How to write a winning travel review? Discover a list of tips on creating captivating and professional travel reviews and much more in this post. 

Tips on Writing Captivating Travel Reviews 

Writing reviews is not an easy task, especially when it comes to the traveling niche. The good news is that you can easily improve your writing skills if you start following the basic rules of composing reviews. 

Before You Start Learning 

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Add Media 

It’s often the case that photos of a particular hotel, hostel, or tourist spot posted online differ greatly from reality. The reason is that photographers often use various filters and take pictures from the best views only. If you would like to create excellent and useful reviews on travel or feedback websites, it is always great to share your own media files that were taken without using any filters or special photo/video editing techniques. 

Why is it good to share your pictures online? The reason is that this information is valuable for other visitors and customers. It is easier to decide whether you want to visit this or that place if you know what it looks like in reality. 

Not to mention, you don’t need to post photos of yourself or your family. Feel free to place media with only views, hotels, shops, or other sightseeings taken. Moreover, don’t try to edit them somehow – unprofessional photos are also good enough. 

Write A Story 

It is important not only to describe your journey step-by-step. For example, writing about a common route from point A to point B will sound boring for many users. If you faced any challenges, adventures, or issues during your journey, you can share your experience. Did you have a car stuck in the field? Who helped you reach a car repair shop? Was the service good? What will you recommend if someone faces the same issue? What should other people do to avoid such a situation? This information will likely be useful for other travelers. 

It is also good not to dive too deep into the details. Your story should be well-balanced but not too long. Readers would like to explore your experience but don’t want to read much about you and your family. Therefore, avoid writing about too personal things, and describe your individual problems that are not likely to happen with anyone else. 

However, your story shouldn’t be too impersonal since it will not look real to many readers. It is better to drop a few words about yourself and fellow travelers. A couple of sentences will be enough. 

Avoid Side Stories 

Your goal is to describe your experience of staying in a particular place. You should select a topic for your feedback and follow this idea in all of your stories. Avoid describing side stories that are not related to your main topic. Otherwise, your readers might stop reading the entire review as it appears irrelevant. In other words, your feedback should have a narrative to follow. 

Don’t Be Too Emotional 

Some travel experiences turn out to be disappointing, not because of your fault. Low-quality service or failure of a particular place to meet your requirements might make you feel sad or even angry. You can share your emotions in your review but avoid too much negativism. The fact is that you need to describe your experience, mistakes you’ve made, and issues you’ve faced, but not your mood. Moreover, many people might react differently to the same situation. Therefore, avoid being extremely emotional when composing your travel reviews. 

Share Tips And Tricks 

When exploring travel reviews, travelers look for useful information that might make their journey more comfortable and successful. Consequently, it is necessary to share some life hacks on how to make a trip better. 

All in all, writing a good travel review might be complicated. However, if you follow the basic rules above, write from the heart, and share important information, your feedback will likely be valuable for many travelers. By the way, you might need to learn and write many reviews before you start composing truly engaging ones. Don’t hesitate to practice a lot and read your reviews to your friends or family to get an unbiased opinion.