You’ve come a long way baby…

After 11 flights, 6 different countries and countless experiences (not to mention several challenges) I am finally on my way home.

My journey through the Himalayan countries has finally drawn to a close. I am adventured out, exhausted and heavier than I was when I embarked on my trip three months ago. The past 12 weeks have been a blur of exciting and scary moments. I have discovered a love for Bollywood movies, chicken momos and masala tea and rediscovered my lust for Buddhism, motorbikes and places off the beaten track, and realised that the world is full of incredible places and people. But most importantly I have learnt to take everyday as it comes, to not sweat the small stuff and to make the most of every situation whether good or bad.

‘If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience.'
Victoria Holt

Until my next adventure on 18th August where I'm running around Iceland's capital, Reykjavik for charity. See you soon…

Wearing my presents from the nuns


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