Making That Move Abroad - moving to the UK

Enjoying my new life in England

My UK Adventure

Travelling solo, as you’ll know, is now as popular as it has ever been. It currently seems like everybody has the travel bug and is either now living the life abroad or at least saving in order to do so.

The urge to explore has been ingrained in humans since the beginning of time. It is only in more recent times, with the progression of transport, that it has become more affordable and accessible to the masses, which has directly resulted in more people being inclined to venture out. Whether it’s to learn new languages, a new culture, to gain new experiences or just for fun, the want for travelling seems to be at an all time high.

Making That Move Abroad - moving to the UK

I am originally from San Francisco, America. As I am lucky enough to have relatives in the UK, years ago I spent a few months visiting them and travelling around the country. It was undoubtedly the best experience of my life and since then I have been hooked on the place. Despite the poor weather, the people and the places really rubbed off on me and from that moment on, I wanted to make the move.

Now I’m sure I’m not alone in this and I’m sure that everyone will know someone who’s gone travelling, loved it and wanted to go back immediately. It seems these days that the appeals of home countries have worn thin and the pull of the amazing lifestyle that you had whilst travelling, is now a desired reality for many people.

Making That Move Abroad - moving to the UK

What I discovered when I was in London was that a lot of people have taken the leap of faith and braved the permanent move. It is such a diverse, multicultural place and it made me think that if they can do it, why can’t I? So after returning home I decided to realistically evaluate the possibility of settling in the UK. As scary as it was, my family were really supportive and it was something that I felt I had to do so I began to get the wheels in motion.

After a lot of organising, I finally moved to a beautiful place called Cambridge and I absolutely love it! It's such a stunning and picturesque city and I often tell my family in the states it's just like living in Downtown Abbey!

I often get asked millions of questions about my move to the UK. How did you do it? How did you sort this? Where did you go for that? And so on, so to give you a little advice, if you're considering the jump across the pond, I've listed some useful places to look to give you a brief guide to help you. It's essentially the things I wish I’d of have given to me for when I was moving.

Making That Move Abroad - moving to the UK

Gorgeous Cambridge

Important Parts

The most confusing and challenging part of any move, sorting out the correct documentation you need. You already have so much to think about you don’t want any more stress or to miss a vital piece of information. When moving to the UK make sure you’re prepared and know exactly what you have to do and show.

Visa = The more tasking part of the move and arguably the most important with the UK immigration. Sorting out your visa is a complicated task so I decided to cut the corner and seek help from immigration lawyers London. There are several different ways of migrating to the UK, and finding the right one can be complex, so make sure you do all your research before you buy your ticket!

National Insurance Card = In order for you to get a job you will need one of these. Everything in the UK is by the book so it is vital you get your national insurance sorted.

English bank account = I highly recommend opening an English bank account as soon as you arrive, it just makes everything easier and it is a straight forward process.

Making That Move Abroad - moving to the UK

Other Helpful Bits

Official British government website =

Official Health Care System website =

I was lucky enough to get a job using this website =

Helpful housing sites = * +

* Be careful when you pick your property. Remember to read everything thoroughly and get help if you aren’t sure about it as it can be especially daunting.

Making That Move Abroad - moving to the UK, London

Parting Words

Moving to the UK has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. I even feel like I am now more English than American, with my accent and mannerism slowing fading. England gave me the opportunity to start fresh in an exiting foreign land and it is an adventure that I am continuing to thrive off. I gather what will be relevant for me, may not be for you but in the end, I hope it’s helped or inspired you in some way.

So if you're reading this thinking, ‘if she can, why can't I?' then I am living proof that you can!

About Veronica: An aspiring travel journalist from across the pond, Veronica Pembleton is a young twenty-something who loves to explore and discover new things. 

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