My first ever solo ski trip

I’ve met so many women who like travel and want to travel but don’t have the company. I never let that stop me from seeing and experiencing many different parts of the world, and to be honest, it should never stop you either.

I might even go as far as to call myself an experienced solo traveler, and believe me, you can only have fun. A couple of years back, I booked my first solo ski trip and it’s still one of the best experiences in my life, so I decided to share my story.

The summer of 2014 was quite turbulent for me, with moving apartments and changing jobs, so I was desperate for an active vacation to blow off some steam and clear my head. I chose skiing, because there’s nothing that both relaxes me and gets me going like hitting the slopes. OK, maybe surfing, but I wanted to get away from Sydney.

I took one of the bus trips to the snow and since I didn’t have much time to plan this trip, I just went for it. But then again, that’s how I like to travel anyways. I went to the Snowy Mountains, because I have some fabulous memories of the place, and once again, it didn’t fail me.

My first ever solo ski trip

If you like your trip to be a little bit more organized (unlike me), I’m just going to let you know that there are great accommodation options there, from budget motels to all-inclusive packages you can book in advance. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned skier, a beginner or somewhere in the middle like me, there are resorts that will satisfy your skiing level and needs.

You don’t even have to ski to have a perfect winter adventure and enjoy all the snow. You can try snow-tubing (my favourite after skiing) or you can simply go on hikes and soak up some sun, enjoy the fresh mountain air and take amazing photos.

There are many ways you can get to your resort. Once you get there, don’t forget to be safe. Remember, you’re there alone, so make sure you always have your phone (in a zip bag!!!) so you can get help if needed.  One other thing: never venture past the ski area boundary unless you’re very, very skilled!

My first ever solo ski trip

People usually ask me how come I don’t get bored or lonely on my solo travels, and if you ever went skiing, you probably know that you don’t get much time to rest and get bored in the first place. Skiing is an individual activity after all, and you can’t really chat with your companions while rushing down the slopes.

And when you decide it was enough for the day, the only thing you’ll want to do is hit the sack (that is, if you ski like you’re supposed to ski and not spend your day lounging around).

So, if you’re planning on taking a solo trip anywhere, I certainly recommend a skiing trip for your first solo adventure. The Snowy Mountains will certainly provide just the thing you’re looking for and I can’t stress enough how much fun I had on that trip. I’ll be back this winter again, so Snowy Mountains – brace yourself, Roxana is coming!

Recommended Skiing Holidays in Europe

Bankso Ski Tours

If you’re looking for a tour company for your skiing trip, Travel Talk Tours are a company for 18 to 39 years olds. They offer skiing holidays to Bankso in Bulgaria from 4 days to 8 days depending on your budget. All of the packages include a tour guide, shuttle transfers and accommodation in either 3 or 4-star hotels (they have spa hotels too!). Also included are breakfast and dinner with unlimited wine and beer plus entertainment in the evenings. Perfect for solo travellers! 

* Check prices and availability for all Bankso ski trips 

France Ski Trips

If you prefer to ski in France, join one of their 7-day trips to Chamonix, Tignes or Val d’Isere. Chamonix and Val d’Isere are for beginners only making them perfect for solos who want to try skiing for the first time. Accommodation in France is in hostel accommodation. 

* Check prices and availability for all France ski trips

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Roxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. She is all about a healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine!. She is also one of the editors at Higstylife Magazine.