If you are worried about where to store your valuables when you travel, how about packing them in your bra? A unique and safe way to protect your most important things such as your passport, credit cards and money, (and even your jewellery).

The sports bra is perfect for solo travellers. Instead of wearing a money belt, the travel bra is a good alternative as they are beautifully designed for comfort. The fabric is super soft and breathable with bindings and no wire or scratchy labels.

Bamboo Bra

The original bra is the organic cotton and bamboo travel bra. But you don’t have to choose just one style as it comes in a variety of others such as the ultra-light, a beach bra and also a sports style for our sporty girls about the globe.

There’s one for every occasion and the Comfort Handee Travel Bra (with a bamboo race-back) is sized all the way up to a XXXL so any of us can have one! This bra has also been designed for breast cancer survivors who wear a small prosthetic. They’ve thought of all of us.

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Travel Bra: Bamboo Travel Bra, Sports Bra & Beach Bra

Bra Stash

Store your passport and cash in the drop-down mesh pouch which folds back up under the bra when not in use and can’t be felt or seen. They recommend keeping the day’s money in your purse then storing the rest of your money in your bra.  There’s also a hidden mini-pocket for your jewellery, and a side mesh sleeve for your credit card or hotel room key with a guarantee that nothing will fall out.

The Travel Bra is so good that it’s even been awarded a coveted 2018 Gold Award in Fashion, awarded by the prestigious Italian A'Design Awards international panel of jurors.

And… they haven’t just stopped at bras either as they now have travel trunks for the men in our lives.

Travel Bra: Bamboo Travel Bra, Sports Bra & Beach Bra

Why it's The Best Travel Bra

“I love it! The size is perfect for me and it is comfortable to wear, the pockets are really handy and the material is really soft. The pockets are perfectly sized for credit cards and documentation such as a passport and driving licence. The two tiny pockets on the front of the bra are absolutely perfect for jewellery! I tend to swell up when I fly so these pockets would be ideal for putting my rings in.”

“I have a habit of re-checking I’ve got everything I need when I travel…. this bra means I can very quickly pat myself down and know I have everything close to me. The design, even in the nude colour is really cool, I’m so pleased with it and can’t wait to put it to good use on my next trip!” – Emma Haskell, UK.

Travel Bra: Bamboo Travel Bra, Sports Bra & Beach Bra

Ideal Travel Underwear

Imagine that it is summer in Rome and you are walking all day, visiting the sites and sipping coffee in the piazza. You're wearing your Travel Bra because it is so comfortable and supports you all day long, with its wide straps, comfortable, breathable fabrics and no itchy labels rubbing against your skin. Or, you’re out sightseeing with more cash than you need for one day, and don't want to risk keeping it all in your purse. It’s the perfect choice!

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