8 Best Things To Do in Chester

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Chester is the Capital of Cheshire, and I feel one of the most underrated cities in England. With a wealth of archaeological and architectural treasures, there’s more to discover in this small city than first imagined. In this article, our guest author Nat shares her recommended things to do in Chester especially if you're solo. 

things to do in Chester

About Chester, England

Located on the border of Wales, Chester was an important strategic outpost in Roman Britain, evidence of which can still be seen today. All of the main attractions can easily be discovered on foot too!

The main city is encircled by a two-mile ring of Medieval and Roman walls. Inside these walls is a wealth of Tudor and Victorian buildings. Plus, the unique “Rows” are raised arcades.

The Rows is the main shopping area but still retains its historic charm. From the Chester Rows you can easily wander through other side streets, finding hidden gems. Around the Rows, you will also find a multitude of buskers and street entertainers. Find somewhere to sit and watch the world go by.

Walk the walls and you’ll find the main attractions within easy reach. With important towers and gates along the wall itself, you will also find the Cathedral, Castle, Roman Amphitheatre, Gardens and The Groves on this leisurely stroll.

During summer months, The Groves will be filled with boat trips, boat hire and those selling ice cream. This part of the River Dee is the perfect place to spend a lazy summer afternoon. If you are planning to travel to Chester, this guide should help. 

Taking a Chester Trip

Things To Do in Chester

See the beautiful statues in the gardens

Stay for: 2 nights.

Safety Tips – Chester is generally a safe place to visit. However, during peak tourist times, such as summer or Chester Races, keep your wits about yourself. As in every city, be aware of your valuables and pickpockets.

Did you know? – The slang term “Gee-gees” for horse racing was coined in Chester. The first recorded horse race in Chester was undertaken with the consent of the Mayor of Chester, Henry Gee, whose name led to the term “Gee-gees”.

Things To Do in Chester

1. Walk Chester City Walls

Things to do in Chester

Go shopping in the streets of Chester (photo by Rachel Hannah)

Two miles of medieval and Roman handiwork surround Chester. These walls are the most complete in Britain and one of the most popular things to do in Chester. The walls can be accessed at several points and offer a lovely way to view the city. You can walk past all the towers, turrets and gates, all of which have some history or story to tell. The Chester Walls Walk only takes an hour or so, but often it’ll take longer as you hop off to see the other nearby attractions.

Cost = Free. Time = 1-3 hours

2. See The Rows

Things To Do in Chester

The Rows are really unique to Chester

The four main thoroughfares of Chester meet at The Cross. Here the streets are lined by The Rows, galleried shopping arcades that run along the first floor of half-timbered buildings, with another set of shops at street level. The Rows are unique to Chester, yet there is no clear explanation as to why they exist. Along the Rows, you will find some fine examples of Tudor buildings. Afterwards, wander around the streets near the Rows. It’s difficult to get lost, and you can stumble upon great cafes or views.

Tip – “Be sure to head down into Spud U Like on the Rows, where you can see Roman remains in the basement.”

Cost = Free. Time = under 1 hour (omitting any shopping time)

3. Explore The Roman Gardens

Things To Do in Chester

Chester Cathedral dates back to the 10th Century

Just to the east of Newgate, you can find the Roman Gardens. These interesting gardens are filled with odd bits of Roman artefacts. Bits of pillars, parts of the old baths and statues are dotted amongst the greenery. The small gardens are well worth a good exploration and not far from here you come across the Roman Amphitheatre.

Cost = Free. Time = 1-2 hours

4. Learn at The Grosvenor Museum

Things to do in Chester

Chester is an ideal place to window shop (photo by Ebun Oluwole)

In a Grade II listed building on Grosvenor Street, the Grosvenor Museum can be found. In this museum, you will find fabulous collections about the city of Chester. From art to natural history, plus the Roman military occupation, there’s a lot of history here, plus interactive displays. It's one of the Chester places to visit if you love history. 

Cost = Free (£3 suggested donation). Time = 3 hours

5. Visit Chester Cathedral

Things to do in Chester

Make sure to go inside the Chester Cathedral

Situated in the heart of the city, the Cathedral is one of the best things to see in Chester, and it has been awarded a Grade I listed building. 

Chester Cathedral dates back to the 10th century, but it was a work of many years, and this is shown in its impressive architecture that showcases Romanesque, Georgian and Gothic elements. Visit its interior and then enjoy the peaceful gardens, one of my favourite places to escape from the crowds.

Cost = guided tours are £6. Time = 1 hour to 1.5 hours

6. Take a Photo of The Eastgate Clock

Things To Do in Chester

Make sure to see the Eastgate clock when you're in Chester

One of the main landmarks in Chester is the Eastgate Clock. It was the original entrance to the Roman fortress. Walk through the gate, and why not take a photo of it? It is said that it’s the second most photographed clock in England.

Cost = free

7. Enjoy a Walk on The Riverside

Things to do in Chester

Take a stroll along the riverside in Chester

There is nothing better than a walk on the riverside on a sunny day in Chester. Although it gets busy, it is the place to be if you love a lively atmosphere. There are many things to do on the riverside. You can listen to live concerts, enjoy an ice cream, go on a boat cruise through the River Dee or rent a kayak. * Check prices and dates for boat trips 

Cost = free. Time = 1 hour or as much as you want

8. Discover The Dewa Roman Experience

Things to do in Chester

Stroll along the Shropshire Union Canal as the sun sets

If you are into history, the Dewa Roman Experience is your place. This interactive museum showcases the Roman influences of Chester. It is the perfect place to learn about stories of the Roman Empire and see interesting artefacts.

Cost = £14. Time = approximately 1 hour

Chester Sightseeing 

Things to do in Chester

Make sure to see the traditional British phone box

Escape The Crowds

Being a popular shopping destination Chester can easily become crowded, especially during summer and during race days. The main crowds are found near The Rows and The Groves (especially during nice, sunny days) and can easily be escaped.

One of my favourite places to visit in Chester is to escape to the Cathedral grounds. Here you will tend to find local students relaxing. Find a shady spot here to simply soak in the atmosphere.

Lose Yourself

The main ornamental garden in Chester – Grosvenor Park. This typically Victorian garden is great for a wander around. With formal avenues and sweeping lawns, there is a peaceful quality to this park. Keep an eye out for events in the park too, such as the “Summer Music Festival” and “Art in the Park”.

Get a Great View

  • Along the Wall, you are treated to a variety of splendid views. The best view is found at Morgans Mount.
  • This mount extends from the north of Chester Walls and is a Grade I listed building. Constructed in 1645 during the siege of Chester in the Civil War, the Mount was originally used as an observation platform, and so gives clear views of the surrounding area. It is believed to have been named after Captain Morgan, of whom little is known.

Interact With The Locals 

The variety of shops and cafes surrounding The Rows. Also at Grosvenor Park during nice summer days and events. The Eastgate Clock is a typical meeting place for most people. Otherwise, find a bench at the Groves.

Places To Enjoy The Sun:

  • The Groves, along the banks of the River Dee. Here you can also take boat trips or hire a rowing boat to explore the river further.
  • The Cathedral grounds is also a great place to relax in the sun and one of my favourite places to sit with a milkshake or ice cream.

Activities to do in Chester

Things to do in Chester

See this gorgeous statue in the gardens of Chester Cathedral

Active & Adventure 

Hire a boat at the Groves and spend some time rowing along the River Dee. It’s a great way to see a small part of the river.

Fifteen miles from Chester is the Gowy Meadows Nature Reserve. With just under 2 miles of footpaths that cross the reserve and its key habitats, you feel like you are completely in the wilderness.

The 400 acres are abundant with wildlife. A wide variety of birds are found here, plus the reserve is home to over half of the butterfly and dragonfly species that are recorded in Cheshire. There is also evidence of otters in the River Gowy, but these are rarely seen.

Arty & Museums 

The Grosvenor Museum is the best place to see the history of Chester. Here you will find exhibits on art, the city’s importance in the history of English silver and the natural history of the area.


Many of the attractions in Chester are free. Gardens, Wall, The Rows, the main attractions are free and easy to find.

Simply walking along The Rows is a great way to see the uniqueness of Chester. It’s completely free to do. Head in and out of the shops to get a feel for the old buildings.

Walking along the walls means that you can easily see the whole city and the main attractions. With brilliant views and plenty of info-boards, you learn a lot about the history and stories of the city on this easy stroll.


Visit the Roman Gardens to see lots of historic artefacts. Columns, statues, parts of the old baths and more are dotted amongst the greenery here. None of the fragments on display came from this site but was placed here to showcase the Roman Heritage.

Nearby you will also find the Amphitheatre. Although there is not much uncovered, it was once the largest Amphitheatre in Britain.


Experience Roman Chester at the Dewa Roman Experience. Explore the sights, sounds and smells of Chester during the Roman occupation. There is also an amazing collection of Roman artefacts.

Occupying a unique site at the heart of the legionary fortress, there is also a rare opportunity to view the Roman, Saxon and Medieval remains below Chester. You can also book a tour with a Roman Soldier, to really see Chester through Roman’s eyes. 

At the Water Tower on the Walls, you can visit Sick To Death. Not for the faint-hearted, this museum tells of medieval diseases and doctors. With some bad smells and actual human remains, it is not for everyone but gives an interesting look into medieval medicine. 


The Falconry and Nature Gardens at Chester Cathedral allow nature lovers to get close to a variety of birds. With plenty of information about birds of prey and other animals such as reptiles.

With a nature trail and daily flying displays, this is a great place to get close to nature without leaving the heart of the city. 


Around and in The Rows is the main shopping area in Chester. With big chains and small shops sitting side by side there’s something for everyone's taste.

Have a Tourist Moment  

Stop and take a picture of the Eastgate Clock. This part of the Wall is often used as a meeting spot and is generally the first part of old Chester that people see. So be sure to get a picture!

Also head into Spud-U-Like, in the basement, there are remains of the Roman Baths. Just be sure to either buy something or donate.

Don’t Have Much Time?

Simply take the hour or so walk along the walls to see the main sights of Chester. From the walls, you can see The Rows, The Groves, The Roman Gardens, The Amphitheatre, Chester Racecourse and the Cathedral. All the main sights in one easy stoll!

What To Do in The Evenings

With plenty of bars, pubs and clubs Chester has great nightlife. There are some great quiet pubs in the centre and waterside drinking spots. You’re spoilt for choice!

Where to Eat & Drink in Chester

The Watergate serves typical “Pub-grub” within a historic building. For street food, Dinky Donuts, just off the Eastgate Clock, is the best place for doughnuts and ice cream. A good place to drink is the The Old Boot Inn, a local pub dating back to the 1600s with low beams and a great atmosphere.

The Best Tours in Chester

Things To Do in Chester

Walking Tours Chester – If you enjoy exploring a city on foot, there are many Chester walking tours you can do. From  a 2 hour guided tour of Chester delving into its 2000 years of history, to a medieval walking tour of Chester. This is even a walking tour of the Roman part of Chester with a Roman solider! It's not everyday that you have a soldier as a tour guide. Or if you prefer your own company you can just take a self-guided tour around Chester instead. There's a tour for everyone. * Check prices, dates and availability for walking tours

Chester Ghost Tour – If you like to get spooked, you can take yourself on a self-guided audio tour to explore Chester's dark history. Hear the grisly past of the last public execution, and learn about the ghost of the monk that haunts the city. The tour takes approximately one hour and you can do it in your own time. * Check prices, dates and availability

Other Chester Tours – Get Your Guide helps you to find top-rated activities and day tours in Chester using local guides. Choose from a River Dee Cruise to the Iron Bridge or a half-hour city cruise on the River if you're short on time. You can also take a city sightseeing Chester hop-on hop-off bus tour (a Chester bus tour is a great way to learn about the city and get your bearings). There are several to choose from (including tours that are bookable for one person) and it's really easy to use * Check all tours, prices and availability for Chester 

Day Trips From Chester – Chester is a great location to explore more of England when you're there. You can base yourself here and take day tours to North Wales to immerse yourself in the history and nature of the Welsh countryside. Travel to Yorkshire for a full-day Yorkshire sightseeing trip seeing the Ribblehead Viaduct and visiting towns such as Haworth or Hawes. Or see the beautiful Lake District stopping at the medieval village of Hawkshead. They are a great way to see more of the UK. * * Check all tours, prices and availability for Day Trips

Accommodation in Chester

Things to do in Chester

(photo by Ebun Oluwole)

Chester offers a variety of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels, there is something for everyone. Hotels in Chester range from high-end establishments with amenities like restaurants and bars to more affordable options.

Bed and Breakfasts provide a cozy and homely atmosphere with breakfast included. Guesthouses offer a personal touch and are often family-run. Self-catering apartments provide independence and privacy, with fully furnished accommodations and kitchen facilities.

Traditional inns and pubs offer rooms above or adjacent to the pub area, providing a rustic and welcoming atmosphere. Holiday cottages offer a tranquil retreat and Budget travellers can opt for hostels with dormitory-style or private rooms. Below are our recommended accommodations. For all other accommodation in Chester, click on the link below. * Check prices and availability for all Chester accommodation

The Bunkroom Chester 

In a Georgian townhouse, this small, independent hostel is just a few minutes' walk from the train station and the city centre. This historic building is 120 years old and is full of old-worldly charm. Situated near bars, cafes and shops, it's in a great spot and also offers self-catering if you prefer to cook your own meals. There is free Wifi and free tea and coffee so you can make yourself feel just at home. Choose from a bed in a 4-bed female dormitory room or a double room. 

Oddfellows Chester 

This elegant Georgian building provides 4-star boutique accommodation close to the River Dee in Chester. Offering award-winning locally sourced British food, you can dine al-fresco in the Secret Garden under a heated booth before retiring to your comfy room in all its Georgian splendour. Either choose one of the rooms at the end of the garden or stay on the top floor and enjoy a skylight and traditional wooden beams. Choose from a classic attic room, a classic double room, Lady Mary’s loft, or a superior double or twin room. 

The Pied Bull 

Located within the city walls of this Roman city, this historical pub with helpful staff is in a great location to explore the majority of Chester’s main attractions. You can take a brewery tour and enjoy discounts on your dinner there too. There’s a reason it won the Customer Service Award for Best Hotel/B&B in 2019. Choose from a double or twin room, a brewers cottage double or twin, a superior double, or a luxury room or treat yourself to a room with a four-poster bed.

From The Airport

The nearest airports to Chester are either Liverpool or Manchester International Airport. From Liverpool, you can either take the bus or train. The train is quicker at only 45 minutes.

From Manchester airport, the train ride is approximately an hour. You can also reach Chester by bus which is cheaper and takes an additional 30 minutes. Check Rome2Rio for your journey. 

For those who prefer the freedom of the open road consider hiring a motorhome and driving yourself around the UK stopping in Chester on the way. As a solo traveller, you’ll have plenty of space for your accommodation as well as cooking gear and a fridge/freezer to prepare your meals. Spaceship Rentals offers a Voyager campervan from £60 per day. * Book a campervan with Spaceship Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions About Chester

  • Is Chester worth visiting? Yes, Chester is a city rich in history and heritage. 
  • Is Chester a good day out? Yes, there are many things to do in Chester from walking on the Medieval and Roman walls and visiting interesting museums like The Grosvenor Museum to shopping or relaxing in its beautiful gardens.
  • What is the main shopping street in Chester? Eastgate is the most popular shopping street in Chester. Read above to find out more about Chester!

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Things To Do in Chester

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