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Solo female travel is both empowering and rewarding. Travelling solo shows you how to overcome obstacles, connect with your emotions and cope entirely by yourself.

You have the freedom to do what you want when you want and you will meet more people than you ever would in a pair or a couple. It makes you more approachable and open to opportunities and you’ve only got yourself to answer to (and be responsible for).

If you don’t feel like being sociable, you don’t have to and if you don’t like somewhere – you don’t have to stay. You learn how to overcome any challenges which come your way.

I’m not saying that travelling alone has no risks but if you do your research before you go, keep your wits about you when you travel and make your own informed choices you will have a trip to remember for all the right reasons.

Arriving in Seoul

After my brief stay in Shanghai I was off again flying two hours to South Korea, destination: Seoul. Arriving at 1.30am in the morning to a deserted airport (flight was delayed), with no baggage (baggage being delayed), with no money (card had been stopped), was not a good combination! Luckily Mr Park, a friendly taxi driver was… Continue Reading…

When Your Plans Change

So, I am nearly at the end of my month in Mongolia and ready to venture onto my next destination: Tibet. Only… There is a slight problem. Due to the increase in monks self-immolating (setting themselves on fire in protest), the Chinese Government have put restrictions on tourists visiting this once peaceful land. With my itinerary… Continue Reading…