What restrictions are applicable on tourists traveling to Cambodia from the UK? 

Are you going to Cambodia soon? The country that is filled with off-beat paths, rich culture, mind-boggling and disheartening history and so much to see. Any country is best explored when you have some useful information learned before visiting the place. So, before you jump on to the plane with your visa in hand, all set for your dream solo trip to Cambodia, here are few tips that will make your trip hassle-free during the COVID situation. Keep reading to know more. 

Traveling to Cambodia 

You require a visa to travel to Cambodia and in case you’re travelling from the UK, you need a Cambodia visa UK that has to be arranged before arrival into the country. The Cambodian government has deferred the visa-on-arrival and the e-visa programs. 

Presently, the Cambodian Embassies are welcoming visa applications from official, diplomatic and sponsored business-linked visas. They are currently not giving tourist visas to anybody who is planning to enter Cambodia for traveling purposes. You can get in touch with the local Cambodian Embassy for more details. 

Foreigners who arrive into Cambodia should: 

  • Abide by the quarantine measures (of 14 days) enforced by the government of Cambodia. 
  • Own a negative COVID-19 medical certificate that has been issued not more than 72 hours before the day of arrival. The certificate has to be issued by an accredited health authority of the traveler’s country. 
  • Pay upfront money of US $2,000 on arrival at airports for compulsory COVID-19 testing and other services. 
  • Show proof of insurance which includes a minimum of US $50,000 for proper medical coverage. 

Are hotel reservations mandatory? 

No, it is not mandatory to show your hotel reservations but there are few airlines which are insisting on the fact that you show them your reservation documents now. Hence, it is recommended that you book your stay for a few nights so that you have proof. 

You may book your hotel directly but don’t forget to inform them that you are not someone sponsored or invited, in the event they deny you a stay. You are only allowed to book Tian Yi International Hotel or Sokha. 

If you’re entering Cambodia as a regular passenger, you’ll be given a hotel stay for the next 1-2 nights. However, once you receive your results, you may stay in a place of your choice for the rest of the time, provided no one in your flight is COVID positive. 

Quarantine hotel stay within Cambodia 

There are staff members who will inform you in English and Khmer that there are rooms available for one person for $90 per night or $60 per night on the basis of sharing. Regardless of what you choose, the meals are all inclusive.        

The staffs of the hotels are extremely welcoming and helpful. 80% of them speak in English and are not only helpful but informative as well. Once you enter your hotel rooms, you’ll be surprised to see the luxurious amenities. 

The rooms are big and airy, and come with a balcony, a bathroom which includes a waterfall shower, water, toiletries, coffee kettle, water and WiFi. You can wakeup the next morning by the soothing sound of the local Pagodas. 

Can the ordinary Cambodia visa be extended? 

Post the initial 30 days, in case you move on to extend the business visa, you have to choose an EG, EB, ER or ES visa extension. All these can be easily done once you’ve landed in Canada. 

The local authorities of Cambodia have imposed lockdown measures in a few areas and designated them as ‘Red Zones’, ‘Dark Yellow Zones’ or ‘Yellow Zones’. Travelers and tourists are advised to wear their masks whenever they are on the road, wash hands or use sanitizers, avoid crowds of more than 20 people and practice social distancing. 

Author Bio: Susan Noel is an experienced content writer. She is associated with many renowned travel blogs as a guest author where she shares her valuable travel tips with the audience.