Thank You!


My Kickstarter campaign has come to a close and I am delighted to announce that I hit my target!

I have been working on this project for the last eight months and now thanks to the kind generosity of everyone who pledged, I can turn this book into reality and get it onto bookshelves and into women's backpacks to help them on their solo trips.

Thank you so much to everyone who has kindly pledged and a huge THANK YOU to the following people:

  • Aileen O'Farrell
  • Amanda Hodson
  • Andrew Zaplatynsky
  • Angie Hyde
  • Anthony Allen
  • Andrew G Bowes
  • Benjamin Philip Hardy
  • Bimuno
  • Cindy Allen
  • Danni de Nervaux
  • Darren and Wendy Howarth
  • Darren Fells
  • David Lee
  • Diana Conte
  • Donna Stroud
  • Ellie Lindsay
  • Esme Terry
  • Felipe Padilla
  • Frank Conway
  • Galmor Travel
  • Gemma Gibbins
  • George Mandis
  • Filsan Ahmed
  • Heather Bruce
  • Helen MacKenzie
  • Ian Parham
  • Joey Bonura
  • Kat Hubbard
  • Katerina Bomshtein Dobkin
  • Kevin Searle
  • Lauren Guberman
  • Lauren Brown
  • Lauren Friend
  • Louise McFetridge
  • Louise Stone
  • Matthew Wingett
  • Michael Haskell
  • Mike McColl
  • Natalie Casaus
  • Neddy Fu
  • Nick Quick
  • Nikki Morel
  • Paula Jessop
  • Prashant Lagisetti
  • Priscilla Devanney
  • Rosie Slevin
  • Rupert Peid
  • Scott Williamson
  • Sea Esta
  • Susan Wilson
  • Tara McFadyen
  • Teresa Fairchild
  • Teresa McGowan
  • Terry Matthewson
  • Tomomi Matsuzawa
  • Tuscookany
  • Vadim Milovanov
  • Yaron Burgin

A Female Guide to Solo Travel will be available in paperback very soon. Exciting times!

Lisa x

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4 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Paul

    Congrats Lisa on your soon to be released book. I’ve read a few of your articles via Peddicord’s newsletter and fortunately made my way to your website, because I have two daughters (21 & 33), both of whom have traveled to Australia. However, the youngest is the one with the biggest itch to travel the world, ad probably because of my world travel exploits and travels, as a competitive gymnast and judging official.

    I shared the link to your site publicly on my FB page, as well as emailing my girls the link to your site. As a papa of four (two girls and two boys), one of whom (my 40 year old son) has done some extensive world travel, but now settled down and a father of two beautiful daughters, I’m always overcome with concern and sometimes fear of them heading out of the country (how crazy is that), but such as it is being a parent. I’m just glad a came across your site and look forward to buying a copy of your book for my girls.

    Having come across Peddicord’s newsletter, as well as the state of affairs here in the US, I’m now thinking more than ever about retiring abroad. So to say the least, reading yours and Peddicord’s travel letters certainly add’s fuel to the thought. Can’t ever tell, I might catch up with you one day in Medellin…, you did say you were looking for someone to share the city with, right… lol (jst msn)…

    My best to you,


    1. Girl about the Globe Post author

      Thanks so much for your lovely message and sharing my site on your FB page. That’s really kind.

      That’s great that your daughters want to travel and I understand the concerns about their safety. It’s normal, honestly.

      Retiring abroad sounds like a great option and Costa Rica, Pamana, Ecuador and Colombia seem to be the places to retire. Lol, yes maybe you will catch up with me soon in Medellin 🙂


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