Sustainable Travel Products

As travel is beginning to make a comeback, you may be planning your next holiday or vacation and wondering how you can reduce your solo footprint. Whether you've chosen to take a staycation or you're travelling to a far-flung exotic location, next time you're packing for a solo trip, consider putting one or more of these eco friendly travel products in your backpack. Not only do they help to reduce your impact on the environment but they look fab too! 

N.b. Some of these products are affiliate links. These are of no extra charge to you and by purchasing through these links you are helping to improve the lives of vulnerable girls about the globe. Thanks for helping.

Sustainable Travel Products

Reusable Silicone Travel Bottles

Why not invest in a reusable silicone travel bottle instead of buying a ton of different mini-shampoos, mini-conditioners and mini-sunscreen bottles? Just squirt your favourite hair, body, or face products into these eco friendly travel bottles and you are ready to go! Even Boots in the UK is selling them nowadays!

* Check prices for silicone travel bottles

Reef-Friendly Sunscreen

If my Thailand trip taught me anything, it’s that one should never leave their sunscreen at home! Pack your sunscreen and if it protects your skin and the environment then that’s a win-win situation. Oxybenzone and octinoxate are toxic to aquatic life, so to save the ocean, why not try a mineral sunscreen?

* Check all reef-friendly sunscreens

Reusable Tissue Packs

The classic handkerchief has returned and now it’s more stylish and modern than ever. LastTissue is a recyclable case that provides you with six organic cotton tissues that can be used, washed, and reused. The case also provides you with a space to put your used tissues while protecting the clean ones using a silicone barrier. They also offer LastRound, a pack of reusable facial pads for removing makeup or applying a cream, made from renewable raw materials. 

* Check prices and more details for reusable tissue packs

Reusable Cotton Swabs

Introducing the World’s first reusable swab. LastSwab is an eco friendly alternative to the cotton wool bud (the q-tip). Made from durable and non-toxic materials they offer a solution to the environmental footprint of the single-use q-tips. There is one for beauty use and one for general use. Just one LastSwab can replace 1000 single ones! Plus they offer plastic-free packaging too. 

* Check prices and more details for reusable cotton swabs

Recycled Packing Cubes

Made from 100% Recycled 300D Embossed Poly Micro-Weave, these sustainable packing cubes are for all travellers who love travelling light and organised. Packing cubes are an ideal way to keep your clothes and underwear organised especially if you're travelling around frequently. Bonus points for coming in 6 different colours!

* Check prices and colours for recycled packing cubes

Solid Toiletries

Buying solid toiletries is a real game-changer and will make you stop over-thinking how many millilitres of perfume or lotion are allowed in your carry-on luggage. It also saves space! LUSH is a great starting point for sustainable hair products including solid shampoos, conditioners, body wash and lotions, however, these products can be on the pricey side. For a cheaper option try Friendly Soups! They offer a selection of shampoo and conditioner bars, but my favourite is their Travel Soap which can be used to wash your hair, body and even clothes! Regardless of which one you choose, you're guaranteed to smell amazing!

* Check prices and more details for Lush solid toiletries

Recycled Hiking BackPacks

Osprey offers a range of fully recycled and sustainable travel bags and rucksacks called “Archeon” for hiking or just on a day-to-day basis. They have combined both sustainability and durability with a comfortable back system to create eco friendly travel bags that will last you a lifetime. All fabrics used are durable to stand the test of time and they look good too! 

* Check prices for Archeon hiking backpacks 

Patagonia Clothing

Patagonia supports Grassroots organisations to find solutions to the environmental crisis. Their Waste not collection are re-crafted clothes made from other clothes so you’re doing your bit for the environment too. As well as these fleece pullovers they also offer merino socks, jackets, base layers and so much more…

* Check prices and collections for Patagonia 

Ivory Ella 

If you want to buy a funky t-shirt and help elephants at the same time, Ivory Ella is an online clothing store affiliated with Save the Elephants. They donate 10% of the profits of all clothing and accessories. Choose from long-sleeved pink t-shirts, tie dye hoodies and cosy sherpas. They even have recycled leggings in their collection. It’s a great way of shopping for clothes for a cause. 

* Check prices and collection for Ivory Ella


WAMA Underwear 

Even your travel underwear can be eco-friendly nowadays. WAMA underwear provides organic underwear made from the world’s most sustainable fabric, hemp. As well as being super soft and breathable, hemp is also anti-bacterial. WAMA’s mission is to make the best hemp undies in the world and bring more attention to this sustainable fabric. Choose from Hemp hipsters or thongs, bikini underwear and a bralette in a racerback or a triangle. 

* Check prices and WAMA eco underwear

Carmen Sol

Made in Italy, Carmen Solo supports sustainable fashion. Their collection is made of pure rose-scented jelly material. Not only are their jelly products vegan and cruelty-free but they are also 100% recyclable. Even their packaging is eco-friendly. Their lifestyle brand is chic and eco-conscious at an affordable price. Choose from colourful shoes, swimwear, bags for the beach and other accessories. 

* Check prices and products for Carmen Sol


Kameleon Rose – Travel Dress

Kameleon Rose offers the ultimate travel dress and solves the overpacking problem of wanting to take too many clothes. Their award winning patented dress is made from non creasing, quick drying comfortable fabric and converts into more than just a dress. Create twenty versatile outfits from this one dress such as a skirt, top and trousers! Plus, it positively impacts the environment as it’s produced under ethical conditions in Madagascar and Mauritius.

* Check prices and all travel wear for Kameleon Rose

Do you use any sustainable travel products? I'd love to know your comments so I can add them to the site? Thanks!

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Sustainable Travel Products

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