Visiting a Yoga School in Nepal

‘Honk honk,' sounds the horn as chicken run for their life, trying to steer out of the motorbikes path. We dodge herds of cows and goats as we ride along the hilly roads, the yogi's orange robe flowing behind and me holding onto for dear life.

It is my last day in Nepal and Yogi Prakesh has come to collect me to show me around his yoga school in the Kathmandu valley. In the yoga room sit a class of children, some as young as 2 years old, all sitting cross legged in their yoga class. They are all singing and one is playing the bongos whilst the older ones of 12 years, dance in an Indian fashion. One is asleep and it looks like others want to follow.

Singing, dancing and drumming

‘This is our welcome song for you,' Prakesh says as he introduces me as a special guest to the class. I say ‘Namaste' and put my hands in a prayer prose.

‘Lisa is an English teacher from England,' he says. ‘Would you like to ask her any questions?'

The class stay embarrassly quiet. Then one says ‘How old are you?' and I laugh nervously before answering my audience. I feel like a VIP.

The Shanti Yoga Ashram is the first of it's kind in Nepal set up with the intention of teaching the life skills of yoga practice and philosophy as well as English, Maths, Science and Sanskrit. Yogi Prakesh is passionate about teaching yoga at such an early age and after witnessing children as young as two being able to sit crosslegged quietly, I think it's a great idea.

Me and the students of the yoga school


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