Tel Aviv At Night

Want to know the best places to eat, drink and be seen in Israel's cosmopolitan capital? Here's our guide to Tel Aviv at night and those ‘hidden' places that only the locals know (until now that is…)

The 5 Best Hidden Bars in Tel Aviv


A small cozy bar belonging to the well known ‘meat bar' (a restaurant not for vegetarians), with great music and equally great food.

Can be found at –  52 Hen Boulevard

2. Micatronix

This bar is well and truly hidden, inside a shop in fact! It's so exclusive that you have to buzz the intercom to get in and once you're inside there's a mix of electronic, techno, and off the grid electro (whatever that is!)

Can be found at – 28 Ben Yehuda Street


3. Texidermy

Located near the old police station, the Texidermy is definitely unique and is not kind of place for animal lovers. Decorated with stuffed animals it is one of the most special places in the capital.

Can be found at – 18 Harakevet Street


4.  Rothchild 12

A taste of New York in Israel: this NY style bar is hidden in the back of an old building which luckily for us has yet to be torn down. There are live shows on Tuesday and Saturday evenings if you're of need of entertaining.

Can be found at – Rothchild Boulevard

Radio epgb_480-1

5. Radio E.P.G.B

Without a doubt, the hottest place in Tel-Aviv, located at the bottom of old offices: playing the best music in town from fast beating electro to oldies and jazz.

Can be found at – 7 Shadal Street

Having fun on the bar crawl

The term ‘get a room' could not be more appropriate for the final bar, Radio E.P.G.B, on our tour of Tel Aviv's nightlife.

There is no need for couples to show public display of affection in this bar, with its corridor of tiny little rooms complete with a couch and bed. Slyly tucked away from the main bar, these discreet rooms are perfect for that one-night encounter or just for the weary drinker who wants a nap before moving onto the next bar. All I know, is that it is a brand new one for me and one that I won't be road testing!


 5 Best Dining Bars in Tel Aviv

1. Messa – Middle Eastern fusion gourmet – 19 Haarba Street

2. Gastro Pub – For excellent seafood – 58 Yehuda Halevi Street

3. H'ahamara – French-Middle Eastern, (inside Rafael restaurant) – 86 H'ayarkon Street

4. Meat Bar – Grilled gourmet burgers cooked in front of your very eyes – 52 Hen Boulevard

5. Nanuchka – Authentic Georgian kitchen with live music – 30 Lilenblum Street

Fancy visiting all these hidden bars in Tel Aviv in just one night? TLV Night Tours will take you on a bar or restaurant crawl with no waiting in line, free shots at each bar and guaranteed company for the night. The TLV Bar crawl goes every thursday and saturday starting from the Chef Hostel at Montefiore 19.


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