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Planning a Solo Trip to Switzerland? 

Are you planning a trip to Switzerland and feeling overwhelmed by a traditional travel guide to Switzerland? Maybe you just want to know the best things to do in Switzerland, and the best way to travel Switzerland as a woman travelling there alone. Which restaurants are welcoming for you to dine in, which bars are friendly for women, and what to do in the evenings?  Written by solo female travellers, our Switzerland guide makes it easy for you to travel to Switzerland alone. 

We include the must-sees, how to meet others, where to wear your heels, and solo female-friendly tours and accommodation. We've even asked the locals for their tips. Whether you are seeking adventure, culture, history or the best lake, you can find recommended activities for you in each destination. Follow our 7-14 day itinerary and discover the best of Switzerland, one solo footprint at a time. 

The Girl about the Globe's Guide to Switzerland is for you if...

* You're overwhelmed by a comprehensive Switzerland travel guide,
* You're looking for the best places to visit in Switzerland for a weekend, one week or longer,
* You prefer to stay in hotels & accommodation recommended by other women travellers,

* You're searching for travel tips for Switzerland from locals and other solos who have been there,

* You want to know the safety of each area for women.


Getting around Switzerland, solo female-friendly accommodation, must-sees, what to do in the evenings, how to meet others, a two week itinerary, how to be a conscious traveller in Switzerland, and so much more. Available in a colourful PDF guide.


Explore this unique city in Switzerland divided by the River Rhine. See its Gothic Cathedral and Baroque-style buildings.


Discover UNESCO Heritage Sites and explore the museums of the country's capital, once home to Albert Einstein.


Located on one of Europe's largest alpine lakes, find the best view of the city at Lake Geneva, and tips on where to escape the crowds.


The mountain resort town for adventurous solos. But it's not all about kayaking, or whitewater rafting. Discover the culture and the history, and what you can do if you've come here to sightsee instead.


The spiritual capital of Switzerland and a gem of the country that doesn't attract many tourists. See the beautiful cathedral and explore this French-speaking town known for its festivals. 


Discover the best way to see this gorgeous Swiss village with its spectacular waterfalls and many hiking routes.


One of the most visited places in the country. Visit the city's must sees such as the impressive clock, and discover what to do in the evenings. 


Known as Switzerland's 'Monte Carlo', this charming city has an Italian influence and plenty of Italian cuisine too.


You can't miss one of the prettiest towns. Home to the Matterhorn, Switzerland's most famous peak, Zermatt has stunning views of the Swiss Alps and you can even see France and Italy from here too!


A perfect city for shopping solos, Zurich has plenty to see and do. Discover where the locals hang out in the summer, the best spot to sunbathe and what to do if you're visiting the city on a budget. 

About the Author 

Lisa Imogen Eldridge is a travel journalist specialising in solo travel. Having travelled to 131 countries and 100 of these solo, Lisa's aim is to make solo travel easier and get you on the road to your dream trip. Having spent time solo in Switzerland, this guide is a combination of her own research and tips for traveling in Switzerland, and recommendations from her solo community; Girls about the Globe.


"This Switzerland guide is amazing! Everything is so up to point and easy to navigate. Plus, I love all the little highlights, hidden gems, and cost breakdown. I especially love the language phrases and itinerary. The biggest problem I face while planning a trip is coming up with a proper itinerary, and this makes it more helpful! This travel guide Switzerland is one of the most user friendly guides I've ever laid eyes on and the design is super appealing to the eye. I'll be reading through it plenty more times before my trip to Switzerland."

Nipuni Dassanayake, solo female traveller from Sri Lanka

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