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Untrodden is a passionate community of travellers seeking a deeper connection to wilderness and a richer understanding of nature-based ways of life. Their platform connects travellers to a deep network of guides and locals in off-the-beaten-path, nature-rich destinations that can facilitate the immersive, locally-sourced, and inspiring experiences for them.

Untrodden is a first-of-its-kind travel cooperative for curious explorers, nature enthusiasts, and active adventurers who yearn for a deeper connection to the natural world and a greater understanding of traditional livelihoods and cultures.

As travel to emerging destinations expands, their platform helps to ensure this growth is community-led and inclusive – giving voice to those who may never accessed tourism dollars before, and proving tourism can act as a meaningful alternative to resource extraction. They acknowledge travel still has its costs, even if well-intended.

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Untrodden believe wilderness and rich cultural heritage are the most valuable resources of our time, and combine all of these ingredients to give you the best experience:

  • Wild nature: Awe-inspiring landscapes where wilderness endures
  • Rich culture: Remarkable traditions and fascinating perspectives
  • Off the beaten path: Ensuring unique, immersive, and original experiences
  • Special local access: Directly from experts who know what the guidebooks don’t.

All of their journeys are carbon neutral and the locals receive almost all of the dollars from Untrodden tourism. They reinvest 5% of profits (the highest in the industry) into environmental conservation and “destination stewardship councils” in the areas that they work with.

Choose from journeys across the globe such as The Middle East, the Antarctic, Central America and so many more. Whether you only have 2 days or up to a month, there are plenty of experiences to choose from. Experience 5 days in Peru journeying the Salkantay Trek and waking up to Machu Picchu, or 8 days on The Tastes and Trails of Jordan. Live with the nomads in the Moroccan Sahara for 12 days or experience Temples and Trekking in Nepal.

In Europe you can experience an Arctic Norway Dogsled Adventure past frozen landscapes and mountain passes. Following old migration routes with the Sami reindeer herders you meet reindeers along the trail.

In Indonesia sail and adventure through Raja Ampat on an active adventure where you sail on the world’s most bio-diverse marine ecosystem and explore the cultural heritage such as prehistoric cave paintings on land.

In Brazil experience a 6 day Artisan Immersion in one of the poorest areas of the country, or spend 4 days living and learning with the Ticuna in the Colombian Amazon. Have a farming adventure in Mongolia, or a yoga and homestay in Nagarkot, Nepal. There are so many cultural and transformative experiences to be had.

They facilitate immersive, life-affirming journeys beyond the beaten path — unlocked and created directly by the expert locals, guides and insiders who know these enchanted places best.

Their local experts are all across the globe. Meet Mandip from India, Haukur from Iceland and Lemme from Botswana. You can craft your own off the-beaten-path journey which is free and without any obligation. Customise a cultural and historic trip to Georgia or a journey to the archaeological gem of Greece.

Their mission and dream is to facilitate journeys that are enlightening and transformational, creating a sustainable travel economy that gives back to the local communities and empower the local guides and hosts. If you are looking for a personal travel experience – fuelled by serendipity with a deep connection to wilderness and local communities, a life-changing Untrodden experience could be for you.

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