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No matter where you decide to travel solo, knowing the top things to do in a destination will help you to plan your itinerary and know what is recommended for solos, especially if you only have a few days in a city or town.

Maybe you are a city lover or prepare a colonial old town instead. You may be venturing off the beaten track and hiking through lush landscapes or taking a cultural tour to learn more about the values and culture of the place you are in. Maybe you love art galleries or museums and delving into the history of a country instead, or want to just shop in your favourite city break but have an extra day to sightsee and are unsure of what else to do. Recommended by a solo female traveller, the top things to do will help you to design your trip and make the most of your time in a destination.

A Guide To The Beautiful Indonesia Islands

Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia. It has an abundance of natural beauty, with forests, beaches, and volcanoes. The country’s culture is rich and diverse too, with over 300 ethnic groups that live there. It offers a variety of things to do such as hiking the mountains or exploring the rainforest. With wonderful… Continue Reading…

Ideas For a Staycation

As savvy travellers, we all crave as authentic an experience as possible, wherever we happen to be in the world. The beauty of travel is that it allows us to soak up cultures, experiences and encounters that are completely different to what we’re used to at home, and as a result, our horizons are broadened… Continue Reading…