Travel Destination Ideas For 2023

For those that love travelling, almost anywhere can be the perfect destination, whether you love beach holidays, city breaks, outdoor adventuring, or a slice of nightlife. In 2023, with so many destinations to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your options, so sometimes it’s easier to figure out what you want to do, and then research the best place for that activity.

From extreme sports to the ultimate spot to relax, some of the best travel destinations of 2023 might inspire you to book your next break, so what are you looking for?

Island Solo – Ithaca, Greece

If holidays mean relaxation to you, then you’ll want to find the ultimate destination and it’s hard to argue against an island especially in Greece. Bask in the sunshine, cool off in the water, and enjoy the calming sounds of the ocean lapping as you read, doze, snack, and relax.

You can make the most of the local area with a boat tour that will take you around the local area to enjoy the incredible blue waters and stunning scenery. Options include swimming and snorkelling, stops in coastal villages, delicious local food, and learning about the history of this beautiful area, from the Ancient Greek myths to the present day.

Party Solo – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You’ll not be surprised to learn that a country known for its ability to party offers the best nightlife in the world and a warm welcome to those that want to join the fun. I loved my time in Rio de Janeiro and even the scenery provides a dramatic backdrop to the most low-key night out.

Starting on one of the area’s best-known beaches, the Copacabana or Ipanema, the party starts in the shadow of the imposing mountains known as Dios Irmanos – the Two Brothers. The incredible sunset marks the start of the evening’s partying, and many locals head to Lapa for some of the best bars and clubs in the area. Or opt for a samba club and just wait to be asked to dance.

Adventure Solo – Monteverde, Costa Rica

With some of the most diverse landscapes in the world, Costa Rica has everything an adventurous solo could wish for.  From active volcanoes to rainforests bursting with wildlife and beaches to surf at.

For those that want to see something truly unique, the breathtaking Monteverde Cloud Forest, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful places here.

Only one per cent of the world’s forests are ‘bosque nuboso’, or cloud forests, where the elements have created magical woodlands that have to be seen to be believed. The vibrant greens are visible through the low-lying clouds that you can touch as you explore this wildly biodiverse environment.

When you’re here make sure to tackle one of the longest hanging bridges in the country, visit a sloth sanctuary, spot carnivorous plants and the unfortunate creatures they eat, and enjoy hiking a huge choice of trails. It’s even home to the continental divide between the Caribbean and the Pacific, so if you want to experience the literal change in climate as you walk from one to the other, this is one of the only places that’s possible.

Arty & Museum Solo – London, UK

As one of the older world capitals, it comes as no surprise that London has plenty to offer travellers that want to immerse themselves in some of the most interesting and significant artefacts from history. Having used to live in London, I may be biased but it really has many museums with most of them free. You can head to the Natural History Museum to see dinosaur skeletons, try an earthquake simulator, and marvel at the sheer array of precious stones in the gem gallery.

The neighbouring Science Museum is home to everything from the earliest examples of mechanical engines to space rock, with plenty of interactive exhibits that you can get hands-on and engage with. From the Museum of Childhood to the Museum of Modern Art, there is something to suit every solo’s interests.

Adrenalin Solo – Las Vegas, US

While there are other destinations out there that have topped the charts when it comes to the number and size of the casinos, there’s something about heading to Vegas that truly cannot be beaten for any casino fan. As the heart of casino gaming for so long, Las Vegas is everything it is portrayed as in films and on TV and a place to get your heart pumping.

The main appeal is the sheer number of casinos to choose from, with more than sixty larger venues and other smaller ones dotted around as well. Whether you want a busy gaming floor with plenty of slots, casino bingo games and a lively atmosphere or a quiet poker room where you can focus on your game, you can find it all in Vegas. And remember  that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas too!

Whatever type of solo you are, I hope that this list has given you some ideas for your next destination in 2023.