World Famous Chicken Drop

Have you heard of it? No, neither had I until I arrived on the little island of San Pedro in the cayes of Belize. Apparently it’s world famous and has even made its way into the Wall Street Journal!

World famous chicken drop

It's world famous

So what is this world famous chicken drop? Well rumour has it that it originated in Louisiana and is a form of bingo only instead of using balls they use…yep you guessed it – a chicken (or a rooster as a back up if the chicken doesn’t want to play). Wherever the chicken decides to ‘drop’ is the winning number and the person with that coloured ticket wins $100 Belizean dollars (£333).

The ‘chicken drop’ takes place every Thursday night at Wahoos Lounge in San Pedro, Belize but get there early as people start queuing for tickets at 6pm. Tickets cost $1 each or you can go for the big guns at $10 a ticket for a chance to win $1000!

Still intrigued? Watch the clip below for more of this crazy game…

Warning, some people may find this distressing for the chicken.

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