Did I make it to Iceland?

Let's put it this way – it's amazing what you can do when adrenalin takes over and as I woke up Friday morning there was only one thing on my mind – catching that flight.My adrenalin turned to excitement when I saw Nanny Pat from TOWIE checking in at London Stansted (that's the Only Way is Essex for anyone without a TV or a celebrity mag).

Even the hour delay with Wow Airlines (an Icelandic fleet with glam cabin crew that promise you the ‘Wow‘ factor) didn't deter my excitement of catching a glimpse of the famous volcano that disrupted thousands of passengers in 2010, and 2.5 hours later we landed with Cyndi Lauper's ‘I drove all night' blasting across the airwaves (um, I thought we just flew?)

But my fate was sealed when arriving in the Capital, my foot slipped and I landed on the pavements of Reykjavik in a heap.

I was destined not to run…

I spent my saturday morning in bed nursing my sore muscles whilst 30,000 runners pounded the streets taking in the sights on their own running tours.

At least I was in the same city even if I could only hobble around. And as for my constant moaning about my aching limbs, as Nanny Pat from TOWIE would say: ‘Shut up.'

The Pearl Observation Deck


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