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Become a Conscious Girl about the Globe

The Pledge

Take the Girl about the Globe pledge to show your commitment to conscious travel and receive a FREE virtual Solo Travel Card to say thanks. Read the pledge then enter your full name and email below.

I pledge to become a socially conscious traveller, by making a conscious effort to:

  1. 1. Volunteer through an ethical company and avoid orphanages. Instead I will support organisations that work with families of orphanages.
  2. 2. Reduce my carbon footprint by offsetting my carbon emissions. I pledge to take more public transport (or carpooling services) as an alternative to driving or taking taxis. I aim to walk and cycle whenever I can.  
  3. 3. Ask locals if I can take their photos, and not share photos of children on social media. Instead of giving money or gifts to begging children (who may have been removed from school), I will support a community-led project which helps street kids.
  4. 4. To avoid elephant rides, and visit an elephant sanctuary instead. To avoid staged animals and sea life shows and watch them in their natural habitat instead.
  • 5. To reduce the amount of plastic that I buy on my trips, and use reusable cups and a water bottle filter instead. 
  • 6. To avoid buying fake goods and instead buy souvenirs direct from artisans. To not buy anything made from threatened or endangered species, including coral and other marine life.
  • 7. To look for social impact projects such as restaurants and accommodation who are giving back to the local community. 
  1. 8. To help prevent human trafficking by reporting anything that I deem suspicious. 
  2. 9. To travel the world to be a better person and not judge how others choose to live their lives. To respect the people, the culture and environment and learn about the cultural norms before I travel. 
  3. 10. To embrace the transformation that solo travel brings and inspire and empower other women to travel solo too.