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No matter where you decide to travel solo, knowing the top things to do in a destination will help you to plan your itinerary and know what is recommended for solos, especially if you only have a few days in a city or town.

Maybe you are a city lover or prepare a colonial old town instead. You may be venturing off the beaten track and hiking through lush landscapes or taking a cultural tour to learn more about the values and culture of the place you are in. Maybe you love art galleries or museums and delving into the history of a country instead, or want to just shop in your favourite city break but have an extra day to sightsee and are unsure of what else to do. Recommended by a solo female traveller, the top things to do will help you to design your trip and make the most of your time in a destination.

Best Russia Tours For Solos

Russia was nothing like I had expected. Instead of grey monstrosities, there were palatial apartment blocks, libraries that looked as though they had been plucked out of a Greek classical movie, and pastel-coloured buildings. The grandeur continued inside the metro system with ornate decor within its stations and chandeliers resembling more of a palace lobby… Continue Reading…

Things to do in Baku

Azerbaijan may not be a country that you’ve ever heard of, let alone considered travelling to. But this country on the Caspian Sea is definitely a surprising one. Located in the southern Caucasus Mountains in Asia, this country rich in natural gas feels more Middle Eastern than Asian. Bordering Russia, Georgia, Iran, and Armenia, the country… Continue Reading…