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Guide To Spain
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Planning a Solo Trip to Spain? 

Are you planning on travelling to Spain and feeling overwhelmed by traditional Spain travel guides? Maybe you just want to know the best places to go as a woman travelling there alone. Which restaurants are welcoming for you to dine in, which bars are friendly for women, and what to do in the evenings? Written by solo female travellers, our Spain guide makes it easy for you to travel to Spain alone.

We include the must-sees, how to meet others, where to wear your heels, and solo female-friendly tours and accommodation. We've even asked the locals for their tips. Whether you are seeking adventure, culture, history or the best beach, you can find recommended activities for you in each destination. Follow our 7-14 day itinerary for one or 2 weeks in Spain, and discover the best of the country, one solo footprint at a time. 

The Girl about the Globe's Guide to Spain is for you if...

* You're overwhelmed by comprehensive Spain travel books,
* You're looking for the best places to visit in Spain and the most popular destinations for solos,
* You prefer to stay in hotels & accommodation recommended by other women travellers,
* You want to explore Spain safely and know the safety of each area for women.


Getting around Switzerland, solo female-friendly accommodation, must-sees, what to do in the evenings, how to meet others, a two week itinerary, how to be a conscious traveller in Switzerland, and so much more. Available in a colourful PDF guide.


Follow our 48 hour itinerary for this popular Spanish city. Discover the must sees and what to do in the evenings as a solo. 

Balearic Islands

Discover the islands off the Spanish coast. Party in Ibiza, explore the culture in Mallorca, or escape the crowds in Menorca. 


Known for ancient landmarks, Burgos  in Northern Spain is dominated by its cathedral.  Delve into its history and what to see and do.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are volcanic islands off the coast of Africa. From partying, to hiking and beaches, find the Canary island that's perfect for your type of solo travel.


A World Heritage city in Andalusia known for its Alhambra Palace. Discover its Arab heritage and the best place to watch the sunset. 


Discover how to spend 48 hours in Spain's capital city. Visit the must sees and the many museums, and dine at the friendliest restaurants.


Discover the historical influences of this port city, find the best places to enjoy the sun, and where to have some adventure. 

Santiago de Compstela

The final destination of the Camino de Santiago, one of the world's most famous pilgrimages. Find out what to see and where to stay. 


Home to one of the oldest palaces in Europe, the Real Alcazar, Seville is the city for culture, sightseeing and flamenco shows. 

Tossa Del Mar

Explore this medieval village on the Costa Brava. Find hiking trails or just relax in one of the coves and sandy beaches. 


Discover what makes this Spanish city so popular, with its picturesque old town, futuristic museums, and sandy coastline. 

About the Author 

Lisa Imogen Eldridge is a travel journalist specialising in solo travel. Having travelled to 131 countries and 100 of these solo, Lisa's aim is to make solo travel easier and get you on the road to your dream trip. Having spent time solo in Spain this Spain travel book is a combination of her own research and recommendations from her solo community; Girls about the Globe.


"This Spain guide is amazing! Everything is so up to point and easy to navigate. Plus, I love all the little highlights, hidden gems, and cost breakdown. I especially love the language phrases and itinerary. The biggest problem I face while planning a trip is coming up with a proper itinerary, and this makes it more helpful! This guide is one of the most user friendly travel books for Spain I've ever laid eyes on and the design is super appealing to the eye. I'll be reading through it plenty more times before my trip to Spain"

Nipuni Dassanayake, solo female traveller from Sri Lanka

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