The Best of 2012

They say as you get older time flies – they were right.

Maybe that's why I travel;

You learn to slow down, to enjoy every single day, to make the most of your situation whether it's good or bad and you learn to be in the moment.

I no longer wish the working week away and look forward to the weekends as every day is a weekend.

Life is good, and 2012 has got to be my best year ever. Why?


Maybe it's because I left an office job to fulfil my dream,

or I finished my Masters Degree and wrote my first book,

or I became a paid freelance journalist (after years of writing for free),

or I listened to my instinct and got divorced,

or I finally realised what I wanted to do with my life and am working on creating a business that will help others live their travel dream.

This year has been amazing. So as I celebrate the New Year, here's the best of 2012 and my highlights


Photo by Tom Parker

Photo by Tom Parker

1. Visiting the slums in Mumbai



2. Riding a donkey at Petra



3. Meeting the most amazing people



4. Finishing my TEFL course and teaching English to Buddhist nuns



5. Spending the weekend with a monk



6. Working as a TV journalist in Mongolia



7. Surviving in the African desert



8. Dancing with a witch doctor in Malawi



9. Missing my first flight in South Korea



10. Nearly crashing on a flight from Bhutan to Nepal (scary but strangely exhilarating!)


The skyline of Qatar

The skyline of Qatar

Life is what you make it. It's never too late to change it.


Realise your dream and make 2013 your best year ever…



4 thoughts on “The Best of 2012

  1. Caryl Eyers

    I love it Lisa! Especially the highlights of 2012, a lot of stories underneath all that I’m sure. Plus, what a great concept, especially in these times which are hard for everyone but women especially. Today I’m going to take a bit of inspiration I think, thank you!
    P.s I went to the Dhravi slums a few years ago and it was definitely one of my travel highlights, I was blown away by the scale of it all plus the industry and recycling… It was a real honour to go there, but a bit frightening too.

    1. Girl about the Globe Post author

      Thanks Carol. It’s been such an amazing year and 2013 is going to be even better with the launch of the new website and even more travelling. It’s so important to see how people really live in countries when you go abroad. For me, it was such an eye opener and changed my perception of the slums – I loved it! Glad you feel inspired x

  2. C.ashton

    Wow! Very inspiring! What an amazing year you had, and so many more exciting adventures to come. Looking forward to reading about them. X


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