Who needs a fork

I have astounded myself with my use of chopsticks. Although I may only be eating three grains of rice at one time –

I am nearly as good as the locals!

Now I know why they hold their bowls so close to their face when they eat their noodles – and I thought spaghetti bolognaise was messy! (Apparently the slurping is to get a better taste down their palate).

I’ve eaten soup for breakfast, tried a traditional hot pot, have enjoyed the sensation of numb peppers (which make the side of your mouth go numb and constorts your whole face), and made my own dumplings. The chinese meat here is so tender.

As adventorous as I am though, I don’t think i’ll ever be ready to try the traditional snake or dog meat (yes – they do actually eat alsations!)

The art of chopsticks


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