Yoga Trekking

Picture the scene: a scruffy looking English girl running aimlessly through the streets of Nepal, closely followed by a long haired bearded fellow in a flowing orange robe. We were Nepal's answer to Batman and Robin only instead of searching for crime, we were searching for the tourist bus to Pokhara. It was 7.20am and the bus was due to depart at 7am but this was Nepal where even tourist buses run on Nepali time.

I had signed up for four days of yoga trekking. Always one to try something new I was intrigued about this relatively new concept, which came with a tour guide and my very own yogi. We were off to explore Pokhara, a beautiful part of Nepal surrounding a peaceful lake.

My yogi and my trekking guide

For the whole four days I was immersed by yoga philosophy and practice, waking each morning at 5.30am to practice yoga as the sun rose over the mountains. In the evening it was meditation and some well deserved relaxation after hours of trekking. We stayed in local tea houses, ate local food, travelled by local buses and also managed to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing. And after four days I was ready to go back to the nunnery, refreshed and peaceful with aching limbs. I definitely recommend it.

An ox ploughing a field during my trek


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