When Your Plans Change

So, I am nearly at the end of my month in Mongolia and ready to venture onto my next destination: Tibet. Only…

There is a slight problem. Due to the increase in monks self-immolating (setting themselves on fire in protest), the Chinese Government have put restrictions on tourists visiting this once peaceful land.

With my itinerary so tight and not being able to start my Nepal placement any sooner than planned, I have spent hours coming up with a Plan B:

Against my better judgement I have decided to give China a second chance and will be staying in the more western city of Shanghai for a few days then onto South Korea where I will sample a capsule hotel whilst seeing the Korean way of life and take a trip to the most controversial border of North Korea (in the safety of a tour).

Then I will fly to Nepal for the 30th June and pick up the rest of my original itinerary.

Then maybe one day in the not so distant future, I can hopefully spend my seven days in Tibet but for now South Korea is calling.

Wish me luck…

South Korea is calling…

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