The Downsides of Travelling Solo

It all sounds so great doesn’t it! You can just imagine your friends saying: ‘oh so and so's gone away for a few days – lucky her!

And before you go, you feel incredibly lucky. You board the plane, you get excited about where you’re going to stay and what you’re going to see first: then you get there. It may be plain sailing to get to your accommodation or it may throw up some challenges but you overcome them and it doesn’t dampen your excitement.

The gorgeous River Danube

The gorgeous River Danube

You check in, you decide to skip the nightclub in the hotel as you suddenly feel very tired and you try and sleep through the constant thudding of the base and screams from people enjoying themselves.

You wake up the next day after broken sleep but you’re raring to go, you enlist the help of the hostel staff to point you in the right direction for the sightseeing bus and as you’re walking towards the pick up point, it comes out of nowhere and hits you straight in the solar plexus.

You hadn’t seen it before, but then it was dark when you arrived, but now in the daylight: it feels like you’re in London, but a weirder version of your home city. Local men are looking at you in a strange manner and people everywhere are holding hands, couples are kissing and looking all cosy and you instantly feel alone!

The River Danube

The Parliament Building on the Danube

It’s happened before and I have no doubt that it will definitely happen again, but you forget what it feels like until it returns with a bang. I am fine by myself, I have no problems eating in restaurants, having a drink in a bar or even going to the theatre alone but I have to be in the right frame of mind. If I’m not: I want to run back to my hostel and hide under a duvet.

Admittedly there are couples all over the world, but I only ever see them when I’m not part of one and when I really don’t need to be seeing them. There’s not that many downsides to travelling solo, but this unfortunately is one of them.

It's so beautiful that I have to include another one of the Danube

It's so beautiful that I have to include it again!

Some places just aren’t meant for singles and the ones that I have discovered are modern day cities: romantic cities which are just made for pairs. Budapest is one of them, and as much as I can try and shake off that lonely feeling, as long as I’m here I’m sure it’s not going to go away.

So, I have to keep telling myself that it’s only one more day until I meet my friend and I can get through it. After all, I’m not technically here for pleasure (not until the weekend anyway). And as much as I want to stay in my room and feel sorry for myself, I am going to face this thing full on, put on some make up and glitz myself up and go to the nightclub (that is only downstairs), and have my best night in Budapest!

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