Studying abroad presents the perfect academic opportunity for every girl by providing intercultural experiences that are not possible in one’s own country. It is this experience that forms you into a confident human being who approaches everything with confidence. This is the perfect ingredient that ultimately helps build long-term successful careers. With it, you can bring a sea of change in yourself and also in society and the world at large.

But the trick here lies in how well you can explore unfamiliar customs, overcome language barriers, and face personal biases. These different situations can bring moments of frustration and self-doubt but as a girl who has set out on a transformational journey, looking back should not be on your mind. These tips here will guide you on how intercultural study opens up new avenues for you and how you can reap maximum benefit from it.

Don't take things personally

There will be times when you’ll be faced with unfamiliar social cues or unexpected behaviour. Worry not, you just need to remember the mantra, “It's not personal, it's cultural.” You need to understand that what might seem rude or dismissive may simply be a difference in norms. Do not jump to conclusions.

Instead, take a deep breath and develop an understanding. Observe and ask questions. This is the best opportunity to learn about another way of being. With so much to explore with regard to intercultural experience, things can be unsettling for some time.

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Don’t care about the stereotypes

We all carry unconscious biases. To some extent, it is fine. But things go wrong when you cling to them in an intercultural setting. This means you are creating a roadblock in the way of a genuine connection. Each individual is unique and this uniqueness comes from personal experiences, family values, education level, and community influences. Be broad in your vision and treat each encounter as a chance to discover the unique person beneath the cultural layer.

Be mindful and carry an open approach

Immerse yourself in the experience with an open mind and a thirst for knowledge. Observe local customs, try unfamiliar foods, and strike up conversations with people from different backgrounds. Ask questions, even if you stumble through language barriers. Be present in the moment, actively seeking to understand and appreciate the cultural mosaic around you.

Be attached to your own culture

Cultural awareness is a two-way street. Recognising how your own cultural background shapes your behaviour. Communication style is crucial to developing empathy and avoiding misunderstandings. Ask yourself – how might my actions be interpreted by someone from a different culture? These simple questions will help you understand complex things in a better way.

Tolerance and empathy are the key

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be challenging, but remember, everyone makes mistakes. When cultural misunderstandings arise, approach them with tolerance and empathy. Seek to understand the reasoning behind another person's actions.

Explore cultures with a broader perspective

Cultures are not monolithic entities. They are dynamic and diverse. Go deeper than surface-level observations. Explore how factors like regional variations, social class, and individual personalities contribute to the cultural landscape. You must use tools like Hofstede's framework to understand different dimensions of cultural differences when adapting to a new environment.

Laugh and continue to learn

Intercultural encounters can be hilariously awkward at times. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself. It should be clear to you that there’s a humorous side that can make exploring unfamiliar social norms a lighter journey. These shared moments of laughter are the ones that help build bridges of understanding and create lasting memories.


As a female student, who is studying abroad and seeing adapting to a new culture as a gateway to transform into a new level of person, these tips will help you tremendously from start to the end. The journey begins with you so having an open mind and a liberal approach will set you on the right path where every culture gets an equal amount of respect from you.