The Flip Side

The Flip Side looks at the other side of tourism and the effect that it is having on local people and their communities as well as highlighting underlying issues that are happening globally. From the illegal animal trade to children living in trash dumps, the Flip Side brings you a different side of the world which many don’t see.

How Tourism Impacts

Andaman Islands 
‘Human Safaris' are discovered on the remote Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.

Water Injustice in Goa
The startling inequalities of water access and consumption between communities.

Sundog Pictures
Breaking the Taboo, highlighting the failed war on drugs.

Lives of the Children

Cambodia’s Oprhan Business 
The number of children in orphanages have doubled in the past decade but are they all really orphans?

War Child Colombia
Colombia has one of the largest numbers of displaced people in the world and the children and young people are prime targets for armed groups.

The Price of War

The Anonymous Wounded of Iraq
Captivating images of the wounded of Iraq and local people all over the world.

Crisis in the Congo
Exploring the role that Rwanda and Uganda have played in the greatest humanitarian crisis at the start of the 21st century.

The Battle for the Sinai
Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula is witnessing an increase in militant attacks, arms smuggling and human trafficking.