7 Best Things To Do in Nantucket 

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One of the great things about travelling alone is that you get to pick your next destination to travel to without having to compromise. But with many places to visit, especially in the USA, you may not be sure where to go first.

For the Island Girl about the Globe, exploring Nantucket is a good option for your America wish list. Discover things to do in Nantucket, including how to travel to Nantucket and what to expect when you’re there. 

Where is Nantucket?

Firstly, where is this place? Nantucket is an island situated roughly 30 miles away from Cape Cod in Massachusetts. It can best be described as a tiny, precious, hidden gem, as many people do not know about it. But despite being small, it has plenty to quench your curiosity.

Things To Do in Nantucket, Massachusetts

1. Bask on the Beaches in Nantucket

Nantucket has plenty of beaches that you should check out if you feel like relaxing. Madaket, Jetties, Francis Street, Miacomet, and Fishermans are some of the beaches to spend your afternoons (or even all day if you prefer). You can swim in the shallow waters and just chill out listening to the sound of the sea. Bliss…

2. Surf

For the surfing Girl about the Globe, get an adrenaline rush by trying surfing in Nantucket. Top surfing spots include Cisco Beach, Surfside Beach, and Jetties Beach. If you’re not experienced at riding a wave, you may get lucky with the surfers who can help guide you. Or opt for proper surfing lessons instead. There are many surfing schools on the island and it’s a great way to new skill whilst you’re on holiday too. 

3. An Afternoon Cruise

For ocean lovers, an afternoon cruise around the harbour will give you something to look forward to, especially if you join one of the whale-watching cruises.

You can sail on tugboats and schooners, and depending on the cruise you pick, you may get free ice cream, cocktails or even champagne. Enjoy a leisurely cruise whilst watching the awe-inspiring sunset.

4. Visit Nantucket Museums

Nantucket is home to several museums where you can while away the hours if you are a history buff. Pass by the Whaling Museum to learn about Nantucket's primary economic activity in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Other museums include the Museum of African American History, the Jethro Coffin House, and the Nantucket Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum. 

5. A Photo Session at the Lighthouses

In the past, Nantucket had a vibrant economy based on shipping and whaling, and the lighthouses around the island are remnants from that era. For those who love photography, you can shoot these unique-looking lighthouses and take photos at Brant Point, Great Point, and the Sankaty Head lighthouses.

6. The Cisco Brewery Tour

You can’t leave Nantucket without passing by the Cisco Brewery. It is the place to be for a refreshing serving of craft beer (or wine or a cocktail if you prefer). As well as seeing the lively side of Nantucket on a brewery tour where you can enjoy a brew to the live music, you also get to meet others doing the same.  

For that curious beer connoisseur in you, delve deeper into the art of brewing techniques using thiolized yeast and enjoy the fruity and aromatic beverage. It’s like adding an intriguing layer to your Nantucket experience.

7. A Nature Walk at the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge

For nature lovers, enjoy a therapeutic morning walk at the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge. This nature reserve covers miles off beach, dunes and red cedar woodlands. Keep your eyes peeled as you may encounter deer, raptors and even seals along the trail.

A house in Nantucket, Massachuseets

Accommodation in Nantucket

Before taking a trip here, pre-book your accommodation (depending on your budget). On the island, you’ll find small B&Bs and guest houses.

For those who prefer more comfort, there’s also the option of resorts and boutique hotels. If you’re planning on staying a week or longer, you may want to rent out a vacation home.  Nantucket has plenty of homes that are cosy and homely. 

How to Get To Nantucket

The best way to reach Nantucket from the mainland is by ferry, which is the primary mode of transport. There’s also a car and passenger ferry, which takes nearly 2.5 hours. Or, if you want to reach here faster, there are also flights to Nantucket with Cape Air from Boston, Hyannis, New York and New Bedford. Check here for the ferry to Nantucket

things to do in Nantucket, Massachusetts

Is Nantucket Safe?

One of the main reasons many tourists flock to this island is its safety. The island feels calm and has a low crime rate. Nevertheless, whenever you travel solo, you should be vigilant, especially at night and have an emergency contact just in case. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Nantucket?

Summer is the best time to tour Nantucket. The atmosphere is warm and you can spend time on the various beaches that this island has to offer. If you do decide to come during the summer months, you may find it a bit crowded as it’s the most popular time for tourists. 

If you want the island all to yourself, consider travelling during the shoulder months of March, April, September, and October. These months have fewer visitors, and amenities are cheaper than during the peak seasons.

How is Nantucket during winter? With thick snow cover, the temperatures dip to between 30 and 50 degrees in Nantucket. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit during this time as the snow makes the surroundings picturesque.

While you may expect Nantucket winters to be somewhat dormant, the winter festivals will prove you wrong. Put on some warm clothing and join in with the winter fun. 

What to Pack When Visiting Nantucket

If you’re unsure what to pack, it all depends on what season you’re visiting. Pack your sundress and a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals for the summer months. Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses too. Swimming is a must when in Nantucket, so pack your swimsuit and swimsuit cover-up. Plus, you need a wetsuit if you want to surf.

The Nantucket weather is unpredictable, calling for rain gear to shield you against the occasional light showers, so pack a jacket, some warm clothes and an umbrella just in case.  

Conclusion on the best things to do in Nantucket

As you can see, Nantucket is a good option for solo travellers. It has a chilled vibe and is perfect for the active solo with swimming, hiking, surfing and boat cruises making it a fantastic weekend or week-long island getaway. I hope this article on things to do in Nantucket inspires you to visit. * Read: Shopping in Nantucket

Things To Do in Nantucket 

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