourg worth visiting?


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