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What do you do when it starts raining and you’re in an open air club? Cheer and just keep on dancing. That’s what the 5000 people at Top Hill, the best club in Montenegro did anyway! And I was one of them.

Located on the top of Toplis Hill with night views across the city, top DJ’s, a light show, acrobats and dancers make this the best club in Budva and a place not to be missed.

Top Hill, Budva -

Acrobats at Top Hill

Always one to sample the nightlife in a country, I had been told that Budva had the best nightlife in Montenegro but after six days of being totally alone with only a few exchanges with waiters for conversation, I was unprepared for the tourist trap of Budva.

This coastal city is a Russian playground and a far cry from the quiet bay of Kotor. Visit during the summer months and you’ll be pressed to find a spot to sunbathe. Think the Costa del Sol for Brits with overcrowded beaches. You can rent a deck chair for about €10 or just lie on the beach (if you can find a space) for free.


If you’re not into crowds then I recommend taking a bus to one of the nearby beaches.

Budva -

Any space for a little one?

Sveti Stefan

This is the most exclusive island in Montenegro and is 6km from Budva, reachable by a local bus. When I visited, you could only access the island if you are staying at the luxurious Aman resort or dining in the restaurant otherwise you just stay on the mainland and take lots of pictures from afar. There’s also a costal path if you need a break from sunbathing. The times for the buses aren’t too clear though so just walk to the top and wait for a bus to come.

Sveti Stefan

Space at a price

You won’t find the crowds here but you’ll find your pockets a lot lighter when you leave. Access to the beach including a sunbed will cost you €50 but you will definitely have more room than in Budva and where else can you get this view?

Sveti Stefan -

The exclusive island of Sveti Stefan


You don’t have to go far to visit Hawaii either (or Sveti Nikola as it is officially named). Just a ten minute boat ride from the main beach in Budva is the small island of Hawaii, an unusual shaped island with giant rocks and a pine forest.

The beach isn’t sandy but if you walk around the island you’ll find less crowded areas. You also get great views of the main beach across the water and getting a boat to it makes it feel like a day out. Don’t forget to check what times the last boat goes back (6 or 7pm) as you don’t want to be stranded. A good rule of thumb is to watch for when everyone decides to desert the beaches then go with them. 

Hawaii, Budva

In Hawaii!

To avoid the main beach there is a coastal path just past the old town with smaller beaches. Just a fifteen minute walk away you can escape the hustle of the main strip. The main beach in the Old Town is Richard beach and the most popular Pizana beach. The walk gives great views of the Old Town and you get to walk past the dancing girl statue.

Budva nightlife

View from the costal walk

Now back to the nightlife…

You may have been to Hawaii during the day, now it’s time to go to Paris or Miami in the evening. The promenade has many open air bars and you can hear the loud music until 1am when everyone then goes to Top Hill until the early hours.

Budva nightlife

A taste of Paris in Budva


Budva nightlife

Just one of the open air bars

Budva nightlife

It's time to go to Miami…

For those who prefer somewhere slightly quieter, the Old Town is a special place at night with restaurants along the marina where you can gaup at the stunning yachts. Have a peaceful drink just outside or for somewhere more upbeat try a bar in the main old town with resident djs.

According to the locals, Budva has changed a lot over the last few years with the area becoming very touristy and new developments popping up everywhere but if you like holidays somewhere lively with lots going on then this is the place for you.

Just don't forget to pack your rain jacket…

Budva Old Town

Nightlife in the Old Town

Where to Stay in Budva

I stayed at MOJO Budva. The staff were friendly and made me feel welcome. I gathered together people from the hostel for the night out. The hostel is only 5 minutes away from the beach so it's perfect if you're a beach Girl about the Globe. My room came with a fridge which was ideal for storing my breakfast. You can rent bike heres too.

  • Prices from £35 per night for a double room
  • To book, check prices or availability for MOJO Budva

To book, check prices or availability for all accommodation in Budva


My Verdict

Is Budva good for solos? Yes. If you love partying and being sociable I definitely recommend it. It does get busy in the summer months so expect the crowds and pre-book accommodation if you can. 

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