The most interesting person I’ve ever met travelling…

Imagine flying 15 million miles and breaking the world record for the most travelled person! It’s a record that I aspire to and will probably never reach but this man most certainly did and Fred Finn has to be the most interesting person that I have ever met during my travels.

In fact, he had so much to say when we met that I kept the interview as an audio to share his tales of being a world record breaker…(he's been to 139 countries too!)


2 thoughts on “The most interesting person I’ve ever met travelling…

  1. [email protected]

    Wow Lisa, what an interesting person indeed! I bet Fred Finn has so many great stories and tips since he’s been all over the world. You’re very lucky to have met and interviews such a well traveled person. We wish that we could break travel world records like him! Thanks so much for sharing and for entering our TBEX contest. Good luck 🙂

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