There are so many beautiful islands in the world but trying to pick one to go can be a bit overwhelming. Do you choose the Caribbean, a European gem, or somewhere where you can speak the language? If you're unsure what island to visit and need some solo trip ideas, here are my best islands for solos. What makes an island good for solos? Safety, nice locals and exciting places to explore. 

Puerto Rico

Okay so it’s a big island and it’s technically part of the USA but Puerto Rico is amazing. Not only does it have gorgeous beaches but it comes with a Latin flair and Spanish speaking locals (who speak English too). San Juan is just gorgeous with historic colourful buildings and old forts offering fab lookouts of the town and the sea. You can even do the tourist thing and pop into the Bacardi Rum Factory for a tour. Then when the capital gets too much (which it definitely won’t), hire a car and explore El Yunque National Park with waterfalls and streams.

Then there are the islands of Culebra and Vieques with the world renowned Flamenco Beach and wild horses. Taking an evening kayak trip to Bioluminescent Bay should be up there on the bucket list. This is only one of the few places in the world where you can see these magical glowing organisms.

If you enjoy wandering through cobbled streets, dancing salsa and eating delicious cuisine then head to Puerto Rico, a piece of Latin paradise in the Caribbean.


Cuba has to be one of the most cultural islands that I have ever been to and the town of Trinidad is definitely my favourite place on the island. With colourful buildings and cobbled streets, it’s just like taking a step back in time.

You can get lost meandering the colourful streets amongst fascinating architecture, but the best way to see Old Havana is on a roof terrace with a mojito in hand, admiring the views from above.

You don’t have to go far to hear the sounds of salsa in the streets wherever you are in Cuba and you’ll find live music at all hours of the day. Dance with a local in Trinidad, relax on a picture-perfect beach in Holguin, or just take a ride in an old American car around the derelict chic streets of Havana.

With everyone now flocking to Cuba, it’s the perfect time to go before this island gets too Westernised and loses its charm. Where else can you see classic vintage cars driving around a Caribbean island?


Just a short boat ride away from the island of Malta is an island that should definitely be on your solo bucket list. With honey-coloured limestone buildings and ancient sites, Gozo is just oozing with history. You’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back in time with gorgeous cathedrals and cultural traditions.

Gozo’s main cultural attraction has to be its countless festivals. Food lovers should head to Nadur, Gozo’s largest village, to experience one of its mouth-watering food celebrations. This destination is also home to a famous carnival that attracts more than 70,000 people each year.

It’s also built a reputation for itself as a diving destination with numerous dive spots to discover the underwater world of the Mediterranean.

You’ll need to fly into Malta to get to this island but with Malta also being a beautiful island, you’ll get double for your money.


Popular with writers who come seeking creative inspiration, this Indonesian island is pretty diverse for its small size. Being so close to Australia means that you’re likely to meet an Aussie or two. 

Partygoers may be drawn to Kuta, a long stretch of beach with numerous bars and bungee rockets – the perfect place to meet others over a goldfish bowl cocktail. This party strip also attracts surfers who come to ride the Balinese waves.

Nature and wildlife lovers may prefer the quieter Ubud with its monkey forest and rice paddies. The adventurous may gravitate towards the island’s active volcanoes and want to trek to the top before watching the sunrise over the island.

Then there are the yoga and meditation retreats where you can get all zen surrounded by rice fields and such nature.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the neighbouring islands of Komodo to see the komodo dragons. These 3-metre long monitor lizards are the world’s largest lizards.

Photo @ Ludovic Lubeigt


From Indonesia to the Indian Ocean, this English and French-speaking island is known for its nature and is ideal for the more adventurous solo.

Situated off the coast of Africa with Madagascar as its neighbour makes it a popular destination for those seeking white sand beaches with mountains in the background. But there are is more to just sunbathing here as there are plenty of watersports to keep you active.

The terrain offers tea plantations, lagoons, and botanical gardens or you can fly through the rainforest on a zip-line or horse ride through it instead. Wildlife lovers have the chance to bird spot or walk with the lions (yes you can see big cats here too).

Grand Baie is the most developed and here you can walk along a clifftop walk and dine in one of the restaurants. The Mauritians are a friendly bunch and may even invite you into their French colonial house. It’s a year-round destination to visit too. 

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