Can it really be that dreaded day again – the day of Saint Valentine? This time last year I swore to myself that ‘this time next year' I would be with my valentine but yet again I find myself footloose and fancy free and yep you guessed it… still single!

So, for all the single ladies out there, I have decided to embrace my singleness and have created a list of the hottest guys on the planet instead. It's a tough one but here are my top 5 countries of places to find love.

Feel free to comment if I have missed off any casanovas. 

Le Louvre

1. France

They have got the charm and they are officially my top casanovas on the planet. After a brief stint in Paris I have to admit that French men are the most charming and perfect for a rendezvous (which actually means just a ‘meeting'). If you're looking for a romantic city where you will be stopped in the street and told that “you are beautiful” and “can I kiss you?” then take a trip to France. Oh and did I mention that they have an accent that would melt the iciest of queens!

TIP: How to woo a French man to be your valentine: Tu serez mon valentine?”

Rating:  5/5 

Cinque Terra

2. Italy

There's no escaping the reputation of the Italian Stallion and Italianos are the original inamorato. Born casanovas with over the top expressions that just dance in your ear lobes, they will take you home to meet their mama and serenade you to your stomach's content.

TIP: How to woo an Italian man to be your valentine: “Sarai mio San Valentino?”

Rating:  4/5 

Tel Aviv

3. Israel

This may surprise you but Israelis are gorgeous! If you like your man toned with designer stubble, get yourself to Tel Aviv. The best thing is that they speak perfect English (although they do have a slight American accent).

TIP: How to woo an Israeli man to be your valentine: “Will you be my valentine?”

Rating:  4/5 


4. Turkey

They may be a little over the top but Turkish men do know how to treat a lady. They won't let you spend a penny and will try every chat up line in the book (and a few more). Kind and considerate, they will make you feel special and expect the same in return, and apparently they love Western women.

TIP: How to woo a Turkish man to be your valentine: “Sevgilime olacak?”

Rating:  3/5 


5. Chile

They know how to dance and with Latin American blood, they know how to woo their ‘amor.' The plane ticket may cost more than a ticket to Turkey but if you're looking for a red-blooded male, a Chilean is your man: feisty and apparently passionate, they will definitely keep you on your toes.

TIP: How to woo a Chilean man to be your valentine: “Quieres ser mi día de San Valentín?”

Rating:  3/5 

If you're looking for someone to love this Valentines Day I can definitely recommend these five countries. Obviously there are still many more hot men to find and hopefully next year there may be some new contenders for the top 5 but until then there's plenty more solo travel on the cards!

Note – this post is just a bit of fun and is not meant to offend with my stereotypes of each nation. Where is your favourite country for the hottest guys? 

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