The Road is Calling

So that's it, I'm all packed and ready for my next big adventure – Jordan and Israel, all in aid of a research trip (well that's what I like to call it anyway).Why do I pick countries that people I know will probably never travel to?

In search of something different…

As much as I love going away, places where you can get a traditional English breakfast at any time of day, have never really fascinated me. Don't get me wrong, they are great for relaxation, but do you ever really get a chance to merge in with the local culture or try their delicious cuisine?

What I look for is ADVENTURE  – the ‘not knowing if the local bus will turn up to take you to your next destination' kind of place. A place that I really know little about and believe me, you can learn a lot about a country's history and its people once you've actually been there.

I want to eat what they eat for breakfast (unless it's some weird animal) and drink the local brew. I want to get lost in a new city and wander around aimlessly until some gem of a place draws me in. I want to be inspired by the local people, learn what makes them tick and make new friends in the process.

Alot to ask maybe? Not if you trust your instincts, have a sketchy plan of what you want to do and leave the rest down to fate. After all, you never know who's going to take that seat next to you – it could turn out to be the best moment of your trip.

Haechi Seoul

 I will be travelling to the Middle East as a solo female. If you're looking to travel alone to the Middle East, there's lots of advice to help you plan your trip on the Girl about the Globe website.

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