Everything You Need to Know About Private Flights

Hiring a private jet has long been in the realm of the rich and powerful. It is something a rock legend, politician, or elite businessman would do but not something you and me might consider. We have always felt that it is cost-prohibitive and although flying conventionally is none too pleasant, you can survive it.

Over the years, however, the cost of private jet hire had come down, making it far more affordable than what it once was. In 2020, there were 1300 private hire flights booked in the UK.

This has put hiring a jet to do better business into the affordable realm. Somewhat surprisingly, it has also made it a consideration for a one-off treat, say an anniversary, for example.

So what do you need to know about hiring a private jet? Let’s find out.

Finding the Right Private Flight for You

There are several ways you can hire a private jet. You can do a few online searches, and a range of options will appear. Several private flight apps , such as JetApp, will give you all the information you need such as the price, and allow you to hire a plane from your phone. Like all things, a little shopping around doesn’t hurt, especially if your budget is limited.

Where possible, try and find a company that has good reviews and a good reputation. A new kid on the block might be offering a great deal, but are there hidden extras? This is the kind of thing you have to look into.

Shopping around may find a real bargain as you might find an empty leg flight. This is where a plane is departing and arriving at your desired airports empty, and now you can use it to get where you want to go. This tends to be a great deal to land cost-wise.

Private Flight Package

Many vendors provide packages that allow you to control the cost and build a package more suited to your needs. High-end packages include chauffer driven vehicles, inflight catering and the like. It is legal to bring your own booze as long as the flight crew serves it. Depending on where you’re going, adding or removing these elements can make a real difference to the cost of the flight.

Other aspects to look into include the type of plane. Shorter range aircraft tend to be a little cheaper. If a certain aircraft can reach your destination and take your party, do you need to spend extra on a different plane?

Make a List of What you Want

If you’re new to hiring a jet, you may have specific requirements you want to pin down. This could include are pets allowed, the quality of the wi-fi, and the inflight menus options. Remember, unlike a commercial flight where you have to accept what’s on offer, the private flight allows you to be in control. Take advantage of this opportunity.


It may surprise you, but you do not have unlimited luggage options with a private flight, although they are not so restrictive as a commercial flight. This has to be a consideration for your party to avoid unpleasant surprises.

When talking to a private hire company, ensure that you discuss luggage allowance. You can then pass this on to all those that are boarding the flight.

Book in Advance

Where possible, book your flight in advance. Like train, bus, and coach travel, you can get better deals, and it avoids disappointment. Most private flight companies will need around 12 hours to put together your private flight request.

The ideal time to book a flight is 3-4 weeks in advance. Private flight costs fluctuate, so locking down a price early is good practice.

Flight Fees

Your private flight vendor should include many of the additional fees in the price, but it is worth checking to avoid nasty surprises. As such, you should expect the following to be included in the price:

  • The plane
  • Fuel
  • Airway fees
  • Airport fees
  • Clearance charges
  • Storage costs
  • Crew
  • Safety costs

Flying on a private jet for many is a once in a lifetime experience. It is something to be savoured and is a real thrill. This makes it perfect for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and the like. That said, a family holiday that includes a private flight adds that something special to it. Say, for example, your grandchildren are all going to be together for the first time, it could make for a perfect family treat.

Given the hassle of flying, this may be something you’ll get used to and want to repeat. You won’t know until you try it.

From a business perspective, a private flight should be a consideration for last minute negotiations or anything involves working under pressure. You can literally have an office in the sky, and as you can pick and choose what time the plane leaves, you can have your people fresh at their destination, ready to do the business.

Private flights may not be as costly as you think, and given the many benefits, they should be something for you to research.