Why oh Why?

‘Drip, drip, drip' was the sound coming from inside my abode. Then a huge clap of thunder that rumbled the ground beneath my tent, followed by another, then another. Each closer than the last.

I had always been scared of thunder and now I found myself alone in a tent in the early hours, surrounded by the worst storm I had ever heard.

Rain was pounding at the sides of my tent and dripping it's way through. Lightning was flashing against the dark sky and illuminating my tent for milli-seconds. I grabbed my torch to examine the damage and asked myself the question I probably should have asked myself before:

Why did I decide to go camping in the rainy season?…

A rain drenched campsite

East Africa is wet.

Gone is the dry heat of Namibia, the humidity of Botswana and the coolness of Zimbabwe from the Falls.

Welcome to Zambia… where you get the worst storms ever.

We had parted company with the majority of our group at Victoria Falls and picked up 2 more couples. Our group of 28 was now a modest 10. Travelling through Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania to my final destination: Zanzibar.

And it was going to be a wet drive…


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