The Solo Travel Card App 
An exclusive discount app for solo female travellers

Introducing the first ever Solo Travel Card App, an exclusive app for solo female travellers offering discounts on solo female-friendly products and services. We've partnered with our favourite brands to help you to travel solo. 

Save money, have reassurance on which companies to book through and help make an impact to children in conflict zones at the same time. Just click on the link below and input your full name and email and I'll send an email straight away to download the app! (Please note this card is only for women).

Get Your FREE Solo Travel Card App

The Solo Travel Card App is for you if...

* You love travelling for less

* You're looking for solo female-friendly companies to book through

* You want to make an impact in the world

Discounts from 40+ solo female-friendly brands

Includes backpacker travel passes, sailing holidays, tribal experiences, African tours, travel shoes, travel bras and so many more...

Handbag Packing Masterclass

Avoid airline baggage fees by learning how to pack light without stress or anxiety and with more time and energy to focus on your trip instead. Save $30 discount on the masterclass

Get Your FREE Solo Travel Card App

It’s my aim to create 100,000 conscious travellers and to to impact the lives of 100,000 vulnerable girls about the globe by the year 2025. I believe that every girl should grow up with shelter, education, water, love and protection, and I aim to empower and help those who don’t. So any time you book through one of the affiliated companies I donate 100% of profits to helping children in conflict zones. Thanks for helping!

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