The Black Hole Drop Belize

Rappelling the Black Hole Drop will definitely push those fears to the limits and test your boundaries. Here's my experience of the Black Hole Drop Belize

Want to experience sheer terror in Central America? Depending on your fear; of water or heights, the Waterfall Caves or Black Hole Drop in Belize will definitely push those fears to the limits and test your boundaries. Each one is so unique but you’ll need to be fit to survive.

Black Hole Drop Belize

An hour of strenuous trekking uphill before getting a glimpse of the 100m cliffs into a sinkhole that is just waiting to be repelled off (America’s word for ‘abseiling’). It’s a scary sight but once you’re walking horizontally down the side of the cliff, you can marvel at the view of the mouth of the cave as you dip down into the forest below, lowering yourself as you go.

The Black Hole Drop Belize

Going down?

Then it’s a tortilla lunch and a quick tour of the outskirts of the cave through a lost garden amongst giant boulders before climbing a rather shaky ladder to make your descent back to the start of the trail.

The tour leaves at 9 am and you get back at around 3 pm (depending on how fast you trek). It’s not for the faint-hearted and if you’re scared of heights, I would think twice.

Here’s my Black Hole Drop Belize experience.

If climbing waterfalls are more your thing, then you’ll love the Waterfalls Caves. Starting with a less vigorous trek than the Black Hole, you arrive at the mouth of the cave ready to begin your 4-hour tour of darkness.

The Black Hole Drop Belize

Going in!

The five-mile cave system consists of seven waterfalls, five relatively easy climbs and two that you need to be strapped in for. Trekking through the caves requires good shoes as the rocks are slippery. Be prepared to swim in the dark with just a miner's hat for light before encountering the biggest waterfall after your trek.

Trying to climb with the gushing water is a challenge but once you reach the top you feel invincible until the very last one where you free climb before jumping off the top.

The Black Hole Drop Belize

Enjoying an underground lunch

Being afraid of water, tight spaces and the dark, I probably shouldn't have signed up for this experience and on the last waterfall, I slipped and lost my balance, falling underwater for a split second.

I lost my nerve and couldn't face jumping into a dark pool of wall of water, so if you're like me, you can repel off the largest waterfall instead. (You have to jump the very last one if you choose to climb it).

Waterfall caves

Coming out of the cave

What goes in has to come out and you return the same way before stopping for an underground lunch. After four hours in a cave, I was ready to come out and get some fresh air. I have never been so thankful to see such a sight as daylight.

Want to know how challenging it really is? Check out the guest video on Caves Branch website: I stayed at Caves Branch for 3 nights which I thoroughly recommend for a solo traveller. The dining experience is really sociable and the seating arrangements make it easy to meet others whilst you're there. My extreme adventure was included within my 4-day package with accommodation ranging from jungle lodging to a luxury treehouse complete with hot tub!

Call me a land girl but the Black Hole Drop was amazing and the Waterfall Caves? Well, if I can do it, anyone can…

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